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Alvarez, Jr. '88, LuisPresident and Chief Executive Officer, Law School FoundationSL310A(434)
Ashbrook, LeslieResearch LibrarianWB235(434)
Ashley, JonathanBusiness and Empirical Research LibrarianWB237a(434)
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Banks, Gary F.Chief Technology OfficerWB333(434)
Black, Sally M.Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Law School FoundationSL310(434)
Boase, Kathryn S.Senior Development Officer, Law School FoundationSL327(434)
Broaddus, AndrewAssistant Director of Public ServiceSL234(434)
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Chakraborty, Arkajyoti Senior Financial Analyst WB324(434)
Cleveland, Grace ApplefeldDirector of AdmissionsSL123A(434) 243-1456gracecleveland
Colby, Christopher F.Director of AdmissionsSL123B(434)
Crawford '74, RichardAssociate Director of Development for Law and Business, Law School Foundation;
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Davies, Sarah E.Assistant Dean for Student AffairsSL109A(434)
Doherty, BenjaminHead of Instructional ServicesWB234(434)
Donovan, Kevin M.Senior Assistant Dean for Career ServicesSL229(434)
Dugas, JasonAssistant Dean for Academic Services and RegistrarSL107(434)
Dugger, Helen M.Associate Director of Financial AidSL125(434)
Dunaway, Troy W.Senior Assistant Dean for Business and FinanceWB331(434)
Duvall, KateDirector of Student AffairsSL107A(434)
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Emery, Kimberly CarpenterAssistant Dean for Pro Bono and Public InterestSL245A(434)
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Faulk, Cordel L.Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions OfficerSL121(434)
Fitchett, TaylorDirector, Law LibraryWB237c(434)
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Glover, KristinResearch LibrarianWB232b(434)
Gobin, KipCataloging and Acquisitions LibrarianWB264c(434)
Goluboff, Risa L.Dean
Arnold H. Leon Professor of Law
Professor of History
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Hayden, PatriceSenior Director of Law Firm RecruitingSL229A(434)
Hilles '92, Elizabeth LeverageSenior Philanthropy Adviser, Law School FoundationSL 325 (434)
Hulvey, Jennifer MarkhamDirector of Financial AidSL125A(434) 243-8632jennifer.hulvey@
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Jakubow, AlexanderEmpirical ResearcherWB237B(434)
James, Jennie A.Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Law School FoundationSL359(434)
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Kim, AnnieAssistant Dean for Public Service
Director, Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center
Klepper, Micheal T.Senior Reference LibrarianWB209(434)
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Lawson, PollyAssistant Dean for Graduate StudiesSL135B(434)
Luu, Xinh "Sing" T.Foreign and International Law Librarian
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Morris, Edith L.Special Assistant to the DeanWB329(434)
Moulds, LorenDigital Collections LibrarianWB303C(434)
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Olson, KentHead of Research ServicesWB233a(434)
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Palombi, CathyAccess Services LibrarianWB117(434)
Parr, Stephen T.Senior Associate Dean for AdministrationDean's Office(434)
Payne, RuthDirector of Judicial ClerkshipsSL229B(434)
Pietro, Laura T.Director of Donor Relations, Law School FoundationSL331(434)
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Roper, John Administrative Services and Research LibrarianWB262a(434)
Ryan '05, JobyDevelopment Officer, Law School FoundationSL329(434)
Ryan, A. SprightleyAssociate Professor of Law, General Faculty
Director of Externships
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Snyder '87, Helen M.Chief Operating Officer and Director of Annual Giving, Law School FoundationSL315(434)
Spekman, Marit R.Director of Career ServicesSL231(434)
Streit, Gregory B.Assistant Dean for Building ServicesWB327(434)
Sulzberger '87, Jennifer L.Director of Reunion Giving, Law School FoundationSL323(434)
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Trujillo '01, Jason W.Chief Development Officer and Director of the Bicentennial CampaignSL321A(434)
Tufts, W. LawtonDirector of Public Service and Alumni AdvisingSL235(434)
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Ventre, Lauren K.Director of Career ServicesSL231A(434)
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Walker, Ellen C.Director of Alumni Relations, Law School FoundationSL309(434)
Wharton, AmyResearch and Emerging Technologies LibrarianWB262(434)
Wood, Mary M.Chief Communications OfficerWB335(434) 924-3786; Cell: (434)
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Yale, Amanda S.Director of Public ServiceSL233(434)
Yoon '06, JasmineAssistant Director of Annual GivingSL317(434)

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