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06/16/2017The Last Word, With J. Warren Gorrell Jr. '79
05/22/2017Professor John Duffy on Legal Team That Wins Landmark Supreme Court 'Forum-Shopping' Case
05/15/2017Meet Commonfund CEO and UVA Law Commencement Speaker Catherine M. Keating '87
05/02/2017A Law and Business Exchange Designed to Pay Dividends
04/19/2017The Future of Federal Regulation of Corporate Governance
04/10/2017Witness to a Social Revolution — Through Tax
04/06/2017Law Students Take Home Multiple Awards in International Tax Law Moot
04/05/2017Why UVA Law's Tax Faculty Are Among Nation's Best
03/28/2017Tax Caps on Executive Pay Are Ineffective, Says Professor Michael Doran
02/27/2017Professor Energizes Movement to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns
02/06/2017Seminal Works: Paul Mahoney’s Scholarship Exposes How Securities Law Serves Financial Industry
12/19/2016The Legal Landmarks of 2016
12/16/2016Professor John F. Duffy Helps Bring 'Forum Shopping' Case to Supreme Court
10/31/2016Berin Szoka ’04 Debates Professor Thomas Nachbar on the Effectiveness of Net Neutrality Regulations
10/13/2016Are You Destined to Deal? With Goldman Sachs Managing Director Jim Donovan
09/16/2016Tax Assistance Program Run by UVA Law Students Wins ABA Award
08/11/2016Minding Your Business: 10 Reasons Students Choose the Law & Business Program at UVA Law
08/05/20166 Questions With Professor George Yin
06/23/2016Happy 100th, Mort!
06/16/2016Legal Empiricist, Economist Joshua Fischman Returns to UVA Law Faculty
06/09/2016Alumni Q & A: From Xbox to Pandora, John Donaldson '95 Thrives in an Outside-the-Box Legal Career
05/31/2016Property Law Expert and Legal Historian Maureen Brady to Join Faculty
04/11/2016The Law & Business Program, with Professor Andrew Vollmer
04/08/2016Law Students Help Community Members with Taxes
03/21/2016Student Team Headed to National Transactional Law Moot Court Competition
03/18/2016Law Student Uncovers High Cost of Katrina Jobs While Volunteering on Spring Break
03/09/2016Directors Serving Multiple Corporate Boards Push Trends in Governance, Professors Find
02/10/2016UVA Law Symposium to Explore Weaknesses Within Global Economy
01/25/2016The UVA Law Network in London
01/15/20166 Questions With Professor Margo Bagley, IP Expert
11/24/2015Tax Reform Alternatives for the 21st Century
10/28/2015Professor Margo Bagley Helps Protect Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights on International Stage
09/30/2015Tax Professor and Former Key Congressional Staffer Examines Alleged Taxpayer Privacy Violation
08/12/20156 Questions With Professor Dotan Oliar
07/29/2015UVA Law Students Explore Sports Law as Summer Interns for Professional Baseball, Basketball and Hockey
06/25/2015Professor Ruth Mason Scores Victory for Taxpayers with Influential Supreme Court Amicus
06/04/2015First Amendment Clinic Obtains 18 More of DOJ's Secret Deals with Corporate Offenders
05/18/2015UVA Law's Intellectual Property Program, with Professor John Duffy
04/24/2015Students Get Inside Look at New York Stock Exchange
04/21/2015Alumni Q&A: B. Matthew Hornor ’99 Leads Mineral Exploration Company Around the World
04/20/2015UVA Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Students Help Darden Startups Find Their Footing
04/17/2015Robert Pozen on Corporate Governance
03/23/2015Professor Dotan Oliar, Students' Article Named Among Best of the Year in Intellectual Property
03/18/2015Dean Paul Mahoney's New Book "Wasting a Crisis" Questions Rush to Regulate After Financial Meltdown
03/10/2015Experts to Discuss Tax Issues at Annual Meeting
02/16/2015The World of the Corporate Lawyer: Alums Take Students Through Company Life Cycle
01/29/2015A Super Bowl Connection — And 7 More UVA Law Alums Prominent in Sports
01/23/2015Unique Course Introduces UVA Law Students Firsthand to Israeli Business Law and Innovation
01/16/2015UVA Law to Host Patent Claim Hearing Involving Tech Giants
12/10/2014UVA Law's New Powell Fellow to Help Philadelphia Homeowners Avoid Tax Foreclosure
12/02/2014UVA Law Clinic Argues Elonis v. United States
11/19/2014UVA Law Clinic Brings 'True Threats' Facebook Case to Supreme Court
10/09/2014Brandon Garrett's New Book Exposes the Lenient Deals Prosecutors Make with Corporate Criminals
09/29/2014UVA Law Student Group Teaches Members Smart Investing, Financial Skills
08/14/2014What's It Like to Lead a Global Law Firm? Meet Orientation Speaker Warren Gorrell’79
05/12/2014Quinn Curtis Sheds Light on Costs of 401(k) Retirement Plans
04/25/2014Deal or No Deal: UVA Law Course Simulates High-Stakes International Business Negotiation
04/21/2014Michael Doran, Expert in Tax Policy and Legislative Process, Returns to UVA Law Faculty
03/05/2014Corporate Governance Talk with Former Delaware Chief Justice
03/05/2014UVA Law Professor Margo Bagley Gives Expert IP Assistance to Mozambique Government, Co-Edits New Book on Global Patent Law
02/24/2014UVA Law Symposium to Address Meeting the Needs of Sports and Entertainment Clients
02/17/2014Myron T. Steele ’70, Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Delaware, to Speak at UVA Law Symposium on Corporate Governance
02/10/2014Fashion Law Attorney Staci Riordan Delivers Keynote at VJOLT Symposium
02/03/2014VJOLT Symposium to Examine the Future of Fashion Law
01/21/2014Former SEC Official to Lead UVA Law's Law & Business Program
01/09/2014Tschiderer '12 Receives EJW Fellowship to Help Low-Income Mothers Facing Workplace Discrimination
12/05/2013UVA Law Clinic Sues Justice Department to Make Document Public
11/07/2013'StreamMe' Wins Law School Round of UVA Entrepreneurship Competition
10/16/2013"Legal Innovation and the Progress of Law," with Professor John Duffy
10/15/2013Jefferson Symposium to Examine First Amendment Rights of Corporations
10/14/2013Mildred Robinson Offers Tax Solutions to Stabilize K-12 Education Funding
10/10/2013"What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships," with Jim Donovan
09/27/2013"Corporate Liability in U.S. Courts for Global Actions"
09/19/2013"Can We Handle the Truth?" A Conversation with Journalist Ron Suskind and Lawyer Kurt Wimmer
09/09/2013Ahead of Supreme Court Roundup, Howard Looks Back on Major Decisions of 2012-13 Term
08/29/2013Mason Named National Reporter at Congress of European Association of Tax Law Professors
08/01/2013Bagley Co-Authors Major International Patent Law Casebook
06/24/2013Ortiz Reacts to Supreme Court's Decision in Employment Discrimination Case
06/20/2013Alumni Q&A: Zeisler '01 on Working at a Global Investment Management Firm
06/13/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court Decision in Gene-Patenting Case
05/07/2013Marked by 10 Years of Success, Law & Business Program Named in Honor of Venture Capitalist John Glynn '65
05/03/2013UVA Law Professor Michal Barzuza's Article Named Among Top 10 in Corporate Law
04/24/2013Tax and Economics Expert Andrew Hayashi to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/22/2013International Tax Expert Ruth Mason to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/10/2013Law Students Prepare Record Number of Tax Returns for Charlottesville Families, Students
04/01/2013UVA Law Symposium to Assess 'Game-Changing' Nature of JOBS Act on Businesses, Law
02/28/2013"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: The Future of Financial Regulation" with Ethiopis Tafara
02/20/2013It's Real, But Is It Right? UVA Law Professor Creates Medical Ethics Code for Israeli Reality TV Shows
02/19/2013Businesses That Incorporate in Nevada Face Little Liability, Barzuza's Research Shows
02/14/2013Darden's Chaplinsky Brings B-School Expertise in Private Equity to Law Students
02/08/2013Symposium to Explore Global Financial Innovation in Wake of 2008 Economic Crisis
01/14/2013How Would You Advise a Startup? Students Find Out in New J-Term Course
01/07/2013O'Connell, 'Giant' of Insurance Law Reform and Longtime UVA Law Professor, Passes Away
01/02/2013'Fiscal Cliff' Compromise Is a Bad Deal, UVA Law Tax Policy Expert Says
12/10/2012UVA Clinic Argues Before Federal Appeals Court to Release Information Relating to Financial Meltdown
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/19/2012'Too Big to Jail?' A Student Scholarly Lunch with Professor Brandon Garrett
11/01/2012Judge Paul Michel '66 on the U.S. Patent System
10/19/2012UVA Law Conference Will Examine Impact of Special Interests on U.S. Intellectual Property Laws
10/10/2012Jeffries Makes Case for Reforming Constitutional Torts
09/28/2012"The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation," with Professor Chris Sprigman
09/06/2012Morley Named New Director of Law & Business Program
09/04/2012UVA Law Clinic Will Give Startup Companies at Darden a Legal Leg Up
08/13/2012Are Facebook 'Likes' Protected by the First Amendment?
08/06/2012Knockoffs Can Spark Innovation, Boost Economy, UVA Law Professor's Book Argues
07/09/2012Supreme Court to Hear Workplace Harassment Case from University of Virginia Law School Clinic
07/06/2012First Amendment Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law
06/15/2012"Gifts as Potentially Taxable Income," Inside the Classroom with Professor George Yin
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Comment on Presidential Campaign
05/30/2012Faculty Q&A: Kendrick Defines Pattern for Supreme Court's First Amendment Jurisprudence
05/10/2012O'Connell, a Pioneer of Insurance Law, Retires from Law School
05/08/2012Dooley, a 'Master of Corporate Law,' Retires from Virginia Law After Four Decades
04/18/2012Judge Grants UVA Law School Clinic's Motion to Release AIG Corporate Monitor Reports
04/05/2012Law School to Host Debate on Pirating Copyrighted Material
03/28/2012UVA School of Law Conference to Focus on Business of Health Care
03/20/2012NFL Players Association Chief Calls for Better Treatment of Athletes
02/20/2012Alumni Q&A: Unsal LL.M. '03 Leads Google's Legal Team in Turkey
01/25/2012Tax Expert, Professor George Yin Assesses State of Obama's Tax Proposals
01/10/2012Is It Legal? The FCC's Authority to Regulate Broadcast Indecency
01/03/2012Faculty Q&A: George Cohen on the Financial Meltdown and the 'Forgotten' Law of Contracts
12/14/2011Media Advisory: UVA Law Professor Available to Discuss Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)
11/28/2011Greater Disclosure Would Boost Political Speech, Gilbert Says
11/21/2011"What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships," with Adjunct Professor Jim Donovan, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs
11/09/2011Law Students Aid Migrant Workers Who Bring in Central Virginia's Harvest
11/01/2011Anonymity in Journalism Examined at Inaugural Thomas Jefferson Symposium
10/19/2011Ross Commits Wisdom on Ethics, How to Avoid 'Club Fed' to New Book
10/18/2011Inaugural Jefferson Symposium Will Focus on Free Speech, Campaign Gift Law
10/17/2011Rutherglen on Employees' Rights and Lessons from the History of the 13th Amendment
10/06/2011Faculty Q&A: Bagley Focuses on Law Behind Keeping Drug Patents Profitable
10/06/2011Laycock Argues Hosanna-Tabor Before Supreme Court (Transcript, Summary of Media Coverage)
09/30/2011Laycock to Argue Religious Employment Discrimination Case Before U.S. Supreme Court
09/28/2011"Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Curbing Class Action Abuse or Slashing Workers' Rights?"
09/23/2011Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Curbing Class Action Abuse or Slashing Workers' Rights?
09/16/20112011 Supreme Court Roundup, with Professors A. E. Dick Howard, Leslie Kendrick, Toby Heytens, David Martin and George Rutherglen
09/12/2011Virginia Law Students Get Rare Front-Row Seat to Federal Appellate Process
08/18/2011Alumni Q&A with Orientation Speaker Deborah Platt Majoras '89, Chief Legal Officer of Procter & Gamble
08/10/2011Yin Participates in Symposium on Chinese Income Tax Reform
07/18/2011Graves '06 Keeps Employers on Track, Stays Involved in Pro Bono
07/07/2011Mahoney Attends Law School Dean Summit with Chinese Educators
06/30/2011Alumni Q&A: Thomas Byrne ’84 on Pioneering in Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Law
06/20/2011Supreme Court Justices Cite UVA Law Professors in Wal-Mart Decision
05/26/2011Professor Ethan Yale's Tax Law Scholarship Earns Faculty Award
04/04/2011Duffy to Join Law School, Strengthen IP Faculty
02/28/2011Expert Panel: High Executive Pay Ethically Problematic in Poor Economy
02/17/2011Leading Law and Business Experts to Discuss Corporate Responsibility at Symposium
10/20/2010Cook Wins State Bar IP Law Writing Award
09/24/2010Billionaire Alum Talks to Students About Nontraditional Careers
07/02/2010Faculty Q&A: Barzuza Examines Why Businesses Choose Nevada
06/30/2010Meghann Morrill '12: Taxes, Mediation and Targeting the Olympics
04/30/2010Four Virginia Law Professors Will Present at American Law and Economics Association Meeting
04/22/2010“Foreign Direct Investment: Navigating Chinese Law and Policy,” with Nestor Gounaris ’01
04/09/2010"Current Trends in Angel and Venture Financing"
03/30/2010Symposium to Focus on Future of Private Equity
11/24/2009Alumni Survey Reveals Legal Market in Flux
11/17/2009Coppola, Dockery Win Semifinal Round of UVA Business Competition with 'Petrohedge'
11/04/2009Fisher Outlines Case for Distributed Creativity
10/20/2009Post: U.S. Copyright Law Needs a Reboot
09/28/2009Former NFL Commissioner: Students Should Prepare for Global Marketplace
07/02/2009Summer Jobs: Melinda Hightower '11 Looks at Employment Law Litigation from the Inside
06/22/2009Summer Research: Christopher Dass '11 on Avoiding the Next Global Financial Crisis
06/18/2009Summer Work: Allen Abrams '10 on Representing the Government
06/04/2009Summer Research: Kristyn Medina '11 Takes on Tax Shelters
04/06/2009Nachbar and Robinson Co-author Communications Regulation Casebook
03/30/2009Yin Urges Congress to Let Bush Tax Cuts Lapse, Address Costs of Entitlement Programs
03/19/2009Innocence Project Founders Neufeld and Scheck to Receive Jefferson Medal in Law
02/20/2009Patent Injunctions Should Be Eliminated, Ravicher Says
02/19/2009Experts Explore Global Credit Crisis Causes, Cures
02/16/2009Experts to Explore Copyright at a Crossroads
02/09/2009Law & Business Conference Focuses on U.S. Role in Global Credit Crisis
12/10/2008To Catch a (Joke) Thief: UVA Law Professors Study Intellectual Property Norms in Stand-up Comedy
10/28/2008Monsanto Exec Offers Tips on Working as Outside Counsel
10/03/2008Intellectual Property Deserves Protection, Merges Says
09/23/2008Virginia Law Review to Host Conference on Securities and Exchange Commission's 75th Anniversary
08/22/2008Early Offers Program Would Improve Tort System, According to New Book
06/16/2008Abraham Authors Book on History of Torts, Insurance
06/03/2008Bagley Workshop: First to File or First to Invent?
06/03/2008O'Connell Outlines 'Early Offer' Reform Plan for Injury Claims Against Businesses
05/23/2008Abraham Workshop: Why Parties in a Civil Suit Couldn't Testify
05/14/2008Kendrick ’06 Brings Supreme Court Experience to the Classroom
05/05/2008Business Law Professor to Join Law School Faculty
04/03/2008Subprime Mortgages: A Good Thing?
03/11/2008Garrett Testifies Before Congress on Improving Corporate Fraud Monitoring
02/15/2008National Security Measures Should Be Debated on New Terms, Chandler Says
02/11/2008Law and Business Symposium to Focus on Lagging U.S. Markets
02/05/2008Symposium to Explore Information Privacy
01/30/2008Cohen Lodges Antitrust Complaint on Vioxx Settlement
10/10/2007Law School Clinches First, Second, Third in Elder Law Writing Competition
10/09/2007Law School to Host Entrepreneurial Boot Camp
04/17/2007Business Law, Bankruptcy Expert Rich Hynes Joins Law School
04/11/2007U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Working to Improve System, Pinkos Says
04/04/2007Chen’s Study of Generic Drug Market Wins ABA Student Writing Award
02/26/2007Kingdon ’98 Named Director of Virginia Law & Business Program
02/08/2007Experts Explore Sports, Entertainment Property Rights in Digital Age
02/06/2007Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to Keynote Public Service Conference
02/06/2007Symposium To Examine Effect of Institutional Investors on Corporate Governance
01/24/2007Students Win Second Place in ABA Tax Competition
01/19/2007Medical Malpractice Reform Plan Pays Off for Victims and Health Care Providers
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