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Viewing Course Materials On Line
Many of the materials attached to a course home page will be stored in a number of word processing or software formats, including: Adobe Acrobat PDF, WordPerfect, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel. In most cases, you can access an attachment by clicking on the attachment’s icon. You can then open the file to view it immediately, or save it to disk.

Depending on the web browser that you use, the type of file posted, and the software installed on your computer, however, you may need a “viewer” or “plug in” to access an attachment.

Software Downloads You May Need:
A. Adobe Acrobat Reader – allows you to read PDF files
UVa Download (Fast, for local UVa download) UVa Software Central

Adobe Download (Latest, greatest, might be faster outside of UVa) Get Acrobat Reader

B. Microsoft Media Player Files (for Macs using classroom recordings with video) If you have a pc, you already have Microsoft media player. If you have a mac, you can download a free Quicktime plugin that will play wmv files on your mac from . Also, the open-source VLC player SHOULD work, but has not been tested by ITC: .

C. Microsoft Office Viewers (Excel, Word & PowerPoint)
You do not need the viewers to access Excel, Word or PowerPoint attachments if you have Microsoft Office software already installed on your computer, or if you are using MS Internet Explorer. Netscape/Firefox/etc users who have Microsoft Office already installed do not need to use the Microsoft viewers, but may need to click the "Pick App" button the first time they try to open an Excel, Word, or Powerpoint file, and then point to the appropriate file in their Microsoft Office program folder (usually c:\program files\msoffice). All of the viewers are available free of charge on the Microsoft website.

1. Microsoft Excel Viewer
(1) You can obtain the viewer software, and installation instructions, from the Microsoft website:

(2) Please note: If you already have a full version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, DO NOT install Microsoft Excel Viewer. Doing so will cause file conflicts. The default folder location in the installer recommended by Microsoft is: C:\PROGRAMFILES\XLVIEW.

2. Microsoft Word Viewer
a) For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP:
(1) You can obtain the viewer software, and installation instructions, from the Microsoft website:

(2) You may also be able to obtain the software from the ITC Software Central website or CD-Rom:

3. PowerPoint Viewer
a) Installation for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP:
You can obtain the viewer software, and installation instructions, from the Microsoft website:

D. Wordperfect Viewer {Please note that this viewer is very out of date and will probably not work. MS-Word will read WordPerfect files.}
You'll need this to view wordperfect documents directly from either Internet Explorer or Netscape. After installing this viewer, if you want to save a wordperfect document INSTEAD of viewing it, you'll need to right-click on it and choose "Save as..."

E. Apple Quicktime Player

QuickTime Player is an application that plays digitized video, audio, and virtual reality (VR) movies. You can obtain the Quicktime Player software and installation instructions from the Apple website: