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John K. Setear
Class of 1962 Professor of Law
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Phone: (434) 924-4686

E-mail: jks9d@virginia.edu

Subject Area(s): International environmental law, climate change, counterfactual history/what-if history (20th century), global warming, international law, ozone depletion, treaties, United Nations, war crimes trials

All Courses: Contracts, Colloquium in International Relations Theory (seminar), Environmental Drafting and Negotiating (seminar), Global Warming (seminar), How We Get Into War (seminar), International Environmental Law, International Ifs: Historical Hypothetical (seminar), International Law, Rules, Seminar in Ethical Values, War Crimes (seminar)

Current Course(s): An American Half-Century, Contracts, Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr), Baseball (Sc), Rules, Seminar In Ethical Values (Yr)

In the Media:

  • "Cop checkmates students/Amateur chess king defeats 11" (The Daily Progress, 03/05/2004)
  • "Democrats' Blame Campaign Finds Few Sympathetic Ears" (Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 03/22/2003)
  • "Democrats' Anti-War Lawsuit Faces Daunting Legal Precedent" (Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 02/21/2003)
  • "Broad Resolution Allows Bush To Set Terms Of War Without" (Congressional Quarterly Weekly, 10/11/2002)
  • "The Ghosts Of Tonkin: Questions And Resolutions" (Congressional Quarterly Weekly , 09/27/2002)