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06/12/2017Is Racial Justice Getting Better or Worse? Scholars Explore at Conference
05/05/2017Latest DeWilde Fellows See Others' Rights as Their Responsibility
04/27/2017Professor Mila Versteeg Wins Carnegie Fellowship
04/14/2017Former AG Loretta Lynch Says Lawyers Carry Unique Burden to Pursue Truth
03/20/2017The Future of Affirmative Action After Fisher v. University of Texas
01/31/2017"Seeking Solidarity," With Attiya Latif and Larycia Hawkins
01/27/2017New Pro Bono Clinic to Focus on Civil Rights, Racial Justice
07/14/2016Event Remembers First Black Law Student at UVA, UVA Law
06/17/2016UVA Law Alumna Fights for Fairness in Health Outcomes
03/23/2016"King Making": Brown v. Board of Education and the Rise of a Racial Savior
03/07/2016Black Law Students Association Takes on Projects in South Africa
02/22/2016What Diversity Means to Me
02/16/2016Legal History Book Panel on UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation"
01/26/2016Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation" Uncovers Rapid Revolution in Nation's Laws, Police Power
01/08/2016Civil Rights Litigation, with UVA Law Professor John C. Jeffries Jr.
05/21/2015"Marbury v. Madison," Mock Class with Professor Risa Goluboff
04/03/2015"Defending the Most-Hated Man in America: The Search for the Elusive Truth," with Stephen Jones
03/05/2015"Race Declassified: Post Racial Divisions" with UCLA Law Professor Cheryl Harris
02/27/2015Civil Rights Pioneer Morris Dees Discusses Fight for Racial Justice
01/20/2015Supreme Court Rules Unanimously for Muslim Inmate Represented by Professor Douglas Laycock in Religious Liberty Case
04/10/2014"Perspectives of a Recently Appointed Federal Trial Court Judge" with Robert Shelby '98
02/26/2014"After Windsor," A UVA Law Talk on LGBT Rights Following United States v. Windsor
02/20/2014Affirmative Action Discussion with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui and the Heritage Foundation's Hans von Spakovsky
02/11/2014UVA Law Clinics Help Exonerate Man Convicted of Rape, Ending 7-Year Struggle in Courts
01/27/2014Former Justice of Supreme Court of Va. Gives MLK Talk
11/12/2013"A Constitutional History of the Long 1960s" with Professor Risa Goluboff
11/05/2013"Must Government Ignore Racial Inequality?" with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui
09/16/20132013 Supreme Court Roundup
09/09/2013Ahead of Supreme Court Roundup, Howard Looks Back on Major Decisions of 2012-13 Term
08/12/2013New Policy to Reduce Stiff Drug Sentences Is 'Only a First Step,' UVA Law Professor Says
07/23/2013Bar Exam Standards, 'Misapplication' to Law Schools Offer Obstacles to Minorities Seeking to Become Lawyers, Johnson Says
06/26/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Rulings
06/25/2013Voting Rights Act Decision Effectively Ends 'Preclearance,' UVA Law Professor Says
06/24/2013Ortiz Reacts to Supreme Court's Decision in Employment Discrimination Case
05/15/2013After Challenging Military Ban on Women in Combat, Molly Pitcher Project's Dreams Are Realized
04/05/2013Virginia Law Students Encourage Next Generation of Students, Foster Understanding of Law
03/27/2013Silverstein Receives George N. Lindsay Civil Rights Legal Fellowship, Will Focus on Fair Housing
03/11/2013The Future of the Voting Rights Act: A Discussion About Shelby County v. Holder and What it Means for Virginia
03/08/2013A Conversation with Kim Keenan '87, General Counsel for the NAACP
01/30/2013Symposium to Consider Next Steps in Women in Combat Debate
01/28/2013Southern Poverty Law Center Legal Director Mary Bauer '90 to Discuss Modern Civil Rights Struggle in Honor of MLK Day
01/23/2013Molly Pitcher Project Hails Military's Removal of Ban on Women in Combat
12/17/2012UVA Law Professor's Book Explores Untold Story of Impact of 1866 Civil Rights Act
12/13/2012How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Same-Sex Marriage?
