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06/13/2017U.S. Army JAG Corps Forges Strong Connection With UVA Law
05/16/2017Amber Strickland '17 Wins Virginia State Bar Association's Oliver White Hill Award
05/15/2017Meet Commonfund CEO and UVA Law Commencement Speaker Catherine M. Keating '87
05/12/2017As Public Housing Becomes Privatized, UVA-Trained Advocates Stand Up for Tenants
05/10/2017Environmental Clinic Students Tackle Timely Topics
05/01/2017$568,587 in PILA Grants Awarded to 137 Students Working in Public Interest This Summer
04/14/2017Former AG Loretta Lynch Says Lawyers Carry Unique Burden to Pursue Truth
04/05/2017Helping at the Halfway House
03/27/2017Professor Represents Inmate Fighting to Receive Lifesaving Treatment for Hepatitis C
03/21/2017Breaking Good: UVA Law Students Spend Spring Break Serving the Public
03/02/2017As 16th Powell Fellow, Megan Durkee '15 Will Advocate for Richmond-Area Youth
02/16/2017BLSA Students Travel to Tanzania to Volunteer at Women's Clinic
02/15/2017Public Service Community Comes Together to “Shape Justice”
01/27/2017New Pro Bono Clinic to Focus on Civil Rights, Racial Justice
01/25/2017Shaping Justice Awards: 6 to Be Honored by UVA Law for Outstanding Public Service
01/24/2017Making Justice Real
01/17/2017"Shaping Justice" Conference Will Honor UVA Law's Public Service Legacy
12/28/2016Alumni Q&A: Mike Hollander '08 on His Career in Public Service — and the 'Expungement Generator'
12/27/2016UVA Law's Top Stories of 2016
11/30/2016Stepping Inside a Lawyer's World
10/19/2016Law Students Help Seasonal Farm Workers Know Their Rights
10/03/2016The Defense Rests: Alumnus Retires From a Career of Standing Alongside the Indigent
09/16/2016Tax Assistance Program Run by UVA Law Students Wins ABA Award
09/06/2016Postcard From Abroad: UVA Law Student Stephanie Fung '18 Spent Summer at War Crimes Tribunal
07/07/2016Kate Duvall '06 to Help Guide Law Students as Director of Student Affairs
05/05/2016Filling the Gaps in Virginia’s Mental Health Services
04/27/2016A Record 126 UVA Law Students Will Receive $514,979 to Work in Public Service
03/30/2016State Juvenile Justice Director Block Returns to UVA Law to Discuss His Work
03/18/2016Law Student Uncovers High Cost of Katrina Jobs While Volunteering on Spring Break
03/08/2016Judge John Gleeson '80 to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
03/07/2016Black Law Students Association Takes on Projects in South Africa
02/25/2016Karl Racine '89, First Elected Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Discusses His Career Path
02/23/2016Judge Agrees to Test DNA Evidence UVA Law Innocence Project Discovered
02/16/2016A Former Clerk Remembers Justice Scalia
02/10/20167 UVA Law Candidates Tapped for DOJ Honors Program
02/08/2016Carolyn Rumer '14 Will Help Domestic Abuse Victims Through EJW Fellowship
12/28/2015Year in Review: UVA Law Reflects on 2015 With Favorite Stories
12/21/2015Partnership Power: UVA Law + LAJC
11/24/2015New Powell Fellow to Represent Youths Affected by Trauma, Poverty
11/05/2015UVA Law Public Service Auction Raises $35,000 for Summer Jobs
10/15/2015UVA Law Guarantees Summer Funding for Public Service Jobs Under New Plan
08/13/2015Alumni Q&A: Former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño '85 Will Welcome UVA Law's Class of 2018
07/31/2015D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine '89 Reflects on His Career, New Role
06/23/2015Graduate Specializing in Elder Law Receives Borchard Fellowship
05/20/2015The Program in Law and Public Service, with Professor Josh Bowers
05/12/2015Student in New Consumer Law Clinic Helps Retirees Avert Foreclosure
05/01/2015Students Working in Public Service Summer Jobs to Receive $357,900 in Grants
04/14/2015International Court of Justice Represents Unique Blend of Legal Systems, Says Judge Joan Donoghue
04/10/2015Andrew Chen '15 Will Help Homeless Youths in Los Angeles Through EJW Fellowship
03/27/2015Edward Snowden Attorney Ben Wizner Speaks at UVA Law
03/20/2015In the Desert and on the Docket, UVA Law Students Give Back During Alternative Spring Break
03/16/2015Program in Law and Public Service Gets a Boost from New Student Board
03/13/2015Called to Serve: Katharine von Ter Stegge '02 Plays Role in Case Making Same-Sex Marriage Constitutional in Oregon
02/26/2015With Support from UVA Law's Kennedy Fellowships, Graduates' Careers in Public Service Bloom
02/11/2015Janet Napolitano '83 Speaks to UVA Law Public Service Class
02/10/2015Student, Alumna Work to Change Housing Policy, Reduce Public Housing Evictions by 91 Percent
02/04/2015UVA Law's BLSA Members Travel to Uganda to Share Best Legal Practices
12/10/2014UVA Law's New Powell Fellow to Help Philadelphia Homeowners Avoid Tax Foreclosure
11/11/2014Legacy of Service Continues for Student Veterans at UVA Law
09/24/2014New UVA Law Mentorship Program Prepares Students for Public Service Careers
08/13/2014Postcard From Abroad: Camila Rodriguez '16 Watches Democracy Takes Shape in South Africa
08/01/2014Alyssa Pont '16 Explores Finance with a Conscience in Mexico City
06/25/2014In Paradise, Dedication to Helping Others Shines Bright for UVA Law Student
06/10/2014UVA Law Adds New Clinic Focused on Consumer Advocacy
06/03/2014Photos from a Journey to Secure Women's Rights in Guatemala
05/21/2014University of Virginia School of Law 2014 Graduation
05/20/2014Congressman Kennedy Tells Class of 2014 'Fortunes of Country May Depend' on Their Efforts
05/20/2014After 55 Years, U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy's Diploma Given to Family at UVA Law Graduation
05/07/201499 UVA Law Students Receive $438,000 to Work in Public Service This Summer
04/15/2014Sept. 11, BP Oil Spill Fund-Master Kenneth Feinberg: Compensation Fills Need in Wake of Mass Catastrophes
04/10/2014"Perspectives of a Recently Appointed Federal Trial Court Judge" with Robert Shelby '98
03/28/2014UVA Law Students Work with Low-Income Clients in 11 U.S. Cities as Part of Alternative Spring Break
03/12/2014Sept. 11 and BP Oil Spill Fund-Master Kenneth R. Feinberg to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/25/2014Congressman Kennedy to Deliver UVA Law Commencement Address
02/20/2014Five UVA Law Students Travel to Liberia on BLSA Service Trip to Fight Human Trafficking
02/17/2014Linda Fairstein '72 speaks on her career as a prosecutor and author
01/30/2014Experienced Attorney Joins UVA Law to Help Guide Students Pursuing Public Service Careers
01/15/2014Powell Fellow Mario Salas '14 to Help Families Navigate Services for Youth with Disabilities
01/09/2014Tschiderer '12 Receives EJW Fellowship to Help Low-Income Mothers Facing Workplace Discrimination
01/08/2014Galen Bascom '13 Named Solicitor General's Office Bristow Fellow
01/06/2014Talukder '14 Receives EJW Fellowship to Help Immigrant Survivors of Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence
12/17/2013Bitner '14 Receives Skadden Fellowship to Fight for Education Rights of Homeless Children
12/16/2013Students in UVA Law Housing Clinic Help Keep Clients Home for the Holidays
12/11/2013Young Alums Make an Impact on Capitol Hill
11/18/2013Peggy Nicholson '11 on Helping Low-Income Children in North Carolina
11/14/2013PILA Auction Raises $60,000 for Public Interest Grants
10/29/2013Bentz '12 to Clerk for Supreme Court Justice Kennedy
10/23/2013Called to Serve: Adam Gordon '08 on Prosecuting Criminals in San Diego
10/22/2013"The Same, Only Different: The Re-emergence of Constitutional Rights for Children"
10/08/2013UVA Law Clinic Hosts Conference to Mark 15 Years of Fighting for Children in Virginia
10/01/2013U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse '82 to Speak at UVA Law on the Judicial Nomination Process
09/10/2013"What I Wish I’d Known as a 1L"
08/23/2013Lauren Schnyer '15 on Interning at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
08/08/2013Caitlin Eberhardt '15 on Helping Indigenous Women in Guatemala
07/31/2013UVA Law Students Help Teen Human Trafficking Victim Gain Lawful Immigration Status
07/19/2013Pursuing Justice for Juveniles: The Child Advocacy Clinic at UVA Law
05/21/2013Nelson '68 Urges Class of 2013 to Strive to Always Act Ethically in Careers
05/15/2013After Challenging Military Ban on Women in Combat, Molly Pitcher Project's Dreams Are Realized
05/09/2013Law School, PILA Give $484,500 in Public Service Grants to 109 Students
05/06/2013Access to Justice Partnership Helps Low-Income Charlottesville Residents Navigate Legal Hurdles
04/30/2013After VMI and UVA Law, Elizabeth Dobbins '13 Ready for Marine JAG Corps
04/15/2013FBI Director and Jefferson Medal Recipient Robert Mueller '73 Reflects on Bureau's Transformation After 9/11
04/11/201330th Annual Softball Tournament Raises $20,000 for Charlottesville Charity
04/03/2013Alumni Q&A: Patrick Gardner '86 on Advocating for Improved Mental Health Services for Young People
03/29/2013Over Spring Break, UVA Law Students Assist Low-Income Clients, Immigrants
03/28/2013University of Virginia BLSA Members Teach Law in Sierra Leone, Study Solutions to Mining Dilemma
03/27/2013Silverstein Receives George N. Lindsay Civil Rights Legal Fellowship, Will Focus on Fair Housing
03/26/2013Kennedy Fellowships Open Doors to Public Service
03/25/2013Alumni Q&A: Janet Nolan '89 on Weeding Out Fraud and Abuse in Federal Health Care Programs
03/08/2013A Conversation with Kim Keenan '87, General Counsel for the NAACP
03/07/2013Schmalzbach '10 to Clerk for Justice Thomas
03/05/2013FBI Director Robert Mueller to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/27/2013UVA Law Student with 'Kind Heart' Wins $20,000 on Ellen DeGeneres Show
02/26/2013Alumni Q&A: Richard Gross '93 Provides Legal Advice to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
02/13/2013UVA Law Expands Externship Program to Offer Students Head Start on Careers
02/12/2013Powell Fellow Kim Rolla Will Help Protect Rights of Public Housing Residents in Charlottesville Area
01/31/2013Alumni Q&A: Savoie '07 Researches Regulation of Radiology, Works to Improve Health Care in Rural Guatemala
01/28/2013Southern Poverty Law Center Legal Director Mary Bauer '90 to Discuss Modern Civil Rights Struggle in Honor of MLK Day
01/17/2013UVA Law Professor Takes Students Inside Office of Solicitor General
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/16/2012Auction Raises More Than $68,000 for Public Service Grants
11/15/2012Human Rights Career Panel at UVA Law
11/07/2012UVA Law Alumni Elected to U.S. Senate
11/06/2012UVA Law Student Leads Drive to Allow Innocence Clinic Client to Vote for First Time
10/03/2012"Voter ID Laws in the 2012 Election"
09/18/2012Marshall Counsels Low-Income LGBT New Yorkers Through New UVA Law School Fellowship
09/10/2012Alumni Q&A: Shaunik Panse '09 to Clerk for South African Constitutional Court
08/23/2012Class of 2015 Orientation Address, with Rebecca Vallas '09
08/20/2012New Karsh Student Services Center Opens for Business
08/16/2012Orientation Speaker Rebecca Vallas '09 Reflects on Career in Public Service
06/20/2012UVA Law Student Has Rare Opportunity to Prosecute, Win Felony Jury Trial
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/04/2012Creative First-Year Charity Drive Raises $5,000
05/17/2012Crocker '12 to Clerk for Justice Scalia
05/09/2012Law School, PILA Give Record $483,074 in Summer Public Service Fellowships to 109 Students
