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05/27/2016African-Americans Had Surprising Role in UN's Development, Says New McCurdy Fellow Ananda Burra
05/11/2016UVA Law Student Subarkah Syafruddin Awarded Orrick Fellowship to Clerk for U.N. World Court
03/31/2016Law Students Research a Path to Peace in Colombia
03/25/2016UVA Law Alumnus Tells Story Behind Mexican Drug Kingpin El Chapo's Downfall
03/11/20162016 Henry Abraham Lecture: "The Middle East: Muddle, Mess or Mission?," With Amb. Thomas Pickering
03/07/2016Black Law Students Association Takes on Projects in South Africa
02/24/2016Five UVA Law Students Attend Salzburg Cutler International Law Fellows Program
02/19/201611 Ways UVA Law Prepares Students to Go Global
02/10/2016UVA Law Symposium to Explore Weaknesses Within Global Economy
01/13/2016National Security Law, with UVA Law Professor Ashley Deeks
11/16/2015"The Future of Violence," with Ben Wittes
11/04/2015UVA Law Professor David Martin Honored for Decades of Immigration Law Scholarship
10/30/2015Rule of Law Expert Rachel Kleinfeld Address Problem of Weak States
10/06/2015"International Law and Cyber Security," with Eneken Tikk-Ringas
10/05/2015"Advancing Justice Through Storytelling," with Author Corban Addison '04
09/14/2015UVA Law Becomes Home Away from Home for International Graduate Students
08/07/2015Faculty Q&A: Ashley Deeks Proposes an International Legal Framework for Surveillance
07/15/2015UVA Law Student Journeys to Greece to Wade Into Oceans Law
06/18/2015"The Role of the Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," with Brig. Gen. Richard Gross '93
06/09/2015"The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act," with UVA Law Professor Molly Shadel
06/05/2015"Development of the International Law of Conflict Management," with Professor John Norton Moore
05/26/2015Recent UVA Law LL.M. Graduates Earn Orrick Fellowships to Train at International Courts
04/21/2015Richard Goldstone on War Crimes and Accountability
04/14/2015International Court of Justice Represents Unique Blend of Legal Systems, Says Judge Joan Donoghue
04/08/2015Jean-Pictet Competition in International Law, 2015 Final Round
04/07/2015Scenes from a Human Rights Investigation in Myanmar
04/03/2015Students Help Monitor Detainee Hearings in Guantanamo Bay
03/24/2015Student Team to Tackle International Humanitarian Law in Competition on Home Turf
03/04/2015International Court of Justice Judge Joan Donoghue to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/12/2015Symposium at UVA Law to Focus on Global Security, Evolution of International Law
02/06/2015Constitutional Prohibitions on Torture Aren't Effective, UVA Law Professor's Research Shows
02/04/2015UVA Law's BLSA Members Travel to Uganda to Share Best Legal Practices
01/07/2015UVA Law Hosts Student Regional Workshop on International Humanitarian Law
11/17/2014The Law of Pre-emptive Strikes: Q&A with Professor Ashley Deeks
09/11/2014Graduate Students From Around the Globe Expand Their Knowledge at UVA Law
08/13/2014Postcard From Abroad: Camila Rodriguez'16 Watches Democracy Takes Shape in South Africa
06/13/2014Former WMD Official at NATO Discusses Proliferation During National Security Law Institute
06/03/2014Photos from a Journey to Secure Women's Rights in Guatemala
05/27/2014UVA Law Students, Alums to Serve as International and Human Rights Fellows
04/10/2014"A Transitional Justice Strategy for Syria"
04/03/2014"The Law of Nations as Constitutional Law," Virginia Law Review Centennial Symposium Panel
03/31/2014Cowan Fellow Brian Kennedy Shares Travelogue from Human Rights Research Trip to Ghana
03/31/2014Cowan Fellows Survey Human Rights Concerns in Ghana; Exposure of Small-Scale Miners to Mercury Among Problems
03/13/2014UVA Law Students Win First Place in Pictet International Humanitarian Law Competition
03/06/2014Deputy General Counsel at World Bank Delivers Keynote at UVA Law Symposium on Development
02/27/2014Top National Security Lawyers Say Jobs Await Grads Who Are Patient, Flexible
02/19/2014UVA Law Symposium to Examine Legal, Financial, and Human Rights Implications of International Development
01/30/2014Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States of America: Domestic Violence Survivor Discusses Her Landmark Human Rights Case
01/13/2014Former State Department Adviser to Share Insights on Afghanistan in J-Term Course on Rule of Law
11/06/2013ABA Recognizes John Norton Moore with Highest Honor in National Security Law
09/27/2013"Corporate Liability in U.S. Courts for Global Actions"
09/27/2013UVA Law Student Wins UN Human Rights Award for Statelessness Research
09/19/2013"Can We Handle the Truth?" A Conversation with Journalist Ron Suskind and Lawyer Kurt Wimmer
