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05/12/2017As Public Housing Becomes Privatized, UVA-Trained Advocates Stand Up for Tenants
05/10/2017Environmental Clinic Students Tackle Timely Topics
04/14/2017Former AG Loretta Lynch Says Lawyers Carry Unique Burden to Pursue Truth
10/10/2016Symposium Will Examine Expansion of Administrative Regulations
07/29/2016Pursuing Swift Justice for All
06/30/2016Ready Your Ballot: UVA Law Professors to Critique Presidential Campaign Speeches
05/06/2016New Book Is Antidote to Poorly Focused Presidential Debates, Professor Says
03/08/2016Judge John Gleeson '80 to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/25/2016Karl Racine '89, First Elected Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Discusses His Career Path
02/18/2016Federalist Society Student Symposium to Focus on Poverty and Inequality
02/16/2016Legal History Book Panel on UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation"
10/16/2015Journal Symposium Will Examine Debate Over Judicial Elections
09/22/2015Professor Saikrishna Prakash Receives Traynor Award for Scholarship
07/06/2015Faculty Q&A: Rachel Harmon Addresses Federal Programs and the Real Costs of Policing
04/17/2015"The Four Women Justices," with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick
03/04/2015International Court of Justice Judge Joan Donoghue to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
03/02/2015"Excutive Amnesty" with UVA Law Professors David Martin and John Harrison
11/10/2014"Marriage and Family Law: A Decade of Change" with UVA Law Professor Kerry Abrams
11/03/2014UVA Law Professor Leads Effort Urging Support for Young Adults
04/11/2014"The American Voting Experience: A Conversation with Bob Bauer '76 and Ben Ginsberg"
04/10/2014"Perspectives of a Recently Appointed Federal Trial Court Judge" with Robert Shelby '98
03/06/2014Deputy General Counsel at World Bank Delivers Keynote at UVA Law Symposium on Development
02/26/2014"After Windsor," A UVA Law Talk on LGBT Rights Following United States v. Windsor
02/25/2014Congressman Kennedy to Deliver UVA Law Commencement Address
01/23/2014Expanded Externships Program Offers UVA Law Students Work Experience with Government, Nonprofits
12/18/2013Report Reveals New Data on Access to Mental Health Crisis Care in Virginia
12/11/2013Young Alums Make an Impact on Capitol Hill
11/26/2013"Town of Greece v. Galloway" with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
11/21/2013"Animal Protection in the 21st Century" with Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle
11/12/2013"The Changing Nature of Covering the Supreme Court," with Dahlia Lithwick
11/05/2013"Must Government Ignore Racial Inequality?" with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui
11/04/2013UVA Law's Laycock to Argue Town of Greece Prayer Case Before Supreme Court
10/31/2013"Compelled Commercial Speech," with Yale Law Dean Robert Post
10/30/2013Laura Ingraham '91 Says Law School Helped Her Media Career
10/25/2013"Public Deliberation and Private Property Rights: Can There Be Peaceful Coexistence?" with Richard Epstein
10/21/2013"Punishment and the Adolescent Brain," with Laurence Steinberg
10/16/2013"The Promise and Limits of Presidential Action on Climate Change," with Robert Sussman
10/14/2013Mildred Robinson Offers Tax Solutions to Stabilize K-12 Education Funding
10/09/2013Livermore: Misreading of Supreme Court Is Leading to Inefficient Environmental Regulations
10/07/2013Leading Expert to Discuss Role of Developmental Science in Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions on Juveniles
10/04/2013Poor Left Uninsured in Face of Uncertain Future Funding of Health Law, Professor Says
10/03/2013UVA Law Symposium: Can the President Make a Difference on Climate Change?
