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06/05/2017'Go-To Resource' for Researching Corporate Prosecution Just Got More Powerful
04/10/2017Tim Heaphy '91 on Victims and the Criminal Justice System
04/05/2017Judge Jacqueline Talevi Discusses Her Innovative Mental Health Docket
03/24/2017New Evidence Bolsters 2 Habeas Petitions Filed by Innocence Project at UVA Law
03/22/2017Symposium Will Tackle Issues of Criminal Justice and Mental Illness
02/10/2017UVA Law to Share in $1.4 Million Grant to Improve Eyewitness IDs
02/02/2017Reducing Arrests May Be Answer to Safer Policing, Says Professor Rachel Harmon
01/30/2017C'ville's Former Top Cop Teaches Timely Short Course on Use of Force
01/18/2017Dean Strang '85 Says Truthful, Meaningful Stories Persuade Courts
01/11/2017Not a Crash Course: January Term Classes Foster Interest in Specialized Topics
12/28/2016Alumni Q&A: Mike Hollander '08 on His Career in Public Service — and the 'Expungement Generator'
12/27/2016UVA Law's Top Stories of 2016
12/21/2016'Doing Time' With Enduring Criminal Law Lecturer Bob Weinberg
12/19/2016The Legal Landmarks of 2016
11/10/2016Understanding Incarceration to Make Better Lawyers
10/31/2016Faculty Q&A: Professor Brandon Garrett Wants to Shore Up Science Used in Courts
09/27/2016Scholars Discuss Professor Darryl Brown's Book 'Free Market Criminal Justice'
09/22/2016Professor Kimberly Ferzan’s Book Celebrates Law and Philosophy Legend
07/27/2016Criminal Law Faculty Help Shape National Conversation on Justice
06/28/2016Revamped DNA Exonerations Database Has Answers for Lawyers With Questions
06/02/2016Making a Case for Justice: Q&A With Dean Strang '85
04/14/2016UVA Jefferson Medalist John Gleeson '80 Calls for Sentencing Reform
03/24/2016'Making a Murderer' Attorney Dean Strang '85 Turns Spotlight on Problems in Criminal Justice System
03/17/2016Dean Strang '85 of 'Making a Murderer' to Speak at UVA Law
02/23/2016Judge Agrees to Test DNA Evidence UVA Law Innocence Project Discovered
02/12/2016Professor's Book Analyzes How Psychology Influences Evidence Law
02/12/2016Virginia Journal of Criminal Law Symposium to Focus on White-Collar Criminal Litigation
02/10/20167 UVA Law Candidates Tapped for DOJ Honors Program
02/01/2016Defending Bowe Bergdahl
01/13/2016Law and Free Market Concepts Intertwine in U.S. Criminal Justice, Professor Darryl Brown Finds in New Book
10/19/2015Improved Lawyering Behind Virginia's Vanishing Death Penalty, Says UVA Law Professor's Study
10/12/2015As Congress Considers Sentencing Reform, Professor John Monahan Examines Risk's Role
10/05/2015UVA Law Launches Effort to Improve Forensics Analysis as Part of New National Center
10/02/2015Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Boutros '01, 'Silk Road' Prosecutor, Reflects on Career Path
06/04/2015First Amendment Clinic Obtains 18 More of DOJ's Secret Deals with Corporate Offenders
05/21/2015Deirdre Enright Discusses UVA Law Innocence Project
05/20/2015Innocence Project Clinic Helps Change State Law on Exculpatory Evidence
04/08/2015Inaugural McCurdy Fellow Finds Research on Cars, Fourth Amendment Her Vehicle to UVA Law Mentoring Opportunity
04/03/2015"Defending the Most-Hated Man in America: The Search for the Elusive Truth," with Stephen Jones
03/19/2015"Nelson Mandela as a Statesman," with Richard Goldstone
03/09/2015"Serial" and UVA Law's Innocence Project
03/02/2015"Excutive Amnesty" with UVA Law Professors David Martin and John Harrison
02/18/2015Judge Rakoff to Speak at UVA Law Criminal Journal Symposium on Sentencing
12/22/2014UVA Law Innocence Project to File Motion for DNA Testing in 'Serial' Murder Case, Keep Investigating
12/08/2014Through 'Street Law,' UVA Law Students Take Classroom Lessons to Area High Schools
11/20/2014Inside a 'Serial' Addiction: Hit Podcast Features Legal Footwork of UVA Law's Innocence Project
10/13/2014Holt v. Hobbs: UVA Law Professor Douglas Layock Talks About Arguing the Case
10/03/2014Student Pro Bono Clinic Investigates Claims of False Conviction
09/29/2014UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock to Argue for Inmate's Religious Beliefs in U.S. Supreme Court
09/09/2014Josh Bowers on Policing, Common Sense and the Constitution
04/23/2014Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, Criminal Law Theorist, to Join UVA Law Faculty
03/12/2014Innocence Project's Nina Morrison Discusses Michael Morton Case at UVA Criminal Law Symposium
02/21/2014UVA Law Symposium to Examine Criminal Discovery Rules and Practices in Virginia
02/20/2014Five UVA Law Students Travel to Liberia on BLSA Service Trip to Fight Human Trafficking
02/17/2014Linda Fairstein '72 speaks on her career as a prosecutor and author
02/11/2014UVA Law Clinics Help Exonerate Man Convicted of Rape, Ending 7-Year Struggle in Courts
01/30/2014Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States of America: Domestic Violence Survivor Discusses Her Landmark Human Rights Case
01/06/2014Talukder '14 Receives EJW Fellowship to Help Immigrant Survivors of Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence
10/23/2013Called to Serve: Adam Gordon '08 on Prosecuting Criminals in San Diego
10/21/2013"Punishment and the Adolescent Brain," with Laurence Steinberg
10/08/2013UVA Law Clinic Hosts Conference to Mark 15 Years of Fighting for Children in Virginia
10/07/2013Leading Expert to Discuss Role of Developmental Science in Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions on Juveniles
08/26/2013Va. Law Enforcement Agencies Fail to Improve Eyewitness ID Policies, UVA Law Professor Finds
08/12/2013New Policy to Reduce Stiff Drug Sentences Is 'Only a First Step,' UVA Law Professor Says
07/25/2013Facing Large Prison Populations, States Turn Back to Considering Risk of Recidivism, Monahan Says
07/19/2013Pursuing Justice for Juveniles: The Child Advocacy Clinic at UVA Law
06/27/2013UVA Law Professors to Discuss Wrongful Convictions, Death Penalty at United Nations
05/30/2013UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Co-Authors First Comprehensive Casebook on Habeas Corpus
05/29/2013Supreme Court to Hear Federal Gun Law Case from UVA Law School Clinic
04/15/2013FBI Director and Jefferson Medal Recipient Robert Mueller '73 Reflects on Bureau's Transformation After 9/11
04/10/2013"Eyewitness Memory and the Social Science Research" with Jennifer Dysart
03/29/2013UVA Law Symposium Aims to Improve Police Eyewitness ID Procedures in Virginia
03/29/2013Over Spring Break, UVA Law Students Assist Low-Income Clients, Immigrants
03/05/2013FBI Director Robert Mueller to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/22/2013"Democracy and Markets in Criminal Adjudication" with Professor Darryl Brown
02/01/2013"Defending Sen. Stevens: Fairness in Prosecuting the Law," with Robert Cary '90
01/29/2013UVA Professor Richard Bonnie Meets with Vice President Biden, Federal Officials on Gun Violence
01/25/2013UVA Law Professor Richard Bonnie Testifies Before Sandy Hook Panel
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/19/2012'Too Big to Jail?' A Student Scholarly Lunch with Professor Brandon Garrett
11/13/2012Juvenile Justice System Must Be Overhauled, Says Report Led by UVA Law Professor
11/01/2012Former Supreme Court Clerks Teach Course on Pending Fourth Amendment Case
09/25/2012At Annual Supreme Court Roundup, UVA Law Professors Explain Health Care, Immigration Decisions
09/14/2012Judge Overturns Robbery Conviction of UVA Law Innocence Clinic Client Facing Deportation
08/16/2012Federal Appeals Court Upholds Reversal of Wolfe's Death Sentence
07/20/2012Richard Bonnie on the Need for a Constitutional Right to the Insanity Defense
06/20/2012UVA Law Student Has Rare Opportunity to Prosecute, Win Felony Jury Trial
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Clinic Client Feels 'Vindicated' as Virginia Supreme Court Clears His Name
05/31/2012A Murder is Solved and a Man Avoids Death, Thanks to Unusual Deal Brokered by Clinic Professors
05/24/2012Virginia Supreme Court Exonerates Law School Clinic Client of 1978 Rape
05/23/2012Garrett Helps Overhaul Virginia's Model Policy for Police Line-ups, Eyewitness Identification
04/24/2012UVA Law Clinic Wins Young Clients Early Release from Juvenile Prison
04/11/2012Judge Known for Federal Sentencing Reforms Says More Progress Needed
04/04/2012Should Authorities Be Allowed to Strip Search Anyone Who Is Arrested?
04/02/2012"The Criminal Procedure Revolution," Inside the Classroom with Professor Risa Goluboff
03/26/2012Brown: Supreme Court Recognizes Key Role of Plea Bargaining in Criminal Justice System
03/26/2012U.S. Missed Number of Warning Signs in Anthrax Attacks, Investigation, Panel Says
03/13/2012Anthrax Panel Experts, Author Will Discuss Findings at UVA Law School
03/12/2012Dog Day at the Law School: Local K-9 Unit Demonstrates Tactics for Students
03/02/2012Virginia Supreme Court Hands Victory to Wrongfully Convicted Man Aided by UVA Law Clinics
02/29/2012Innocence Project Clinic Seeks to Help Exonerate 'Culpeper Three' of 1996 Murder
02/06/2012DNA Excludes UVA Innocence Project Clinic Client Convicted of 1978 Rape
01/13/2012Virginia's High Court Hears Appeal by Innocent UVA Law Clinic Client
12/15/2011Financial Abuse of Elderly Underreported, Study by Professor Shows
12/09/2011In Light of Innocent Client's Ordeal, Clinic Professors Urge Crime Commission to Reform Sex Offender Registry
12/05/2011Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/30/2011Students Team Up with JustChildren, Law Firm to Help Juveniles Convicted of Adult Crimes
11/15/2011Professors Can Discuss Child Abuse Reporting Laws
11/07/2011Garrett: Supreme Court Unlikely to Solve Problems with Unreliability of Eyewitness Identification
10/24/2011'West Memphis Three' Lawyer to Teach Short Course at Law School
09/09/2011Kendler: Genes, Behavior Intertwine in Mental, Addictive Disorders
09/01/2011Judge Overturns Drug, Firearm Convictions of UVA Innocence Project Client
08/25/2011Monahan, Garrett Cited in 'Landmark' Opinion on Eyewitness ID
08/16/2011UVA Law Innocence Project, Child Advocacy Clinics Fight to Clear Teen Convicted of Rape
07/25/2011Faculty Q&A: Garrett Investigates Increase in Prosecutions of Foreign Corporate Crime
07/13/2011Death Sentence, Conviction of Innocence Project Clinic Client Overturned
07/07/2011Alumni Q&A: Jasmine Yoon '06 Brings Financial Criminals to Justice
04/12/2011Faculty Q&A: Bowers Examines Life Without Parole — The New Death Penalty?
04/08/2011Markel Discusses Morality of Criminal Law at Journal Symposium
04/06/2011Markel to Discuss Morality of Criminal Law at Journal Symposium
03/22/2011Garrett’s Book Explores Reasons Behind Wrongful Convictions
09/29/2010Students Learn From Work on Death Penalty Case
07/16/2010Faculty Q&A: Brown Explores Overcriminalization in the Justice System
03/29/2010Students Launch New Criminal Law Journal
03/25/2010"Commonsense Discretion" with Professor Josh Bowers
02/02/2010Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Clinic Case
02/01/2010Author John Grisham Discusses Innocence Cases
09/24/2009Exoneree Beverly Monroe: Wrongly Convicted of Murder
07/06/2009Summer Research: Rebecca Martin '11 and Elizabeth Tedford '11 Search for Innocence in Trial Transcripts
05/06/2009“The Era of Obama and Its Dangers,” with Richard Cohen '79, President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center
04/13/2009Schauer: Judge and Jury or Lie Detector?
03/19/2009Innocence Project Founders Neufeld and Scheck to Receive Jefferson Medal in Law
02/04/2009Panel: Too Many Wrongful Convictions Point to Flawed Justice System
05/19/2008Criminal Law Scholar Bowers to Join Law Faculty
02/01/2008Civil Rights Leader to Keynote Public Service Conference
11/13/2007Humane Society Lawyers Fight Culture of Cruelty, Government Bureaucracy
11/06/2007Criminal Sentencing Policies Disproportionately Hurt Black Americans, Mauer Says
07/23/2007Garrett’s Study of First 200 Post-Conviction DNA Exonerations Shows Flawed Criminal System
05/07/2007Criminal Law Expert Darryl Brown Joins Law Faculty
04/05/2007Madden, Scott Win Lile Moot Court Competition
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