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05/10/2017Environmental Clinic Students Tackle Timely Topics
03/31/2017Michael Livermore Explains UVA Law’s Environmental Law Program
02/22/2017Law Students Research Legal Path to Recreating Historic Trail
01/04/2017Professor Jon Cannon Named to Board of Prestigious Environmental Law Institute
11/21/2016"Environmental Justice, Again" with Jed Purdy
11/09/2016West Virginia Solicitor General Elbert Lin and Andres Restrepo of the Sierra Club Debate EPA Guidelines
11/07/2016Volkswagen and the Future of Industry Compliance
10/21/2016Katie Redford '95 Discusses Current Trends in Human Rights and Environmental Justice Lawyering
10/17/2016Environmental Crimes Symposium Will Explore High-Profile Compliance Cases
10/12/2016Professor Jonathan Cannon Discusses Recent Environmental Supreme Court Cases
07/06/2016Professors Michael Livermore, Caleb Nelson Honored by Academic Peers for Their Scholarship
06/22/2016Alumnus Cale Jaffe '01 to Join Faculty, Direct Environmental and Regulatory Law Clinic
05/31/2016Property Law Expert and Legal Historian Maureen Brady to Join Faculty
04/14/2016Environmental Law Clinic Puts Student on Front Line of Virginia Uranium Mining Battle
11/03/2015Federal EPA Official Michael Shapiro on Water Quality, Water Rights
10/22/2015Virginia Environmental Law Journal Symposium to Focus on Water Rights
04/15/2015Professor's Book Looks at Environmental Movement Through Supreme Court Decisions
02/02/2015Professor's Research Raises Questions Concerning Impact of Offshore Drilling Plan
11/07/2014"Real Options, Natural Resources and Offshore Oil" with Professor Michael Livermore
10/31/2014Environmental Protection Agency's Avi Garbow delivers keynote at Virginia Environmental Law Journal Symposium
10/20/2014Conference Will Cast Light on Intersection of Endangered Species, Pesticides
10/06/2014Kathryn Fuller to Give Inaugural Lillian Stone Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Policy on Oct. 20
06/03/2014UVA Law Professor Available to Comment on Groundbreaking EPA Rule Cutting Carbon Emissions
10/16/2013"The Promise and Limits of Presidential Action on Climate Change," with Robert Sussman
10/09/2013Livermore: Misreading of Supreme Court Is Leading to Inefficient Environmental Regulations
10/03/2013UVA Law Symposium: Can the President Make a Difference on Climate Change?
09/27/2013"Corporate Liability in U.S. Courts for Global Actions"
05/02/2013Livermore Brings New Perspective on Cost-Benefit Analysis in Policymaking to UVA Law
03/08/2013Endangered No More? Experts at UVA-Led Conference Look at Improving Conservation Efforts When Animal Species Rebound
05/01/2012Law Students Play Key Role in Partnership Between National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, University of Virginia
03/01/2012"Mapping America's Energy Future: Navigating the Obstacles and Opportunities for Domestic Energy, Part One"
12/13/2011UVA, Law School Partner with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in New Environmental Conservation Program
10/28/2011Tackling Climate Change Necessary, Despite Tough Economic Times, Browner Says
10/24/2011Former Energy and Climate Change Adviser, EPA Administrator to Speak at Law School
10/15/2010Professors Debate Climate Change Science, Policy
05/20/2010Thompson '10 to Work for National Forest Service as Presidential Management Fellow
02/15/2010Climate Regulation Begins at the State Level, Speakers Say
02/09/2010Supreme Court Favors Weak Form of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Cases, Cannon Says
02/08/2010Symposium to Focus on Economic Impact of Climate Change Legislation
11/23/2009International Climate Change Agreements Lack Meaningful Enforcement, Cannon Says
10/21/2009White Makes Case for Federal Authority in Energy Policy
08/25/2009Cannon Appointed to National Academy of Sciences’ Climate Change Committee
02/23/2009Cannon Selected for No. 2 Position at Environmental Protection Agency
11/18/2008Cannon, Martin Named to Obama Transition Team
10/30/2008Scholar: Government Should Revise Approach to Environmental Regulation
10/27/2008Symposium to Examine "Green Building"
02/26/2008Future Bright for Environmental Lawyers, Panel Says
02/01/2008Civil Rights Leader to Keynote Public Service Conference
11/09/2007Speakers Explore Environmental Pressures of Land Development in Virginia
10/25/2007VELJ to Host Fall Symposium “Condemning Open Space”
08/13/2007Cannon Teams Up with Former Student on Book About Reclaiming Toxic Waste Sites
05/17/2007Redesigned Environmental Law Clinic Offers Students Hands-on Experience
04/20/2007Cannon Vindicated by Supreme Court
03/14/2007Law School to Host Symposium Exploring Global Climate Change
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