Law School Screensaver

UPDATED 8/13/08

The Law School screensaver is available for several screen display settings. To find out what format is best for your screen, go to your Start Menu (in Windows), select Settings, then Control Panel, then double-click on Display. Select the Settings tab from that window and the "screen area" will tell you what screensaver size you should use (e.g. 1024 X 768).

These screensavers are also customizable. You can remove images from the screensaver, then add them back later. The amount of time each photo is shown can be modified, as can the transitions between photos. To make changes to these settings, go to your Start Menu, select Settings, then the Control Panel, and double-click on Display. Select the Screensaver tab and click on Settings.

These screensavers are provided as is and may not work on every system.

All images are University of Virginia School of Law.

To install a screensaver using Internet Explorer:
To install a screensaver using Firefox: