Law School Bundles and Support

Students experiencing problems with a Bundle notebook should contact UVA Law Student Technical Reference Desk (email or the the U.Va. Information Technology & Communications (ITC) Computing Help Desk (phone 434.924.3731) and provide the information from the notebook’s DCI Asset Tag affixed to all DCI notebooks. Law School IT personnel will determine whether you are experiencing a hardware or software failure. If the problem is related to the software that comes with the system, the Law School help desk will work with the student to fix the problem. Frequently the best way to diagnose and treat computer software problems is to re-image (or restore) the computer. Re-imaging involves:

If a problem with a Law Bundle stems from a hardware failure, the Law School help desk will provide a loaner notebook to the student until repairs are complete. The Law School help desk will contact Cavalier Computers for hardware service. Cavalier Computers already has a stock of parts necessary to repair Law School Bundles and should be able to repair the notebook within one business day.