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04/25/2015 "The Failure of Constitutional Torture Prohibitions" (The Washington Post)
02/06/2015 "Law Students Aid Ugandan Legal Training" (The Cavalier Daily)
10/23/2014 "Research Matters: "Do Constitutional Rights Make a Difference?" (University of Chicago Law School)
12/13/2013 "The State of South Africa's Constitution" (HuffPost Live)
09/17/2013 "Globalizing the U.S. Constitution" (NYU TV)
06/12/2012 "In Sickness and in Health: The Constitution Should Give Americans the Right to Basic Health Care" (Co-Author) (Slate)
05/03/2012 "Japan's Constitution is Still One of the World's Most Advanced" (The Asahi Shimbun)
04/18/2012 "Canada's Charter Legacy" (CTV)
04/18/2012 "Is Canada's Charter Better Than the U.S. Constitution? (GlobalPost)
04/17/2012 "Charter of Rights Turns Canada into a 'Constitutional' Trendsetter" (CBC)
04/17/2012 "Gov't Press Release Dubs Charter an 'Important Step'" (CTV News)
04/15/2012 "The Charter Proves to Be Canada's Gift to the World" (The Globe and Mail)
04/14/2012 "Canadian Model a Global Template, U.S. Study Finds" ("The Vancouver Sun")
02/28/2012 "We The People: Declining Global Appeal of U.S. Constitution" (The Kojo Nnamdi Show)
02/27/2012 "Global Influence of U.S. Constitution on the Decline" (Science Blog)
02/27/2012 "No Longer a Model Constitution Works For Us" (Watertown Daily Times)
02/21/2012 "Simplicity is Beautiful: How to Build a Democracy" (The Daily Caller)
02/19/2012 "Influence of U.S. Constitution Declining Globally" (The Christian Post)
02/13/2012 Take Five: Scholar David Law on U.S. Constitution's Declining Global Appeal (St. Louis Beacon)
02/12/2012 "Ginsburg’s Right U.S. Constitution a Bad Model: Noah Feldman" (Bloomberg)
02/10/2012 "Canada’s Charter of Rights: A Global Model" (The Globe and Mail)
02/08/2012 "Is The USA The Only Nation in the World With Corporate Personhood?" (The Huffington Post)
02/08/2012 "It's The System, Stupid" (The New Yorker)
02/08/2012 Canada: Constitutional Superpower? (The Wall Street Journal)
02/07/2012 "U.S. Constitution’s Dwindling Influence, Law Professors Report" (Ethiopian Review)
02/07/2012 "Our Constitution Is The Best Model A Country Could Have" (Investor's Business Daily)
02/07/2012 "Summary Judgments" (Reuters)
02/07/2012 "Canada’s Commonwealth Edge" (Maclean's)
02/07/2012 "Popularity of Once-Much-Emulated US Constitution in Foreign Countries Now in ‘Free Fall,’ Study Says" (ABA Journal)
02/07/2012 "Our Constitution Is Out of Step with the Rest of the World" (Cato Institute)
02/06/2012 "'We the People' Loses Appeal With People Around the World" (The New York Times)
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08/17/2016 "Nightly Business Report – August 17, 2016" (NBR)
08/17/2016 "'Mystery Shoppers' for Home Loans: Government Uses Undercover Techniques on Bank" (The Wall Street Journal)
08/16/2016 "A Trading Halt, Two Years in the Making" (The Wall Street Journal)
11/22/2015 "SEC Judges Are Finding Against Agency More Often Lately" (The Wall Street Journal)
08/31/2015 "SEC's 7th Circ. Win Won't End War On Admin Courts" (Law360)
05/21/2015 "The Agency That Barely Moves" (Bloomberg Business)
10/09/2014 "Need for Narrower Subpoenas in SEC Investigations" (New York Law Journal)
04/29/2014 "Pershing Fought to Preserve SEC Rule That Enabled Allergan Stake" (Businessweek)
03/06/2014 "Investor or Owner? Why the Class-Action Case Has It Wrong" (The Wall Street Journal)
03/03/2014 "A Chance to Rein in Securities Class Actions" (The Wall Street Journal)
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03/27/2011 "Supreme Court to Weigh Sociology Issue in Wal-Mart Discrimination Case" (The New York Times)
08/27/2007 "Local Law Expert Reacts to Gonzales Resignation" (WCAV TV)
08/09/2007 "Dramatic Use of Statistics in a $280 Billion - $800 Billion Cigarette Case" (blogspot.com)
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01/27/2016 "Bankruptcy complicates effort to replace Allentown Shula's" (Allentown Morning Call)
07/17/2015 "The Problem with Puerto Rico's Debt" (Marketplace)
04/24/2014 "Certus Lawsuit Details Backstage Drama, Widespread Excess" (American Banker)
01/11/2012 "Hostess Heads for 'Chapter 22' Bankruptcy" (Marketplace)
11/20/2009 “Treasury Resolution Plan Solves Nothing” (American Banker (subscription required))
10/27/2009 "Washington Mutual Sues to Get Billions Back From FDIC" (Law.com)
07/18/2009 "Luna Innovations Files for Chapter 11" (The Ronaoke Times)
03/12/2009 "Peanut Corp. To Answer Creditors at Bankruptcy Meeting" (Lynchburg News and Advance)
01/26/2006 "Court Decision Bankrupts State Protection" (UNC Daily Tar Heel)
03/26/2002 "Students' $56,000 Remains in Limbo/Agency's Bankruptcy Thwarts Travel Abroad" (The Richmond Times-Dispatch)
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02/26/2016 "Experts Say No Legal Barrier to Donald Trump Releasing Taxes" (ABC News)
09/18/2013 "Ask The Experts: Are Sales Tax Holidays A Good Idea?" (CardHub)
04/24/2011 "Portsmouth Faces a Heavy Burden from Pensions" (The Virginian-Pilot)
05/17/2009 "Supervisor May Escape Paying Back Taxes" (The Daily Progress)
03/01/2003 "New Regulation Helps Plan Stock Redemptions" (Matrimonial Strategist )
02/01/2003 Deferred Compensation: Dramatic Changes (New York Family Law Monthly )
03/01/2002 "Circuit Court Ruling" (Matrimonial Strategist)
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07/01/2016 "Recommended Reading: G. Edward White, ‘Law in American History, Volume II, from Reconstruction through the 1920s’" (The Washington Post)
10/23/2015 "Legal Learning: Who Can be president Part 2" (Lake County News Chronicle)
01/10/2014 "The Current Crisis in American Legal Education" (OUP Blog)
02/28/2013 "Obama's Supreme Court Brief on Same-Sex Marriage Will Have Little Impact: Experts" (NBC)
02/26/2013 "Republican Group Aims Pro-Gay Marriage Brief at Conservative High Court Justices" (NBC Southern California)
10/11/2012 "G. Edward White: West Coast Hotel’s Place in American Constitutional History" (The Originalism Blog)
06/28/2012 "Roberts Rejects Partisanship in Backing Obama Health Law" (Bloomberg, and in Businessweek)
06/24/2012 "Obama Health Law Seen Valid by Scholars Expecting Rejection" (Bloomberg News)
05/28/2012 "White: 'Soldiers' Faith' on Memorial Day" (Author) (Savannah Morning News)
05/28/2012 "Unraveling Oliver Wendell Holmes' 'The Soldier's Faith'" (Author) (Boston Herald)
03/30/2012 "Ted White Q&A: On Capitalism and Tort Law" (Legal History Blog)
03/28/2012 "Ted White Q&A: Historiography Across Generations" (Legal History Blog)
03/27/2012 "Ted White Q&A: Law in American History and Methodologies" (Legal History Blog)
03/21/2012 "Ted White Q&A: Law in American History in the Scholarly Market" (Legal History Blog)
03/14/2012 "Ted White Q&A: On Judicial Biography and 'Great Man' History (or Not)?" (Legal History Blog)
03/12/2012 "Ted White Q&A: "Follow Up on Marshall Court & Intellectual History" (Legal History Blog)
03/08/2012 "Ted White Q&A: On the Marshall Court and Cultural Change" (Legal History Blog)
03/07/2012 "Ted White Q&A: On Writing a Synthetic Work" (Legal History Blog)
03/05/2012 "Ted White Q&A: Why Three Volumes?" (Legal History Blog)
03/01/2012 "G. Edward White: Then & Now" (Legal History Blog)
02/08/2012 "G. Edward White's Law in American History: Volume 1" (Legal History Blog)
08/16/2011 "Albemarle's Book Removal Decision Receives National Criticism" (NBC 29)
11/23/2010 "White on the Law in American History" (Legal History Blog)
07/26/2010 "G. Edward White Describes Patterns of American Legal Thought" (Quid Pro Books)
04/19/2010 "Justice Stevens Turns 90; Only Holmes was Older (The Associated Press)
09/15/2008 "'Atom spy' verdict is in, and again it's guilty" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
04/24/2008 "States act to shield Gun Holders" (USA Today)
09/25/2007 "The Corruption Crisis in Athletics" (author) (AScribe)
07/17/2007 "Whittaker Chambers Library To Open" (GOPUSA)
04/05/2007 "Stepping Out Of the Shadows/After Nearly 60 Years, Alger Hiss's Stepson Is Finally Making His Case for the Innocence of the Notorious Alleged Spy" (Washington Post)
12/25/2006 "High Court Becomes More Media Friendly" (Associated Press)
02/28/2006 "'World' Baseball Classic Defies Globalization" (Agence France Presse)