05/07/2012First Class of Public Service Program Participants Looks Back
04/24/2012UVA Law Clinic Wins Young Clients Early Release from Juvenile Prison
04/16/2012Lambda Deputy Legal Director Hayley Gorenberg Discusses Her Career in Public Service
04/16/2012George Mitchell, 2012 Jefferson Medal Recipient, Praises Rule of Law as Key to Free Society
04/03/2012Students Take Temperature of Human Rights in Sri Lanka
04/03/2012After Weekend of 268 Games, Softball League Sends $20,000 to Charity
03/28/2012"Legislative Advocacy" Featuring Claire Guthrie Gastañaga '74
03/23/2012From New York to Kentucky, Record Number of Students Volunteered During Spring Break
03/13/2012U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas Visits UVA Law School
03/07/2012UVA Law Student Salima Burke Wins Statewide Pro Bono Award
03/01/2012Law School Renovations Aim to Improve Student, Visitor Experience
02/29/2012UVA Law Students Volunteer a Record-Breaking 10,000 Pro Bono Hours During Winter Recess
02/28/2012Public Service Center Dean Collects Win in 4th Circuit
02/28/2012Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/16/2012Powell Fellow Dan Hausman Will Advocate for Early Education Intervention
02/15/2012U.S. State Department's Legal Adviser Calls for 'Smart Power' Approach to Transnational Conflicts
02/06/2012DNA Excludes UVA Innocence Project Clinic Client Convicted of 1978 Rape
01/25/2012Willard '11 to Clerk for Supreme Court Justice Kennedy
01/13/2012Virginia's High Court Hears Appeal by Innocent UVA Law Clinic Client
01/04/2012Number of UVA Law Clerkships Reaches Milestone
12/05/2011Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/30/2011Students Team Up with JustChildren, Law Firm to Help Juveniles Convicted of Adult Crimes
11/22/2011First-Year Law Students Make Yearlong Commitment to 11 Charities
11/21/2011Brinton Lucas '11 Named Solicitor General's Office Bristow Fellow
11/17/2011Former Acting Solicitor General to Speak at UVA Law School Commencement
11/16/2011Public Service Auction Shatters Record, Expected to Top $70,000
11/15/2011Law School Team to Fight U.S. Ban on Women in Combat, Draft
11/14/2011"Pro Bono and Professionalism: Keys to a Winning Career," with Kim Keenan '87, General Counsel, NAACP
11/14/2011"The Value of Diversity on the Bench," with Justice S. Bernard Goodwyn '86, Supreme Court of Virginia
11/09/2011Law Students Aid Migrant Workers Who Bring in Central Virginia's Harvest
11/08/2011Public Service Auction Launches Online Bidding with Record Number of Donations
11/03/2011"The International Investment Regime: Its Role Today and Challenges Tomorrow," with Ko-Yung Tung
10/31/2011Smithsonian Inspector General Sprightley Ryan to Join Law School Faculty
10/25/2011Gantt '11 to Clerk for Justice Breyer
10/24/2011'West Memphis Three' Lawyer to Teach Short Course at Law School
07/20/2011Annie Kim '99 Joins Law School as Head of Public Service Center
07/18/2011Graves '06 Keeps Employers on Track, Stays Involved in Pro Bono
06/27/2011Law Students' Summer International Law Work Spans Globe
05/23/2011Holder Urges Grads to Emulate Robert Kennedy's Legacy of Service
05/17/2011Students Tackle Shark Fin Ban Through Public Service Project
04/21/2011PILA Provides $378,000 to Fund Summer Public Service Work
04/08/2011Andrew Block Discusses the Law and Public Service Program
04/07/2011Program in Law and Public Service Welcomes Second Class
03/25/2011Recess Appointments Both Accepted, Controversial, Motz Says; Griffith Warns Judges Against Applying Personal Views of Justice
03/24/2011Grant Will Fund Law School's Pro Bono Partnership to Provide Legal Services to Working Poor
03/03/2011Public Service Center’s Broaddus Wins University Student Council Award
02/25/2011The McCorkle Lecture with Judge Michael Boudin: "Friendly, J. Dissenting"
02/21/2011Two Law Students Receive Equal Justice Works Fellowships
02/16/2011U.S. Attorney Heaphy: Public Service Offers Chance to Make Impact
01/20/2011Ross Named Disability Rights Fellow
12/16/2010Students Help Disabled Veteran in Appeal for Benefits
12/10/2010Harris, Roth Receive Skadden and Independence Foundation Fellowships
11/04/2010Adam Heyman: Indigent Defense from Brooklyn to Kathmandu
10/15/2010"Presidential Management Fellows Program Presentation," with Smitha Dante '10
10/15/2010"U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General Corps Presentation," with LCDR Danielle Higson '00
09/21/2010Boluda '12 Awarded Womble Carlyle Scholarship
09/21/2010"Summer Internships and Permanent Positions in Environmental Law," with Michael Walker
09/07/2010"U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims," with James Ridgway '97
07/07/2010Brian Polley ’12: Experiencing National Security Law and Policy
06/24/2010Class of 2010 Graduates Enter Federal Service in Record Numbers
06/16/2010Peggy Nicholson '11: Advocating for Kids Wronged by System
05/05/2010Lee Awarded UVA BLSA’s First Public Service Fellowship
04/29/2010Public Interest Law Association Provides Summer Grants to 85 Students
04/15/2010Napolitano Endorses Public Service Careers for Young Lawyers
04/15/2010Career Opportunities with the Department of State
03/19/2010Students Expand Alternative Spring Break Program, Help Indigent in Five Cities
03/18/2010"U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims," with James Ridgway '97
03/18/2010Students Rack Up Record Pro Bono Hours Over Winter Break
03/15/2010Law and Public Service Program Welcomes First Class of 25
03/03/2010Intersection of Technology, Democracy Influenced Bowen’s Path to California Secretary of State
02/25/2010Napolitano to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/25/2010Transitioning from Law School to Practice, with Jonathan Rusch '80
02/22/2010Bowen to Headline 11th Annual Conference on Public Service and the Law
02/01/2010Sara Wood ’10 Awarded Equal Justice Works Fellowship
01/25/2010Stern ’09 and Crane ’07 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court
01/15/2010Shin Awarded Powell Fellowship
12/18/2009Saltzman ’09 Awarded Skadden Fellowship for Public Service Project
12/14/2009Nicholson ’09 Named Solicitor General’s Office Bristow Fellow
11/18/2009Public Service Auction Nets $50,000
11/14/2009"Life on the Hill," with Rohit Kumar '00
11/12/2009PILA Auction Set For Saturday
10/16/2009Law School Creates Law and Public Service Program
10/14/2009Capitol Hill Offers Great Careers, Connections, Staffers Say
08/28/2009Nonprofit Clinic to Benefit Students, Community
08/26/2009Remembering Sen. Kennedy ’59: Law School Mourns Loss of Exceptional Alum
08/17/2009Class of 2012 Starts Law School with Community Service Project
07/27/2009Daniel Perell '10: Supporting Justice Abroad
07/02/2009Law School Names Caplin, Fairstein Fellows
06/29/2009Law School to Fund Veteran Scholarships Through Yellow Ribbon Program
06/25/2009Summer Jobs: Sara Wood '10 Holds Landlords Accountable in Brooklyn
06/18/2009Summer Work: Allen Abrams '10 on Representing the Government
05/06/2009“The Era of Obama and Its Dangers,” with Richard Cohen '79, President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center
04/29/2009PILA Provides Record $378,000 in Grants
02/17/2009McDonald ’07 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice
02/04/2009Panel: Too Many Wrongful Convictions Point to Flawed Justice System
02/02/2009Alito Endorses Role of Lawyer as Public Servant
01/19/2009U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito to Headline Law School Conference on Public Service

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