Law Computer Labs

Lab Overview

Access Requirements

Only Law School students and registered guests may use the lab computers. You will be required to login before you can use one of the lab computers. At that time you will need to provide your valid Law School NT username and password. See NT Accounts for further information on Law School NT accounts.

Your Responsibilities

Please make sure to log out when you leave. You can do so by clicking on the logout icon. Even though all Law lab computers are set to automatically log out after 15 minutes of inactivity, you should not rely on this. By making sure you have logged out, you will prevent others from accidentally using your print quota. Print balances lost by leaving a machine logged in is YOUR responsibility, no credit will be given if others accidentally print using your balance. By not logging out, other sensitive information such as blind grading numbers, CASE information, and your online photo will be accessible to the next person to use that computer.

Saving information when using a lab computer

By default, files will be saved to the desktop. Do not depend on files saved locally on the machines, as they will be deleted on a regular basis. Lab computers are often reformatted, often with no advance notice or warning so data storage on lab machines is inadvisable. Save your files on the home directory service or on USB flash drive. By using home directory service (HDS) in combination with USB memory sticks and/or online backup services like DropBox, students should never lose important papers, notes, class outlines and personal files. All students need to backup information and avoid any need for data recovery services. Data recovery services are not provided by the Law School.

To create a pdf file, Save as PF from any Microsoft Office program or print to the printer called Acrobat Distiller and it will prompt you where to save the pdf file.

Printing In The Labs

There are three printers located in the Law School's computer lab. The main printers to use from the lab computers are WBLab, WBLab2, or LawColor. Remember, you will be charged for printing, even if you send your print job to the wrong printer and jobs sent to LawColor are more expensive than those sent to the regular printers.

Please remember to pick up your print job in a timely manner. This will prevent the printer trays from becoming congested. It will also help in preventing your print job from getting mixed up who someone else's. Also, remember that your print job will be printed without a banner page, so please be careful in making sure that you only take what you've printed.

Remember to discard all unwanted paper in the appropriate recycle box.

For more information on printing see Law School printing.

Keep Our Lab Clean -- This lab is used only by Law students and registered guests. Please work together to keep the lab clean.
  • Please take only your print job.
  • Please use the appropriate recycle box for paper.
  • Please pick up your print jobs in a timely manner.
  • Please -- If print jobs are stacking up in the output tray, please place them in the recyle box.
  • Please no eating or drinking.

    Lab Facilities


    Withers Brown
    Dell Optiplex Series Desktops

    Lab Software

    All Law School lab computers come with the following software preinstalled.

    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox