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03/25/2015King v. Burwell and the future of Obamacare
03/23/2015Professor Dotan Oliar, Students' Article Named Among Best of the Year in Intellectual Property
03/19/2015"Nelson Mandela as a Statesman," with Richard Goldstone
03/18/2015Dean Paul Mahoney's New Book "Wasting a Crisis" Questions Rush to Regulate After Financial Meltdown
03/09/2015"Serial" and UVA Law's Innocence Project
02/16/2015The World of the Corporate Lawyer: Alums Take Students Through Company Life Cycle
01/30/2015Professor Josh Bowers Talks About Writing Process and His Paper, "Legality and Rough Justice"
01/27/2015Threat of Sanctions Proves Critical to "Force of Law" in UVA Law Professor Frederick Schauer's New Book
01/22/2015Professor Brandon Garrett's Work Cited in Overhaul of Massachusetts Jury Instructions on Eyewitness Evidence
01/20/2015Supreme Court Rules Unanimously for Muslim Inmate Represented by Professor Douglas Laycock in Religious Liberty Case
12/19/2014Need Holiday Reading Ideas? UVA Law Faculty, Staff Name Their Book Picks
12/17/2014Alumnus Joe Fore '11 Joins UVA Law Legal Research and Writing Program Faculty
12/02/2014UVA Law Clinic Argues Elonis v. United States
11/20/2014Inside a 'Serial' Addiction: Hit Podcast Features Legal Footwork of UVA Law's Innocence Project
11/17/2014The Law of Pre-emptive Strikes: Q&A with Professor Ashley Deeks
11/13/2014"Reflections on 50 Years at UVA Law" with A. E. Dick Howard
11/12/2014Outside of Class, the Conversation Is Just Starting: Students Connect with Faculty During Dinner Series
11/10/2014"Marriage and Family Law: A Decade of Change" with UVA Law Professor Kerry Abrams
11/07/2014"Real Options, Natural Resources and Offshore Oil" with Professor Michael Livermore
11/03/2014UVA Law Professor Leads Effort Urging Support for Young Adults
10/29/2014New Alvarez-Coughlin Award Recognizes LGBT Supporters at UVA Law and Beyond
10/17/2014Symposium to Explore Solutions to Immigration Enforcement
10/13/2014Holt v. Hobbs: UVA Law Professor Douglas Layock Talks About Arguing the Case
10/09/2014Brandon Garrett's New Book Exposes the Lenient Deals Prosecutors Make with Corporate Criminals
10/01/20142014 Supreme Court Roundup
09/17/2014Former New York Times Journalist Will Help UVA Law Students Shape Public Opinion
09/09/2014Josh Bowers on Policing, Common Sense and the Constitution
08/25/2014"Case Analysis and Briefing," with Professors Molly Shadel and Anne Coughlin
07/15/2014Sarah Davies Joins UVA Law as Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
06/30/2014Professors React to Key U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
06/04/2014From Hobby Lobby to Aereo, UVA Law Experts Available for Comment on Supreme Court Decisions
06/03/2014UVA Law Professor Available to Comment on Groundbreaking EPA Rule Cutting Carbon Emissions
05/23/2014First Amendment Scholar Leslie Kendrick Wins UVA Law's McFarland Prize
05/01/2014Peter Low, UVA Law Professor and Former Provost, to Retire This Month After 50 Years
04/24/2014Greg Mitchell Wins UVA All-University Teaching Award
04/23/2014Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, Criminal Law Theorist, to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/22/2014"Can Cities Govern?" Chair Lecture with Professor Richard C. Schragger
04/21/2014Michael Doran, Expert in Tax Policy and Legislative Process, Returns to UVA Law Faculty
04/16/2014A. Benjamin Spencer, Expert in Civil Procedure and Jurisdiction, to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/02/2014'American Constitutional Exceptionalism Revisited': A Q&A with Mila Versteeg
02/06/2014UVA Law Professor Kerry Abrams Named Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
01/21/2014Former SEC Official to Lead UVA Law's Law & Business Program
01/13/2014Former State Department Adviser to Share Insights on Afghanistan in J-Term Course on Rule of Law
12/27/2013The Story of UVA Law in 2013
12/18/2013Report Reveals New Data on Access to Mental Health Crisis Care in Virginia
12/09/2013What's on Your Holiday Reading List? UVA Law Faculty, Administrators Share Book Picks
12/04/2013Law Professors Discuss How They Write Exams — And How Students Can Excel at Them
11/26/2013"Town of Greece v. Galloway" with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
11/21/201350 Years at UVA: Professors Howard and Low Look Back at Evolution of Law School
11/12/2013"A Constitutional History of the Long 1960s" with Professor Risa Goluboff
11/06/2013ABA Recognizes John Norton Moore with Highest Honor in National Security Law
11/05/2013"Must Government Ignore Racial Inequality?" with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui
11/04/2013UVA Law's Laycock to Argue Town of Greece Prayer Case Before Supreme Court
10/18/2013Professors Circle Globe to Bring International Insights to UVA Law
10/16/2013"Legal Innovation and the Progress of Law," with Professor John Duffy
10/16/2013Interdisciplinary UVA Symposium to Mark 100th Anniversary of Beard's 'An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution'
10/15/2013Jefferson Symposium to Examine First Amendment Rights of Corporations
10/14/2013Mildred Robinson Offers Tax Solutions to Stabilize K-12 Education Funding
10/10/2013"What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships," with Jim Donovan
10/09/2013Livermore: Misreading of Supreme Court Is Leading to Inefficient Environmental Regulations
10/04/2013Poor Left Uninsured in Face of Uncertain Future Funding of Health Law, Professor Says
10/02/2013In Light of McCutcheon, UVA Law Professor Questions Whether Disclosure Deters Political Corruption
10/01/2013"Democracy as Consumption," with Professor Dan Ortiz
09/30/2013Law Professor, Associate Dean Receive University of Virginia's Highest Honors
09/27/2013"Corporate Liability in U.S. Courts for Global Actions"
09/25/2013Richard Bonnie on Gun Control, Mental Health Policies in Aftermath of Deadly Shootings
09/16/20132013 Supreme Court Roundup
09/12/2013Visiting Professors Unpack Knowledge in Diverse Courses
09/10/2013Laycock Receives Traynor Award for Faculty Achievement
09/09/2013Ahead of Supreme Court Roundup, Howard Looks Back on Major Decisions of 2012-13 Term
08/29/2013Mason Named National Reporter at Congress of European Association of Tax Law Professors
08/26/2013Va. Law Enforcement Agencies Fail to Improve Eyewitness ID Policies, UVA Law Professor Finds
08/05/2013We Took the Bar Exam, and These Are the UVA Law Classes That Helped Most
08/01/2013Bagley Co-Authors Major International Patent Law Casebook
07/25/2013Facing Large Prison Populations, States Turn Back to Considering Risk of Recidivism, Monahan Says
07/23/2013Bar Exam Standards, 'Misapplication' to Law Schools Offer Obstacles to Minorities Seeking to Become Lawyers, Johnson Says
07/19/2013Pursuing Justice for Juveniles: The Child Advocacy Clinic at UVA Law
07/08/2013UVA Law Professor Paul Stephan Teaches International Civil Litigation Course in China
06/27/2013UVA Law Professors to Discuss Wrongful Convictions, Death Penalty at United Nations
06/26/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Rulings
06/26/2013University of Virginia Reappoints Dean Paul Mahoney
06/25/2013Voting Rights Act Decision Effectively Ends 'Preclearance,' UVA Law Professor Says
06/24/2013Ortiz Reacts to Supreme Court's Decision in Employment Discrimination Case
06/18/2013Experts on National Security Law Convene at UVA Law to Discuss Drones, Cyber Threats, Terrorism
06/14/2013"How Constitutional Ideas Travel" with Professor A.E. Dick Howard
06/13/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court Decision in Gene-Patenting Case
06/11/2013Reimagining UVA
06/10/2013UVA Law Professor Named Dean of Harvard Education School
06/06/2013Schwartzman Wins McFarland Prize for Outstanding Scholarship
06/03/2013From Cyber Threats to Drone Killings, Experts Convene at UVA Law to Discuss National Security Law
05/30/2013UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Co-Authors First Comprehensive Casebook on Habeas Corpus
05/29/2013Supreme Court to Hear Federal Gun Law Case from UVA Law School Clinic
05/21/2013Nelson '68 Urges Class of 2013 to Strive to Always Act Ethically in Careers
05/15/2013After Challenging Military Ban on Women in Combat, Molly Pitcher Project's Dreams Are Realized
05/03/2013UVA Law Professor Michal Barzuza's Article Named Among Top 10 in Corporate Law
05/02/2013Livermore Brings New Perspective on Cost-Benefit Analysis in Policymaking to UVA Law
04/24/2013Tax and Economics Expert Andrew Hayashi to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/22/2013International Tax Expert Ruth Mason to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/18/2013A Discussion of Lawrence v. Texas with Professor Daniel Ortiz
04/17/201326th Sokol Colloquium Will Explore Implications of Foreign Judgments
04/16/2013UVA Law Professor Caleb Nelson Delivers Charge to the Class of 2013
04/09/2013"Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars," with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
04/09/2013Michael Collins Wins UVA All-University Teaching Award
04/03/2013Law School Hires 'West Memphis Three' Attorney to Lead Newly Expanded Appellate Litigation Clinic
03/29/2013UVA Law Symposium Aims to Improve Police Eyewitness ID Procedures in Virginia
03/22/2013Nations Negotiating Permission to Use Force Abroad Should Take Greater Care, Deeks Argues
03/14/2013Nation's Leading Scholars in Genetics, Ethics and the Law Will Convene at UVA Conference
02/27/2013UVA Law Professor Kenneth Abraham Honored for 'Four Conceptions of Insurance'
02/26/2013"Fact and Fiction: The Role of Super PACs in the 2012 Elections"
02/25/2013"Poverty as Disability: Neuroscience, Poor Children and Special Education"
02/22/2013"Democracy and Markets in Criminal Adjudication" with Professor Darryl Brown
02/20/2013"Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2013?"
02/20/2013It's Real, But Is It Right? UVA Law Professor Creates Medical Ethics Code for Israeli Reality TV Shows
02/19/2013"The Fight to Fight: Eliminating the Ban on Women in Combat"
02/19/2013Businesses That Incorporate in Nevada Face Little Liability, Barzuza's Research Shows
02/13/2013From Immigration to Health Care, UVA Law Symposium to Bring Together Scholars, Practitioners on Social Issues
02/08/2013Symposium to Explore Global Financial Innovation in Wake of 2008 Economic Crisis
01/30/2013Symposium to Consider Next Steps in Women in Combat Debate
01/29/2013UVA Professor Richard Bonnie Meets with Vice President Biden, Federal Officials on Gun Violence
01/25/2013UVA Law Professor Richard Bonnie Testifies Before Sandy Hook Panel
01/22/2013UVA Law Professor's Book Aims to Help Students Navigate Verbal Challenges of Law School, Workplace
01/17/2013UVA Law Professor Takes Students Inside Office of Solicitor General
01/14/2013How Would You Advise a Startup? Students Find Out in New J-Term Course
01/07/2013O'Connell, 'Giant' of Insurance Law Reform and Longtime UVA Law Professor, Passes Away
01/02/2013'Fiscal Cliff' Compromise Is a Bad Deal, UVA Law Tax Policy Expert Says
12/20/2012Professor John Harrison Remembers Robert Bork
12/20/2012Law School Faculty Share Holiday Reading Lists
12/17/2012UVA Law Professor's Book Explores Untold Story of Impact of 1866 Civil Rights Act
12/13/2012How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Same-Sex Marriage?
12/12/2012Holiday Recipes and Memories from the Law School's Family Cookbooks
12/04/2012UVA Law Professors: Supreme Court Overturning Voting Rights Act Could Make for 'Rocky Ride'
12/03/2012Workshops Help Scholars, Students Develop Works Exploring Legal History
11/28/2012UVA Law's Public Speaking Courses Offer More than Just Courtroom Prep
11/27/2012For Workplace Harassment Lawsuits, Court Asks Who Qualifies as a Supervisor in Case Argued by UVA Law Professor
11/26/2012UVA Law Professor to Argue Workplace Harassment Case Before Supreme Court Today
11/19/2012'Too Big to Jail?' A Student Scholarly Lunch with Professor Brandon Garrett
11/15/2012Human Rights Career Panel at UVA Law
11/13/2012Juvenile Justice System Must Be Overhauled, Says Report Led by UVA Law Professor
11/08/2012Role of Money in Elections Will Continue to Raise Questions, Say UVA Law Professors
10/31/2012Ryan on 'Poverty as Disability' and Reforming Special Education Law
10/23/2012Stephan Named to Co-Lead Team Writing New Guidance on Foreign Relations Law
10/18/2012Hellman Critiques Supreme Court's Role in Defining Corruption in Campaign Finance
10/17/2012Meeting of Minds Sparks Ideas in Law and Humanities Workshop Series
10/10/2012Jeffries Makes Case for Reforming Constitutional Torts
10/08/2012UVA Law Professors Preview Supreme Court Case Involving Affirmative Action in College Admissions
10/04/2012Law Professors Seek to End Common Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research
10/03/2012"Voter ID Laws in the 2012 Election"
10/03/2012"Becoming a Law Professor"
09/28/2012"The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation," with Professor Chris Sprigman
09/25/2012At Annual Supreme Court Roundup, UVA Law Professors Explain Health Care, Immigration Decisions
09/21/2012UVA Law Professor Models New Way of Teaching with Technology
09/20/2012"Disclosure and the Information Tradeoff: A Student Scholarly Lunch with Michael Gilbert"
09/19/2012Evidence Rules Drafted by UVA Law Professor Adopted for Virginia Courts
09/17/2012Ahead of Supreme Court Roundup, Howard Discusses Emerging Picture of the Roberts Court
09/14/2012Judge Overturns Robbery Conviction of UVA Law Innocence Clinic Client Facing Deportation
09/10/2012"Arizona v. United States: Implications of the Supreme Court's Ruling"
09/06/2012Morley Named New Director of Law & Business Program
09/05/2012UVA Law Public Speaking Experts Critique Campaign Speeches
08/30/2012UVA Law Library's 'Refdesk' Tackles Tricky Research Queries in Support of Faculty
08/23/2012Class of 2015 Orientation Address, with Rebecca Vallas '09
08/17/2012WTJU Interviews Professor Setear About His Research Into Contracts With the Devil in Pop Culture
08/15/2012David Martin on New U.S. Policy to Defer Deportation of Young Immigrants
08/13/2012Are Facebook 'Likes' Protected by the First Amendment?
08/06/2012Knockoffs Can Spark Innovation, Boost Economy, UVA Law Professor's Book Argues
07/31/2012UVA Law Professor Helps Win Case Against Russian Government's Seizure of Oil Company
07/30/2012Geis Takes on New Role as Vice Dean
07/26/2012Devilish Deals: Professor Explores Contracts with The Prince of Darkness in Popular Culture
07/24/2012UVA Law Professor, Alumna Mary Elizabeth Magill Named Dean of Stanford Law School
07/20/2012Richard Bonnie on the Need for a Constitutional Right to the Insanity Defense
07/19/2012Taking the Bar: Tips from UVA Law Faculty, Administrators
07/16/2012Law School Faculty Share Summer Reading Picks
07/11/2012"The (Sometimes) Constitutional Point of 'Pointless Indignity,'" with Josh Bowers
07/02/2012Health Law at the University of Virginia School of Law
06/29/2012Professors React to Supreme Court Decisions on Health Care, Stolen Valor
06/15/2012"Gifts as Potentially Taxable Income," Inside the Classroom with Professor George Yin
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Comment on Presidential Campaign
06/11/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Speak on Upcoming Major Supreme Court Decisions
05/31/2012A Murder is Solved and a Man Avoids Death, Thanks to Unusual Deal Brokered by Clinic Professors
05/30/2012Faculty Q&A: Kendrick Defines Pattern for Supreme Court's First Amendment Jurisprudence
05/29/2012International Law Expert Paul Stephan to Lead Graduate Studies Program
05/24/2012Abrams Wins Faculty McFarland Award for Scholarship in Family Law
05/23/2012Garrett Helps Overhaul Virginia's Model Policy for Police Line-ups, Eyewitness Identification
05/15/2012Goluboff Receives Burkhardt Fellowship, Draws Attention to Unexplored History of Vagrancy Law
05/14/2012Alumni Weekend Law School Update with Dean Paul Mahoney
05/10/2012O'Connell, a Pioneer of Insurance Law, Retires from Law School
05/08/2012Dooley, a 'Master of Corporate Law,' Retires from Virginia Law After Four Decades
05/07/2012"The Ministerial Exception Case — And Faculty Arguments in the Supreme Court," with Professor Douglas Laycock
04/27/2012"Why Jurisprudence Doesn't Matter for Customary International Law," with Professor Steven Walt
04/25/2012Former State Department Official Ashley Deeks to Bring International Legal Expertise to Virginia Law Faculty
04/23/2012Legal Historian Jessica Lowe to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/16/2012"The Rhetoric of the 2012 Presidential Primary" with Professor Robert Sayler
04/13/2012First Law Dean's Diary Reveals Inside History of University of Virginia, Law School; Offers Unique Snapshot of America
04/09/2012Faculty Q&A: Schauer on Whether There Are (Enough) Political Risks to Breaking the Law
04/05/2012Law School to Host Debate on Pirating Copyrighted Material
04/04/2012"Free Speech and Guilty Minds," with Professor Leslie Kendrick
04/04/2012Should Authorities Be Allowed to Strip Search Anyone Who Is Arrested?
04/03/2012"Syria and the Arab League," with Law Professor John Norton Moore and Politics Professor William Quandt

04/02/2012"The Criminal Procedure Revolution," Inside the Classroom with Professor Risa Goluboff
04/02/2012Deborah Hellman, Expert on Discrimination, to Join UVA Law Faculty
03/28/2012"Private Military Contractors and the Fight for Accountability for Human Rights Abuses"
03/27/2012O'Connell Brothers' Book Examines Successes, Failures of University Leadership
03/26/2012Brown: Supreme Court Recognizes Key Role of Plea Bargaining in Criminal Justice System
03/22/2012"Affirmative Action Revisited: Fisher v. University of Texas"
03/20/2012"The President's Contraception Mandate: A Basic Necessity or a Violation of Religious Liberty?"
03/19/2012Ortiz on Citizens United and the Supreme Court's Shift Away from Protecting Voters
03/14/2012Brown-Nagin's Book on Civil Rights Movement Wins Bancroft Prize
03/07/2012"The Law of Property: Inside the Classroom with Professor Alex Johnson"
03/06/2012Can the U.S. Legally Kill Citizens Abroad?
03/01/2012Panel on Professor G. Edward White's Book "Law in American History"
02/27/2012Heller and McDonald Revisited: A Lecture on the Supreme Court's Recent Second Amendment Decisions
02/22/2012Does the First Amendment Protect Lies About Military Valor?
02/14/2012Law School Conference to Focus on Constitutions and the Arab Spring
02/13/2012"Oral Advocacy Workshop for Women," with Professor Molly Shadel (An Excerpt)
02/09/2012A Valentine's Day Spoiler: Abrams Examines Legal Implications of Marriage Fraud
02/07/2012States, Courts Beginning to Respond to Research on Parenting by Gays and Lesbians, Professors Say
02/03/2012Is It Legal? New Federal Rules for Health Coverage of Birth Control Raise Questions
01/30/2012Professors Paint Martin Luther King Jr. as Bold, Sometimes Reluctant, Law-Breaker
01/25/2012Tax Expert, Professor George Yin Assesses State of Obama's Tax Proposals
01/25/2012Flag Burning and Free Speech: Inside the Classroom with Professor Frederick Schauer
01/17/2012"Applied Problem Solving" with Professor George Geis and John Esterhay
01/11/2012Supreme Court Hands Victory to Church, Laycock; Cites Professors in Eyewitness Case
01/10/2012Is It Legal? The FCC's Authority to Regulate Broadcast Indecency
01/06/2012Is It Legal? Obama's Recess Appointments
01/03/2012Faculty Q&A: George Cohen on the Financial Meltdown and the 'Forgotten' Law of Contracts
12/29/2011Faculty Q&A: Nachbar on a New Shift in U.S. Detention Policy
12/19/2011Law School Faculty Share Holiday Reading Lists
12/15/2011Faculty Q&A: Kenneth S. Abraham on How BP Oil Spill Revealed Insurance Gaps
12/15/2011Financial Abuse of Elderly Underreported, Study by Professor Shows
12/14/2011Media Advisory: UVA Law Professor Available to Discuss Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)
12/13/2011U.S. Has 'Good Chance' to Win Supreme Court Challenge to Arizona Immigration Law, Martin Says
12/05/2011Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/23/2011Virginia's Community Colleges Should Bolster Mental Health Services, Study Chaired by UVA Law Professor Concludes
11/15/2011Law School Team to Fight U.S. Ban on Women in Combat, Draft
11/07/2011Garrett: Supreme Court Unlikely to Solve Problems with Unreliability of Eyewitness Identification
11/02/2011Faculty Q&A: Schragger on Debt Crises Facing States, Localities
10/31/2011Smithsonian Inspector General Sprightley Ryan to Join Law School Faculty
10/26/2011"Occupy Wall Street: Views on the OWS Movement and the Financial Crisis: A Panel Discussion"
10/21/2011Hafemeister Addresses Omission of Medical Malpractice Reform in Health Care Law
10/20/2011In Wake of Wall Street Protests, Professors Illuminate 'Corporate Personhood'
10/19/2011Ross Commits Wisdom on Ethics, How to Avoid 'Club Fed' to New Book
10/18/2011Inaugural Jefferson Symposium Will Focus on Free Speech, Campaign Gift Law

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