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Computer Recommendations for the Class of 2018

Given the importance of access to networked information, the Law School's reliance on electronic communications, and the requirement that students take exams on computers, the Law School requires that all entering J.D. and LL.M. students own a notebook computer with a functioning wireless network card.

The Law School strongly recommends purchasing one of Cavalier Computers’ school-approved and selected models for law students. The Law School and University IT departments do not offer extensive customer support for other models. Specific model and cost information for Law bundles available to the incoming Class of 2018 will be available on the Cavalier Computers website on or around May 1, 2015.

Cavalier Computers’ “Law bundles” meet the Law School's computer specifications and come pre-configured with important software and services, such as Microsoft Office Professional, email, antivirus protection, a wireless card and the UVA home directory service.Virginia Law students typically use their notebooks every day to take notes, conduct research and complete assignments throughout their law school career, making customer support crucial for stress-free computing.This causes a great deal of wear and tear on the components and accessories attached to their notebooks. Even the most fastidious of notebook owners is likely to encounter a situation that requires support or repair. The Law bundles come with a customized three-year service and support plan that minimizes downtime and provides a secure and updated computing platform.

Law bundles come in both Mac and Dell PC form, although there are slight differences in warranty support available from each manufacturer. While most routine Macbook repairs can be performed by Cavalier Computers in Charlottesville, there is a possibility that serious Macbook repairs will need to be shipped off and performed by Apple, which does not occur with the Dell models. Also, Apple DOES NOT currently offer Accidental Damage Coverage for Macbooks, so any accidental drop or spill repairs will have to be paid for by the student. As a comparison, the Dell Latitude laptops include full CompleteCare accidental damage coverage and more hardware items can be serviced directly by Law School staff. Aside from generally quicker repair turnaround, one large advantage of purchasing either Law Bundle model is access to a loaner laptop when necessary repairs lead to extended computer downtime. If a Macbook loaner is not available, you will be able to borrow from our Dell Latitude loaner pool. Students who do not purchase a bundle WILL NOT be eligible for a loaner laptop from our pool of loaners and will have to arrange laptop hardware repair and replacement on their own.

To see this year's Cavalier Computers offerings, go to [updated bundles for the Class of 2018 will not be listed until May 1].

If you have any questions or concerns about the Law bundle program, contact

If you do not care for our two dedicated Law bundle options, you are welcome to order any of the Cavalier Computers laptops and still qualify for hardware support and a loaner laptop. This includes undergraduate options once they are released. We will not have the same specialized knowledge of these other models; you will not be able to get an identical model as a loaner and you will not be allowed to customize the warranty and software of these other models to fit your needs as a Law student but we will do our best to otherwise support these other models.

The Law School's Financial Aid Office will increase a student's budget up to $2,500 toward the cost of any notebook computer purchased on or after May 1, 2015 upon request from the student and submission of supporting documentation (i.e., sales receipt or PC vendor's price quote) to the Financial Aid Office. This increase is available only to J.D. candidates.

Law School Bundles and Customer Support

University and Law School IT staff provide complete hardware, software and wireless network support for Law School Bundles. If a problem with a bundle notebook stems from a hardware failure, the Law School help desk will provide a loaner notebook to the student until repairs are completed by Cavalier Computers, typically within one business day. If the problem is related to the software that comes with the system, the Law School help desk will work with the student to fix the problem and also will loan a notebook if needed. (More)

Other Computers

The Law School cannot provide extensive software, hardware, or wireless network support for notebooks that are not Law School bundles. Students with non-Law bundles:

Email and LawWeb Accounts

Once you have paid your deposit, you should be able to activate your email account after a 72-hour waiting period. To do this you need to review the UVA policies and procedures related to Responsible Computing and then complete the Responsible Computing Quiz. All of this can be found at the UVA ITS Student Accounts page.

If you are curious about whether you are eligible for account activation, you can always look yourself up using the People Search feature found on the main UVA website. If your directory entry pops up there then you are eligible to activate your account. If you don't pop up then your accounts are still processing.

LawWeb accounts are created in a large initial batch at some point during the summer (usually mid-July) to catch any students with active email account at that point, and then individually after that as students activate their email accounts prior to orientation. If you have any questions regarding email or LawWeb accounts, email