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Barry Cushman
John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law, Professor of Political Science, Professor of History, University of Notre Dame
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Phone: (434) 243-1819

E-mail: bcushman@nd.edu

All Courses: Advanced Trusts and Estates , American Constitutional History Before the Civil War , American Constitutional History From the Civil War to World War II , American Intellectual and Cultural History to 1865 , American Legal History , Colloquium in American Legal History , Constitutional Law , Estate and Gift Taxation , Estate Planning , Property , Trusts and Estates , American Expansion and American Law (seminar) , The Constitution and Reform Movements (seminar) , The Family in 19th-Century America (seminar) , Judicial Biography (seminar) , Law and Political Economy in the Antebellum United States (seminar) , The Lochner Era (seminar) , Modern American Legal History (seminar) , The New Deal and the Transformation of the American Legal Order (seminar) , Slavery and the Law (seminar)

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