12/04/2005 "Supreme Switch/Did FDR's Threat to 'Pack' the Court in 1937 Really Change the Course of Constitutional History?" (The Boston Globe)
09/10/2005 "Collins Finds Roberts To Be ‘Very Forthright'" (Portland Press Herald)
09/02/2005 "Specter Likely To Be the Lightning Rod/Senator Has an Agenda for Judicial Hearing" (The Washington Post)
07/29/2005 "Supreme Court/You Say You Want a Revolution" (National Journal)
07/20/2005 "Women, Minority Advocacy Groups Express Disappointment in Pick" (Dallas Morning News/Grand Forks Herald)
07/05/2005 "Counter Evolution" (The New Republic)
02/20/2005 "For A's, Way to San Jose Paved with Uncertainty/Giants' Territorial Rights Big Obstacle" (San Jose [Calif.] Mercury News)
06/27/2004 "Examining the Inner World of Improbable Spy, Alger Hiss" (The Washington Times)
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07/14/2016 "Tax Provisions for Oil and Gas Get Hard Looks" (Bloomberg)
03/23/2016 "Appeals Court in Tea Party Case Puts Nick in Taxpayer Privacy Law " (Wall Street Journal)
12/02/2015 “IRS Proposal Could Change How Nonprofits Report Donations” (NBC 29)
10/22/2015 "Steve Kraske: Gov. Sam Brownback Has Had Plenty of Time " (The Kansas City Star)
01/06/2015 “Joint Tax Committee Girds for New House Rule on Revenue Estimates” (Bloomberg BNA)
12/22/2014 "Using the Law to Stop the IRS" (Townhall Finance)
11/17/2014 "The IRS Hatchetmen" (Townhall Finance)
05/08/2014 "House Holds Lois Lerner in Contempt for IRS Probe Silence" (Bloomberg)
02/21/2014 "Analysis: Obamacare not 1st law beset by delays, blown deadlines" (Cincinnati.com)
02/20/2014 "Republicans question PPACA regulators" (LifeHealthPro)
05/13/2013 "Explosion of Political Groups Seeking Tax-Exempt Status May Have Led to IRS Scandal" (U.S. News & World Report)
02/15/2013 "As Obama Confronts Corporate Tax Reform, Past Lessons Suggest Lobbyists Will Fight For Loopholes" (The Huffington Post)
02/01/2013 "Five Questions with University of Virginia's George K. Yin" (On Wall Street)
01/08/2013 "NYT: Big Companies Avoid Billions in Taxes Due to Loopholes" (Money News)
01/07/2013 "How Big Business Uses a Law for Farmers" (CNBC)
01/07/2013 "Major Companies Push the Limits of a Tax Break" (The New York Times)
01/02/2013 "Nearly All of Virginia's House Representatives Vote Against 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal" (The Daily Progress)
01/02/2013 "Charlottesville Tax Expert: Fiscal Cliff Compromise a 'Bad Deal'" (NBC29)
01/02/2013 "Tax Expert, UVA Law Professor 'Disappointed' with Fiscal Cliff Deal" (CBS19)
10/05/2012 "Questions on Romney's Proposal to Cap Tax Deductions" (The Boston Globe)
07/19/2012 "Massive Romney IRA Still Sparks Unanswered Questions" (The Huffington Post)
07/17/2012 "Gov. Romney: Just Release the Tax Returns" (Forbes)
07/17/2012 "Experts: Mitt Romney's Returns Could Show He Paid Very Low Tax Rates" (Washington Post)
07/13/2012 "Governments Look for Ways to Avoid Using 'T-Word'" (CNN)
01/30/2012 "Three Strikes and You're Out for Tax Extenders" (Forbes)
01/17/2012 "Tax Reform a Daunting Task, Report Illustrates" (Reuters)
05/18/2011 "Free Money Claim Roils Dispute on One-Time U.S. Offshore Tax Holiday" (Bloomberg)
04/07/2011 “Wanted: A Tax Code for the Digital Age” (Business Week)
03/24/2011 “Tea Party tells Hurt to Slash Spending” (NBC29)
01/18/2011 "Many U.S. Multinationals Pay Less Than Corporate Tax Rate" (NewJersey.Com)
12/03/2010 "Tax Breaks for Bailout Recipients Stir Up Debate" (The Wall Street Journal)
05/29/2010 "Jobs Bill Reignites Feud Over Foreign Profit of U.S. Firms" (The Washington Post)
04/26/2010 "Home Tax Credit Called Successful, but Costly" (The New York Times)
04/12/2010 Unbundling the Budget (Congressional Quarterly Weekly)
02/09/2010 "In Obama's Budget, It's Techies vs. Taxes" (CNNMoney.com)
02/08/2010 "Insider Interviews" (The National Journal)
12/31/2009 "Repeal of Estate Tax Creates Planning Dilemmas" (The Wall Street Journal)
10/16/2009 "Inside the Business War Against Tax Reform" (Business Week)
05/04/2009 "Experts Divided on Obama Tax Policies" (Accounting Today)
03/26/2009 "Democrat Wants to Extend Bush-Era Middle-Class Tax Cuts, But Experts Warn Against It (McClatchy Newspapers)

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