10/02/2013In Light of McCutcheon, UVA Law Professor Questions Whether Disclosure Deters Political Corruption
10/01/2013U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse '82 to Speak at UVA Law on the Judicial Nomination Process
09/27/2013"Corporate Liability in U.S. Courts for Global Actions"
09/25/2013Richard Bonnie on Gun Control, Mental Health Policies in Aftermath of Deadly Shootings
09/19/2013"Can We Handle the Truth?" A Conversation with Journalist Ron Suskind and Lawyer Kurt Wimmer
09/18/2013UVA Law Symposium to Explore Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
09/16/20132013 Supreme Court Roundup
09/09/2013Ahead of Supreme Court Roundup, Howard Looks Back on Major Decisions of 2012-13 Term
08/26/2013Va. Law Enforcement Agencies Fail to Improve Eyewitness ID Policies, UVA Law Professor Finds
08/12/2013New Policy to Reduce Stiff Drug Sentences Is 'Only a First Step,' UVA Law Professor Says
08/01/2013Bagley Co-Authors Major International Patent Law Casebook
07/25/2013Facing Large Prison Populations, States Turn Back to Considering Risk of Recidivism, Monahan Says
06/26/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Rulings
06/20/2013Alumni Q&A: Zeisler '01 on Working at a Global Investment Management Firm
06/18/2013Experts on National Security Law Convene at UVA Law to Discuss Drones, Cyber Threats, Terrorism
06/13/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court Decision in Gene-Patenting Case
06/11/2013Reimagining UVA
05/30/2013UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Co-Authors First Comprehensive Casebook on Habeas Corpus
05/21/2013Nelson '68 Urges Class of 2013 to Strive to Always Act Ethically in Careers
05/15/2013After Challenging Military Ban on Women in Combat, Molly Pitcher Project's Dreams Are Realized
05/03/2013UVA Law Professor Michal Barzuza's Article Named Among Top 10 in Corporate Law
05/02/2013Livermore Brings New Perspective on Cost-Benefit Analysis in Policymaking to UVA Law
04/24/2013Tax and Economics Expert Andrew Hayashi to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/23/2013Former State Department Official Anne-Marie Slaughter Calls for New Laws in Dealing with Terrorism
04/18/2013A Discussion of Lawrence v. Texas with Professor Daniel Ortiz
04/15/2013FBI Director and Jefferson Medal Recipient Robert Mueller '73 Reflects on Bureau's Transformation After 9/11
04/12/2013Anne-Marie Slaughter to Speak on Drones, Detention and Foreign Policy at UVA Law
04/09/2013"Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars," with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
04/03/2013Alumni Q&A: Patrick Gardner '86 on Advocating for Improved Mental Health Services for Young People
04/01/2013UVA Law Symposium to Assess 'Game-Changing' Nature of JOBS Act on Businesses, Law
03/28/2013Richard Hasen on the State of Election Law After 2012
03/27/2013Silverstein Receives George N. Lindsay Civil Rights Legal Fellowship, Will Focus on Fair Housing
03/25/2013Alumni Q&A: Janet Nolan '89 on Weeding Out Fraud and Abuse in Federal Health Care Programs
03/22/2013Nations Negotiating Permission to Use Force Abroad Should Take Greater Care, Deeks Argues
03/18/2013'Voting Wars' Conference Will Look at Election Law Conflict and Politics
03/14/2013Nation's Leading Scholars in Genetics, Ethics and the Law Will Convene at UVA Conference
03/11/2013The Future of the Voting Rights Act: A Discussion About Shelby County v. Holder and What it Means for Virginia
03/08/2013Endangered No More? Experts at UVA-Led Conference Look at Improving Conservation Efforts When Animal Species Rebound
02/28/2013"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: The Future of Financial Regulation" with Ethiopis Tafara
02/26/2013"Fact and Fiction: The Role of Super PACs in the 2012 Elections"
02/25/2013"Poverty as Disability: Neuroscience, Poor Children and Special Education"
02/22/2013"Obamacare: Government Overreach or an Exercise of Moderation?"
02/21/2013Sen. Bill Nelson '68 to Deliver UVA Law Commencement Address
02/20/2013"Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2013?"
02/19/2013"The Fight to Fight: Eliminating the Ban on Women in Combat"
02/19/2013Businesses That Incorporate in Nevada Face Little Liability, Barzuza's Research Shows
02/13/2013From Immigration to Health Care, UVA Law Symposium to Bring Together Scholars, Practitioners on Social Issues
02/13/2013UVA Law Expands Externship Program to Offer Students Head Start on Careers
02/12/2013Powell Fellow Kim Rolla Will Help Protect Rights of Public Housing Residents in Charlottesville Area
02/01/2013"Defending Sen. Stevens: Fairness in Prosecuting the Law," with Robert Cary '90
01/30/2013Symposium to Consider Next Steps in Women in Combat Debate
01/29/2013UVA Professor Richard Bonnie Meets with Vice President Biden, Federal Officials on Gun Violence
01/25/2013UVA Law Professor Richard Bonnie Testifies Before Sandy Hook Panel
01/23/2013Molly Pitcher Project Hails Military's Removal of Ban on Women in Combat
01/02/2013'Fiscal Cliff' Compromise Is a Bad Deal, UVA Law Tax Policy Expert Says
12/13/2012How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Same-Sex Marriage?
