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05/25/2016The Code That Came From the War on Grounds
05/23/2016Graduation Speaker Will Shortz '77 Says UVA Law Students Smart Enough to Fill in Blanks
05/22/2016Will Shortz's UVA Law Commencement Address to the Class of 2016
05/13/2016UVA Law Graduate Hired by Justice Scalia Will Now Clerk for Justice Alito
05/09/2016Zachary Ray '16 Trades Track Spikes for Pin Stripes as Aspiring Courtroom Advocate
05/04/2016New Director of Admissions Chris Colby '04 Hits Ground Running
04/25/2016Former Legislative Aide Emily Riff '16 Chose UVA Law to Better Understand Legal History
04/14/2016UVA Jefferson Medalist John Gleeson '80 Calls for Sentencing Reform
04/06/2016Course Teaches Students How to Manage 'Big Law' Firms
03/30/2016Don Yee '87 Says Young Lawyers Should Keep Eye on Ball, in Addition to Bottom Line
03/25/2016UVA Law Alumnus Tells Story Behind Mexican Drug Kingpin El Chapo's Downfall
03/24/2016'Making a Murderer' Attorney Dean Strang '85 Turns Spotlight on Problems in Criminal Justice System
03/17/2016Dean Strang '85 of 'Making a Murderer' to Speak at UVA Law
03/14/2016From Fantasy Sports to the Olympics, UVA Law Symposium Will Explore Hot Topics
03/08/2016Judge John Gleeson '80 to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
03/07/2016Remembering UVA Law Alumna Elizabeth Garrett '88
02/29/2016The UVA Law Network: New York City
02/25/2016Justice Scalia's Legacy and What's Next for the Supreme Court
02/25/2016Karl Racine '89, First Elected Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Discusses His Career Path
02/16/2016A Former Clerk Remembers Justice Scalia
02/08/2016Carolyn Rumer '14 Will Help Domestic Abuse Victims Through EJW Fellowship
02/04/2016Charlottesville's New Mayor, Mike Signer '04, Takes Madisonian Approach to Law and Life
02/01/2016Defending Bowe Bergdahl
01/25/2016The UVA Law Network in London
01/18/2016Insight From the Trenches: 7 J-Term Courses That Pair Outside Experts with UVA Law Professors
12/28/2015Year in Review: UVA Law Reflects on 2015 With Favorite Stories
12/21/2015Partnership Power: UVA Law + LAJC
12/15/2015UVA Lawyer: Clinics Turn Doctrine and Policy Into Practice
10/05/2015"Advancing Justice Through Storytelling," with Author Corban Addison '04
10/02/2015Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Boutros '01, 'Silk Road' Prosecutor, Reflects on Career Path
09/28/20152015 Supreme Court Roundup
09/16/2015Head of the Class: 2015 Graduate With Top GPA Talks Clerkships, Tips for Law School Success
09/11/2015Lawton Tufts Joins UVA Law as Director of Public Service and Alumni Advising
08/26/2015'Double 'Hoos' Return to UVA Law as Directors of Career Services
08/18/2015Cordel Faulk '01 Welcomes the Class of 2018
08/13/2015Alumni Q&A: Former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño '85 Will Welcome UVA Law's Class of 2018
08/03/2015Alumni Q&A: Katharine Gilman '12 Turns Law Degree into Springboard for Low-Carbon Footprint Floral Business in New York City
07/31/2015D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine '89 Reflects on His Career, New Role
07/29/2015UVA Law Students Explore Sports Law as Summer Interns for Professional Baseball, Basketball and Hockey
07/27/2015With Alumni Participation of 53%, UVA Law sets 10-year Annual Giving Record
07/08/2015Legal Historian J. Gordon Hylton '77 to Join Law Faculty
07/06/2015The Citizen-Lawyer: Leadership in State and Local Government
06/23/2015Graduate Specializing in Elder Law Receives Borchard Fellowship
06/18/2015"The Role of the Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," with Brig. Gen. Richard Gross '93
06/08/2015Alumni Q&A: Grace Fu '09 on Working as In-House Counsel at Tiger Management
06/04/2015First Amendment Clinic Obtains 18 More of DOJ's Secret Deals with Corporate Offenders
05/22/2015Alumni Q&A: Law Firm Associate Matthew M. Madden '07 Argues and Wins Case at Supreme Court, 9-0
05/20/2015Innocence Project Clinic Helps Change State Law on Exculpatory Evidence
05/18/2015Core Values Matter, DeMaurice Smith '89 Tells Class of 2015
05/14/2015"Magna Carta: 800 Years After Runnymede" with Professor A. E. Dick Howard
05/06/2015Birds of a Feather: UVA Law Professors Howard and Heytens Take Home Raven Awards
04/21/2015Alumni Q&A: B. Matthew Hornor ’99 Leads Mineral Exploration Company Around the World
04/02/2015A Fireside Chat with NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith '89
03/31/2015The UVA Law Network in Boston: Fast Facts and Tips
03/13/2015Called to Serve: Katharine von Ter Stegge '02 Plays Role in Case Making Same-Sex Marriage Constitutional in Oregon
03/11/2015Views From the Bench: Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain LL.M. '92
02/16/2015The World of the Corporate Lawyer: Alums Take Students Through Company Life Cycle
02/11/2015Janet Napolitano '83 Speaks to UVA Law Public Service Class
01/29/2015A Super Bowl Connection — And 7 More UVA Law Alums Prominent in Sports
01/16/2015UVA Law to Host Patent Claim Hearing Involving Tech Giants
12/22/2014UVA Law Innocence Project to File Motion for DNA Testing in 'Serial' Murder Case, Keep Investigating
12/19/2014Need Holiday Reading Ideas? UVA Law Faculty, Staff Name Their Book Picks
12/17/2014Alumnus Joe Fore '11 Joins UVA Law Legal Research and Writing Program Faculty
11/03/2014UVA Law Professor Leads Effort Urging Support for Young Adults
10/29/2014New Alvarez-Coughlin Award Recognizes LGBT Supporters at UVA Law and Beyond
10/22/2014Ben Tyson '14 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
10/16/2014Cyber Law Experts Teach New Seminar at UVA Law
10/10/2014DeMaurice Smith '89 to Deliver UVA Law Commencement Address
09/22/2014Jason Dugas '01 Ready for Role as Registrar and Head of Student Records at UVA Law
09/15/2014Josh Black ’96, Grace Applefeld Cleveland ’09 Join UVA Law Admissions Office
08/25/2014New Admissions Dean Cordel Faulk '01 Discusses His Career, Goals and Efforts to Recruit a Talented, Diverse Class
08/22/2014UVA Law Class of 2017 Orientation Speaker Warren Gorrell ’79
08/14/2014What's It Like to Lead a Global Law Firm? Meet Orientation Speaker Warren Gorrell ’79
07/16/2014UVA Law's 2013-14 Annual Giving Campaign Achieves Record Participation
07/15/2014Sarah Davies Joins UVA Law as Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
06/03/2014Dean Paul G. Mahoney on the State of UVA Law, May 2014
05/21/2014University of Virginia School of Law 2014 Graduation
05/15/2014Retired Judge Is 56 Years Late for UVA Law Graduation, But Right on Time for Granddaughter in Class of 2014
03/24/2014Vol. 100, No. 1: Virginia Law Review Celebrates a Century of Top Legal Scholarship
02/05/2014Alumni Q&A: Malia Arrington ’02 Tracks Ethics Complaints, Curtails Abuse for U.S. Olympic Committee
01/28/2014Brinton Lucas ’11 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
01/27/2014Former Justice of Supreme Court of Va. Gives MLK Talk
01/09/2014Tschiderer '12 Receives EJW Fellowship to Help Low-Income Mothers Facing Workplace Discrimination
01/08/2014Galen Bascom '13 Named Solicitor General's Office Bristow Fellow
12/11/2013Young Alums Make an Impact on Capitol Hill
11/18/2013Peggy Nicholson '11 on Helping Low-Income Children in North Carolina
10/30/2013Laura Ingraham '91 Says Law School Helped Her Media Career
10/29/2013Bentz '12 to Clerk for Supreme Court Justice Kennedy
10/23/2013Called to Serve: Adam Gordon '08 on Prosecuting Criminals in San Diego
10/08/2013UVA Law Clinic Hosts Conference to Mark 15 Years of Fighting for Children in Virginia
10/01/2013U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse '82 to Speak at UVA Law on the Judicial Nomination Process
08/23/2013Sarah Borders '88 Welcomes the Class of 2016 at Orientation
08/15/2013Orientation Speaker Sarah Borders '88 on Her Career Path, the One Thing She Wishes She'd Known Before Law School
08/05/2013We Took the Bar Exam, and These Are the UVA Law Classes That Helped Most
07/29/2013UVA Law School Sets New Donor Record in Annual Giving
07/03/2013Alumni Q&A: Tiburcio on Private International Law and Being Chosen to Lecture at The Hague
06/21/2013UVA Law Adds Two Experienced Attorneys to Career Services Office
06/20/2013Alumni Q&A: Zeisler '01 on Working at a Global Investment Management Firm
06/11/2013Reimagining UVA
06/10/2013UVA Law Professor Named Dean of Harvard Education School
06/07/2013Unsal LL.M. '03 Gives First-Hand Account of Protests in Turkey
06/06/2013Schwartzman Wins McFarland Prize for Outstanding Scholarship
05/29/2013Supreme Court to Hear Federal Gun Law Case from UVA Law School Clinic
05/21/2013Nelson '68 Urges Class of 2013 to Strive to Always Act Ethically in Careers
05/13/2013After 34 Years in Career Services, Dean Hopson Wraps Up One More Career Path — His Own
05/09/2013Karsh Student Services Center To Be Dedicated During Law Alumni Weekend
05/07/2013Marked by 10 Years of Success, Law & Business Program Named in Honor of Venture Capitalist John Glynn '65
04/15/2013FBI Director and Jefferson Medal Recipient Robert Mueller '73 Reflects on Bureau's Transformation After 9/11
04/11/201330th Annual Softball Tournament Raises $20,000 for Charlottesville Charity
04/03/2013Alumni Q&A: Patrick Gardner '86 on Advocating for Improved Mental Health Services for Young People
03/26/2013Kennedy Fellowships Open Doors to Public Service
03/25/2013Alumni Q&A: Janet Nolan '89 on Weeding Out Fraud and Abuse in Federal Health Care Programs
03/21/2013Corban Addison '04 Discusses His Book, 'A Walk Across the Sun'
03/19/2013"Gambling and Corruption in Sports"
03/08/2013A Conversation with Kim Keenan '87, General Counsel for the NAACP
03/07/2013Schmalzbach '10 to Clerk for Justice Thomas
03/05/2013FBI Director Robert Mueller to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/26/2013Alumni Q&A: Richard Gross '93 Provides Legal Advice to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
02/25/2013"Poverty as Disability: Neuroscience, Poor Children and Special Education"
02/21/2013Sen. Bill Nelson '68 to Deliver UVA Law Commencement Address
02/13/2013"The Arab Spring and the Future of the Arab World," with Ahmad Masa'deh LL.M. '92
02/01/2013"Defending Sen. Stevens: Fairness in Prosecuting the Law," with Robert Cary '90
01/31/2013Alumni Q&A: Savoie '07 Researches Regulation of Radiology, Works to Improve Health Care in Rural Guatemala
01/28/2013Southern Poverty Law Center Legal Director Mary Bauer '90 to Discuss Modern Civil Rights Struggle in Honor of MLK Day
01/14/2013How Would You Advise a Startup? Students Find Out in New J-Term Course
12/12/2012Holiday Recipes and Memories from the Law School's Family Cookbooks
12/10/2012UVA Clinic Argues Before Federal Appeals Court to Release Information Relating to Financial Meltdown
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/27/2012For Workplace Harassment Lawsuits, Court Asks Who Qualifies as a Supervisor in Case Argued by UVA Law Professor
11/15/2012Human Rights Career Panel at UVA Law
11/07/2012UVA Law Alumni Elected to U.S. Senate
11/01/2012Former Supreme Court Clerks Teach Course on Pending Fourth Amendment Case
11/01/2012Judge Paul Michel '66 on the U.S. Patent System
10/12/2012Students Team Up with Alum to Educate Guatemalan Women About Their Rights
09/10/2012Alumni Q&A: Shaunik Panse '09 to Clerk for South African Constitutional Court
08/28/2012Justice Department Lawyer Andy Mao '98 on Prosecuting Health Fraud, Major Pharmaceutical Company Settlement
08/23/2012Class of 2015 Orientation Address, with Rebecca Vallas '09
08/16/2012Orientation Speaker Rebecca Vallas '09 Reflects on Career in Public Service
07/17/2012UVA Law School Completes Capital Campaign, Surpasses $150 Million Goal
07/12/2012Alumni Q&A: Plummer '94, Agent for Top Baseball Prospects From Dominican Republic, on How He Got in the Game
07/02/2012UVA Law Library's Digital Exhibit Reveals Little-Known Details of Tokyo War Crimes Trial
06/21/2012Lee '12 Receives Prestigious Human Rights Fellowship
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
05/17/2012Crocker '12 to Clerk for Justice Scalia
05/14/2012Alumni Weekend Law School Update with Dean Paul Mahoney
05/08/2012Trevor Potter '82 on Campaign Finance, Election Law and the Colbert Report
05/07/2012"The Ministerial Exception Case — And Faculty Arguments in the Supreme Court," with Professor Douglas Laycock
04/13/2012First Law Dean's Diary Reveals Inside History of University of Virginia, Law School; Offers Unique Snapshot of America
04/11/2012Judge Known for Federal Sentencing Reforms Says More Progress Needed
04/10/2012Health Care Industry Executive Advises Law Students to Avoid Silos
03/28/2012"Legislative Advocacy" Featuring Claire Guthrie Gastañaga '74
03/20/2012"LGBT Rights Are Human Rights: Securing the Next Frontier in Human Rights"
03/20/2012NFL Players Association Chief Calls for Better Treatment of Athletes
02/28/2012Public Service Center Dean Collects Win in 4th Circuit
02/22/2012Retired Judge James Benton Jr. '70 Discusses His Life and Practice of Law
02/20/2012Alumni Q&A: Unsal LL.M. '03 Leads Google's Legal Team in Turkey
02/13/2012In Love with Law — and with Another Lawyer: Alumni Couples Share Stories of How Love Bloomed
02/08/2012"The Rule of Law," with U.S. Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III '72
02/07/2012Criminals Are New Priority for U.S. Immigration Enforcement, ICE Director Says
02/02/2012UVA Law Alumnus and History Professor Recall Relationships with Martin Luther King Jr.
02/01/2012ICE Director to Discuss Immigration Enforcement at UVA Law School
01/25/2012Willard '11 to Clerk for Supreme Court Justice Kennedy
01/24/2012Julian Bond, Michael Cody '61 to Discuss Days Leading Up to King's Assassination
01/09/2012Nonprofit Clinic Advises Charlottesville-Area Organizations, Offers Hands-on Training for Law Students
12/28/2011Alumni Q&A: Jeffrey Kerr '87 Fights on Behalf of Animal Rights as PETA General Counsel
12/08/2011Panelists Stress 'Know Thyself' Approach to Choosing a Law Firm
12/05/2011Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
12/01/2011Alumni Q&A: Mary Rouvelas '96 Uses Her J.D. to Take on 'The Big C'
11/30/2011Students Team Up with JustChildren, Law Firm to Help Juveniles Convicted of Adult Crimes
11/15/2011Law School Team to Fight U.S. Ban on Women in Combat, Draft
11/14/2011"Pro Bono and Professionalism: Keys to a Winning Career," with Kim Keenan '87, General Counsel, NAACP
11/14/2011"Justice? Unlikely!" with Justice Cleo Powell, Supreme Court of Virginia
10/27/2011Conference to Focus on Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession
10/25/2011Gantt '11 to Clerk for Justice Breyer
10/13/2011Alumni Q&A: Alexander Patterson '07 on His Transition from Tax Law to Tough Mudder
10/12/2011Obama Campaign General Counsel Criticizes 'Anti-Reform' Movement in Election Politics
10/03/2011Robert Bauer '76, General Counsel to Obama Campaign, to Speak at Law School
09/28/2011Alumni Q&A: Brad Handler '95 on eBay, Founding a Travel Empire and Luck
09/06/2011Alumni Q&A: Powell Fellow Crystal Shin '10 on Being a Child Advocate
08/22/2011Wheeler '92 Discusses New Role as Director of First Amendment Center
08/18/2011Alumni Q&A with Orientation Speaker Deborah Platt Majoras '89, Chief Legal Officer of Procter & Gamble
08/08/2011Alumni Q&A: U.S. Magistrate Judge David Keesler '87 on a Varied Career
07/28/2011Chad Farrell '07 on Frontier of International Law at World Court
07/26/2011UVA Law School Sets New Donor, Participation Records
07/20/2011Annie Kim '99 Joins Law School as Head of Public Service Center
07/18/2011Graves '06 Keeps Employers on Track, Stays Involved in Pro Bono
07/12/2011Alumni Q&A: Shack Shackelford '74 on Being a 'Classic' Country Lawyer
07/07/2011Alumni Q&A: Jasmine Yoon '06 Brings Financial Criminals to Justice
07/05/2011UVA Law Admissions Director Cordel Faulk ’01 Named to Virginia Tech Board of Visitors
06/30/2011Alumni Q&A: Thomas Byrne ’84 on Pioneering in Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Law
06/22/2011Alumni Q&A: Afi Johnson-Parris ’02 Makes Jump to Family Law Practice
05/04/2011University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan Speaks at UVA Law Alumni Weekend, April 30, 2011
04/18/2011Deputy Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler '74 Discusses Immigration Cases
04/14/2011Kinser '77 Receives Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
04/01/2011DeMaurice Smith '89: NFL Players Want Equitable Share
03/25/2011Recess Appointments Both Accepted, Controversial, Motz Says; Griffith Warns Judges Against Applying Personal Views of Justice
03/21/2011Kinser '77 Awarded Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
03/08/2011Keenan '87 Becomes General Counsel of the NAACP
01/10/2011Judge John Roll LL.M. '90 Remembered
12/08/2010UVA Lawyer: Energy Policy
09/24/2010Billionaire Alum Talks to Students About Nontraditional Careers
08/23/2010James Tysse '06 Awarded U.S. Supreme Court Fellowship
08/20/2010Ciolfi '03 Delivers Orientation Address to Class of 2013
07/30/2010Centenarian Alum Continues to Work at Firm Bearing His Name
06/15/2010Guarding the Gates: Dedicated Alumni Find Their Calling
04/23/2010Lawsuits Favor Individual Over Societal Needs, Philip Howard '74 Says
01/29/2010First-Years Hone Skills with Mock Interviews
12/04/2009Heaphy '91 Sworn In as U.S. Attorney
11/24/2009Alumni Survey Reveals Legal Market in Flux
11/24/2009Najwa Nabti '02 Discusses Working at the International Court of Justice
11/23/2009Alumni Survey Reveals Satisfied Graduates, Professor John Monahan Explains
11/14/2009"Life on the Hill," with Rohit Kumar '00
11/13/2009Bauer '76 to Serve as White House Counsel
08/26/2009Remembering Sen. Kennedy ’59: Law School Mourns Loss of Exceptional Alum
07/09/2009From Law School to Court Jester
05/28/2009Looking Back: The 2008-09 School Year in Review
05/06/2009“The Era of Obama and Its Dangers,” with Richard Cohen '79, President and CEO of the Southern Poverty Law Center
08/01/2008Trujillo Returns to Admissions Office as Senior Assistant Dean
07/15/2008Law School Posts Record Annual Gifts, Donors in 2007-08 Campaign
07/15/2008Clark Hall Named to Virginia Landmarks Registry
05/07/2008Farrell '07 Awarded Orrick Fellowship
04/03/2008Subprime Mortgages: A Good Thing?
02/28/2008PGA Tour Commissioner to Deliver Law School Commencement Address
02/26/2008Future Bright for Environmental Lawyers, Panel Says
01/22/2008Bookman ’06 to Clerk for Justice Ginsburg
01/16/2008When the Constitution and National Security Interests Collide: Investigations and Trials in a Post-9/11 World
01/07/2008Powell Fellowship Launches Law Career for Cumber ’05
12/17/2007Ho, Parndigamge Receive South Africa Human Rights Fellowships
12/13/2007Supreme Court Clinic Celebrates First Win with Watson
12/12/2007Faculty Share Memories of Exams Past
11/30/2007Two Alumni Join Admissions to Look for the Next Great Law Class
11/13/2007Humane Society Lawyers Fight Culture of Cruelty, Government Bureaucracy
11/09/2007Speakers Explore Environmental Pressures of Land Development in Virginia 
10/15/2007Wilkinson ’07 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
10/09/2007Law School to Host Entrepreneurial Boot Camp
10/08/2007Allen, Nicholson Win Walker, Franklin Awards for Academic Achievement (Virginia Law Weekly)
09/20/2007Debi Sanders ’78: Twenty Years on the Front Lines of Immigrant Advocacy
09/12/2007Lovelace ’06 Rallies New Race and Law Executive Board
08/23/2007“Public Works” Blog Launched by Public Service Center
08/13/2007Cannon Teams Up with Former Student on Book About Reclaiming Toxic Waste Sites
07/20/2007Law School Posts Record Annual Gifts, Donors in 2006-07 Campaign
06/26/2007Behind the Scenes at the Law School Foundation as the Fiscal Year Wraps Up
06/18/2007Thurston R. Moore '74: Pro Bono Service
05/21/2007Melany Grout ’07: Human Rights “Screamer”
05/08/2007Lyman ’06 Wins Top International Law Writing Award
05/07/2007John Warner ’53 Brings Perspective to National Debates Cullen Couch (UVA Lawyer)
04/27/2007Class of 2007 “Believes” in Graduation Pledge Drive
04/12/2007Schwartzman ’05 Returns to Virginia to Teach
03/27/2007Supreme Court to Hear Law School Clinic Case

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