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
12/04/2012UVA Law Professors: Supreme Court Overturning Voting Rights Act Could Make for 'Rocky Ride'
11/27/2012For Workplace Harassment Lawsuits, Court Asks Who Qualifies as a Supervisor in Case Argued by UVA Law Professor
11/26/2012UVA Law Professor to Argue Workplace Harassment Case Before Supreme Court Today
10/19/2012Law School Community Members Sign Pledge to Support Diversity
10/08/2012UVA Law Professors Preview Supreme Court Case Involving Affirmative Action in College Admissions
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Comment on Presidential Campaign
04/16/2012Lambda Deputy Legal Director Hayley Gorenberg Discusses Her Career in Public Service
03/22/2012"Affirmative Action Revisited: Fisher v. University of Texas"
03/14/2012Brown-Nagin's Book on Civil Rights Movement Wins Bancroft Prize
02/22/2012Retired Judge James Benton Jr. '70 Discusses His Life and Practice of Law
02/02/2012UVA Law Alumnus and History Professor Recall Relationships with Martin Luther King Jr.
01/30/2012Professors Paint Martin Luther King Jr. as Bold, Sometimes Reluctant, Law-Breaker
01/24/2012Julian Bond, Michael Cody '61 to Discuss Days Leading Up to King's Assassination
11/14/2011"Pro Bono and Professionalism: Keys to a Winning Career," with Kim Keenan '87, General Counsel, NAACP
11/14/2011"The Value of Diversity on the Bench," with Justice S. Bernard Goodwyn '86, Supreme Court of Virginia
11/14/2011"Justice? Unlikely!" with Justice Cleo Powell, Supreme Court of Virginia
11/14/2011Eliminating LSAT in Law School Admissions Would Not Boost Diversity, Panel Says
10/27/2011Conference to Focus on Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession
10/17/2011Rutherglen on Employees' Rights and Lessons from the History of the 13th Amendment
05/05/2011Professor Tomiko Brown-Nagin on "Courage to Dissent" at UVA Law Alumni Weekend
03/18/2011Panelists Discuss "Courage To Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement"
02/08/2011Brown-Nagin's New Book Focuses on Unsung Civil Rights Lawyers, Activists
01/19/2011Carson: King's Mission Transcended Civil Rights Struggle
01/13/2011J-Term Course Explores Martin Luther King Jr. and the Law
01/11/2011King Biographer, Scholar to Speak at Law School
11/22/2010Controversial Court Decisions Sometimes Create Backlash, Klarman Says
11/16/2010Lawyers Debate Legality of Proposition 8 Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
11/11/2010Szakos, Brown-Nagin Examine Education Inequalities
09/16/2010Johnson Takes Over as Director of Center for Study of Race and Law
02/17/2010African-Americans, Law Schools and the LSAT, with Professor Alex Johnson
02/03/2010SNCC Changed American Politics in Pursuit of Freedom, Bond Says
02/02/2010"50 Years After the Sit-Ins": Rev. Charles Sherrod Delivers Keynote Address
01/27/2010Conference Reflects on 50th Anniversary of Sit-in Movement
01/08/2010Goluboff Wins Order of the Coif Book Award
09/18/2009Why Diversity Matters
09/08/2009Lane '11 Makes Mark Fighting Discrimination Against Arab-American Community
07/09/2009Summer Research: Kyle Smith '11 Examines Fair Bar Exam Cuts, Divorce and Embryos
05/06/2009“The Era of Obama and Its Dangers,” with Richard Cohen '79, President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center
04/24/2009"Yes We Can? Race, Poverty and Progress in America"
03/25/2009Law School Team Wins NBLSA Mock Trial National Championship
07/31/2008Brown-Nagin Workshop: Civil Wrongs Do Not Bring Civil Rights: Civil Disobedience on Trial, 1964-69
07/18/2008Supreme Court CSI: Rutherglen Tracks Down Source of Infamous Error
02/01/2008Civil Rights Leader to Keynote Public Service Conference
11/09/2007Klarman’s New Book Explores Uneven Road of Racial Equality in America
11/06/2007Criminal Sentencing Policies Disproportionately Hurt Black Americans, Mauer Says
09/26/2007Goluboff's Alternative Civil Rights History Reveals Remnants of Jim Crow Laws Today
09/12/2007Lovelace ’06 Rallies New Race and Law Executive Board
07/02/2007Brown-Nagin on the Use of Race in Public Schools
04/25/2007Students Participate in Campaign for Habeas Rights for Detainees
02/06/2007Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to Keynote Public Service Conference
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