12/10/2012UVA Clinic Argues Before Federal Appeals Court to Release Information Relating to Financial Meltdown
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/19/2012'Too Big to Jail?' A Student Scholarly Lunch with Professor Brandon Garrett
11/13/2012Juvenile Justice System Must Be Overhauled, Says Report Led by UVA Law Professor
11/08/2012Role of Money in Elections Will Continue to Raise Questions, Say UVA Law Professors
11/07/2012UVA Law Alumni Elected to U.S. Senate
11/01/2012Judge Paul Michel '66 on the U.S. Patent System
10/31/2012Ryan on 'Poverty as Disability' and Reforming Special Education Law
10/25/2012Animal Abuse Laws Stronger After Vick Prosecution, But Still Not Ideal, Experts Say
10/15/2012UVA Law School Symposium to Feature National Expert in Fighting Animal Abuse
10/03/2012"Voter ID Laws in the 2012 Election"
09/25/2012At Annual Supreme Court Roundup, UVA Law Professors Explain Health Care, Immigration Decisions
09/20/2012"Disclosure and the Information Tradeoff: A Student Scholarly Lunch with Michael Gilbert"
09/11/2012UVA Law Clinic Report Raises Questions About Virginia's Religious Exemptions from School Attendance
09/10/2012"Arizona v. United States: Implications of the Supreme Court's Ruling"
09/05/2012UVA Law Public Speaking Experts Critique Campaign Speeches
08/28/2012Justice Department Lawyer Andy Mao '98 on Prosecuting Health Fraud, Major Pharmaceutical Company Settlement
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Comment on Presidential Campaign
06/11/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Speak on Upcoming Major Supreme Court Decisions
06/11/2012Student's Paper on Animal Welfare Labeling Wins Bob Barker Writing Competition
05/24/2012Students, Professor Help File Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn Military Ban on Women in Combat
05/23/2012Garrett Helps Overhaul Virginia's Model Policy for Police Line-ups, Eyewitness Identification
05/08/2012Trevor Potter '82 on Campaign Finance, Election Law and the Colbert Report
05/01/2012Law Students Play Key Role in Partnership Between National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, University of Virginia
04/16/2012"The Rhetoric of the 2012 Presidential Primary" with Professor Robert Sayler
04/16/2012George Mitchell, 2012 Jefferson Medal Recipient, Praises Rule of Law as Key to Free Society
04/10/2012Health Care Industry Executive Advises Law Students to Avoid Silos
04/09/2012Faculty Q&A: Schauer on Whether There Are (Enough) Political Risks to Breaking the Law
04/05/2012Tucker Carlson Sizes Up 2012 Presidential Contest for UVA Law Students
04/04/2012Should Authorities Be Allowed to Strip Search Anyone Who Is Arrested?
04/02/2012Deborah Hellman, Expert on Discrimination, to Join UVA Law Faculty
03/28/2012"Legislative Advocacy" Featuring Claire Guthrie Gastañaga '74
03/19/2012Ortiz on Citizens United and the Supreme Court's Shift Away from Protecting Voters
03/01/2012"Mapping America's Energy Future: Navigating the Obstacles and Opportunities for Domestic Energy, Part One"
02/28/2012Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/27/2012Heller and McDonald Revisited: A Lecture on the Supreme Court's Recent Second Amendment Decisions
02/22/2012Retired Judge James Benton Jr. '70 Discusses His Life and Practice of Law
02/22/2012Does the First Amendment Protect Lies About Military Valor?
02/02/2012UVA Law Symposium to Explore Conflicts in Global Legal Norms
01/25/2012Tax Expert, Professor George Yin Assesses State of Obama's Tax Proposals
01/06/2012Is It Legal? Obama's Recess Appointments
12/14/2011Media Advisory: UVA Law Professor Available to Discuss Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)
12/13/2011UVA, Law School Partner with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in New Environmental Conservation Program
12/05/2011Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/28/2011Greater Disclosure Would Boost Political Speech, Gilbert Says
11/21/2011"A Debate on Citizens United"
11/17/2011Former Acting Solicitor General to Speak at UVA Law School Commencement
11/15/2011Law School Team to Fight U.S. Ban on Women in Combat, Draft
11/07/2011Garrett: Supreme Court Unlikely to Solve Problems with Unreliability of Eyewitness Identification
11/04/2011"Palestinian Refugees and the Middle East Conflict: The Difference that Law Makes"
11/03/2011"The International Investment Regime: Its Role Today and Challenges Tomorrow," with Ko-Yung Tung
11/02/2011Faculty Q&A: Schragger on Debt Crises Facing States, Localities
11/01/2011Anonymity in Journalism Examined at Inaugural Thomas Jefferson Symposium
10/28/2011Tackling Climate Change Necessary, Despite Tough Economic Times, Browner Says
10/27/2011More Women Judges Needed, Gertner and Lithwick Say
10/26/2011"Occupy Wall Street: Views on the OWS Movement and the Financial Crisis: A Panel Discussion"
10/24/2011Former Energy and Climate Change Adviser, EPA Administrator to Speak at Law School
10/21/2011Hafemeister Addresses Omission of Medical Malpractice Reform in Health Care Law
10/20/2011In Wake of Wall Street Protests, Professors Illuminate 'Corporate Personhood'
10/18/2011Inaugural Jefferson Symposium Will Focus on Free Speech, Campaign Gift Law
10/17/2011Rutherglen on Employees' Rights and Lessons from the History of the 13th Amendment
10/12/2011Obama Campaign General Counsel Criticizes 'Anti-Reform' Movement in Election Politics
10/03/2011Robert Bauer '76, General Counsel to Obama Campaign, to Speak at Law School
09/13/2011'War Model' of Dealing with Terrorism Remains Strong Under Obama, Professors Say
03/24/2011Panelists Discuss Citizens United Impact on 2010 Elections
03/10/2011Law School Symposium to Examine Controversial Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling Citizens United
12/30/2010Nelson’s 'Statutory Interpretation' Offers Fresh Take on Understanding Legislation
11/22/2010Controversial Court Decisions Sometimes Create Backlash, Klarman Says
11/16/2010Lawyers Debate Legality of Proposition 8 Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
04/23/2010Lawsuits Favor Individual Over Societal Needs, Philip Howard '74 Says
04/15/2010Career Opportunities with the Department of Homeland Security
11/14/2009"Life on the Hill," with Rohit Kumar '00
10/30/2009State Republican Party General Counsel Recalls McDonnell-Deeds Election Recount
09/25/2009Leading Lawyers Debate Gun Case Ramifications
08/26/2009Remembering Sen. Kennedy ’59: Law School Mourns Loss of Exceptional Alum
04/08/2009Prevention is the Best Way to Address Hate Crimes, Kappelhoff says
10/24/2008Students Get Involved in Election
10/02/2008Conference to Explore Voting in Long-Term Care Facilities in Virginia
09/23/2008Journalist Selected to Speak at Graduation
07/24/2008Schragger Workshop: Mobile Capital, Local Power and the Commercial Republic
03/11/2008Garrett Testifies Before Congress on Improving Corporate Fraud Monitoring
02/18/2008Former FEC Chairman to Keynote Election Law Conference
02/18/2008J.B. Moore Symposium to Examine “Left Turn” in Latin American Politics
01/30/2008Cohen Lodges Antitrust Complaint on Vioxx Settlement
10/22/2007Tibet Will Remain World’s Largest Colony Unless China Takes Action, Panelists Say
10/22/2007Bonnie Testifies Before Congress on FDA Regulation of Tobacco
10/08/2007ILPPP Receives Grant to Focus on Restoring Capacity of Juveniles Found Incompetent to Stand Trial
07/19/2007Heytens to Work for Solicitor General
06/05/2007Rebuilding Iraq Starts at the Local Level, Panelists Say
05/07/2007John Warner ’53 Brings Perspective to National Debates Cullen Couch (UVA Lawyer)
04/25/2007Students Participate in Campaign for Habeas Rights for Detainees
04/05/2007Judges Discuss Life in D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
03/16/2007McDonnell Announces Plans to Run for Governor, Calls for Return to Federalist Principles
02/12/2007New Court May Take Aim at Campaign Finance Laws, BeVier Says
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