08/29/2013Mason Named National Reporter at Congress of European Association of Tax Law Professors
08/23/2013Lauren Schnyer '15 on Interning at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
08/08/2013Caitlin Eberhardt '15 on Helping Indigenous Women in Guatemala
07/31/2013UVA Law Students Help Teen Human Trafficking Victim Gain Lawful Immigration Status
07/08/2013UVA Law Professor Paul Stephan Teaches International Civil Litigation Course in China
07/03/2013Alumni Q&A: Tiburcio on Private International Law and Being Chosen to Lecture at The Hague
06/27/2013UVA Law Professors to Discuss Wrongful Convictions, Death Penalty at United Nations
06/18/2013Experts on National Security Law Convene at UVA Law to Discuss Drones, Cyber Threats, Terrorism
06/18/2013"Predator Drones and Targeted Killings," with Frederick P. Hitz
06/18/2013"Transnational Terrorism," with M.E. "Spike" Bowman
06/14/2013"Cyber Threats to U.S. National Security"
06/07/2013Unsal LL.M. '03 Gives First-Hand Account of Protests in Turkey
06/03/2013From Cyber Threats to Drone Killings, Experts Convene at UVA Law to Discuss National Security Law
05/30/2013UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Co-Authors First Comprehensive Casebook on Habeas Corpus
05/15/2013After Challenging Military Ban on Women in Combat, Molly Pitcher Project's Dreams Are Realized
04/25/2013UVA Law Students Witness Genocide Trial of Former Guatemalan President
04/23/2013Former State Department Official Anne-Marie Slaughter Calls for New Laws in Dealing with Terrorism
04/22/2013"Syria Behind the Headlines: Dynamics of the Uprising and Human Rights on the Ground"
04/17/2013"The Crime of Incitement: Propaganda and Media in International Criminal Tribunal Judgments"
04/17/201326th Sokol Colloquium Will Explore Implications of Foreign Judgments
04/15/2013FBI Director and Jefferson Medal Recipient Robert Mueller '73 Reflects on Bureau's Transformation After 9/11
04/12/2013Anne-Marie Slaughter to Speak on Drones, Detention and Foreign Policy at UVA Law
03/29/2013Cowan Fellows Identify Human Rights Problems in Madagascar
03/28/2013University of Virginia BLSA Members Teach Law in Sierra Leone, Study Solutions to Mining Dilemma
03/26/2013UVA Law Students Make First Showing in Renowned Pictet International Humanitarian Law Conference
03/22/2013Nations Negotiating Permission to Use Force Abroad Should Take Greater Care, Deeks Argues
03/21/2013Corban Addison '04 Discusses His Book, 'A Walk Across the Sun'
02/26/2013Alumni Q&A: Richard Gross '93 Provides Legal Advice to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
02/19/2013"The Fight to Fight: Eliminating the Ban on Women in Combat"
02/15/2013"Terrorism in Occupied Territory," with Hebrew University Professor David Kretzmer
02/13/2013"The Arab Spring and the Future of the Arab World," with Ahmad Masa'deh LL.M. '92
02/08/2013Symposium to Explore Global Financial Innovation in Wake of 2008 Economic Crisis
01/30/2013Symposium to Consider Next Steps in Women in Combat Debate
01/23/2013Molly Pitcher Project Hails Military's Removal of Ban on Women in Combat
11/15/2012Human Rights Career Panel at UVA Law
10/23/2012Stephan Named to Co-Lead Team Writing New Guidance on Foreign Relations Law
10/22/2012Four UVA Law Students Receive Salzburg Cutler International Law Fellowships
10/12/2012Students Team Up with Alum to Educate Guatemalan Women About Their Rights
09/10/2012Alumni Q&A: Shaunik Panse '09 to Clerk for South African Constitutional Court
08/08/2012Julia Lacovara '14: In Tanzania as the Rwanda Tribunal Wraps Up Its Work Prosecuting War Criminals
07/31/2012UVA Law Professor Helps Win Case Against Russian Government's Seizure of Oil Company
07/25/2012Kendra Wergin '14 Helps Prosecute Leader of Bosnian Serb Army at The Hague
07/02/2012UVA Law Library's Digital Exhibit Reveals Little-Known Details of Tokyo War Crimes Trial
06/21/2012Lee '12 Receives Prestigious Human Rights Fellowship
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Comment on Presidential Campaign
05/29/2012International Law Expert Paul Stephan to Lead Graduate Studies Program
05/24/2012Students, Professor Help File Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn Military Ban on Women in Combat
04/25/2012Former State Department Official Ashley Deeks to Bring International Legal Expertise to Virginia Law Faculty
04/16/201225th Sokol Colloquium to Focus on Foreign Affairs Litigation in U.S. Courts
04/16/2012George Mitchell, 2012 Jefferson Medal Recipient, Praises Rule of Law as Key to Free Society
04/09/2012Faculty Q&A: Schauer on Whether There Are (Enough) Political Risks to Breaking the Law
04/03/2012"Syria and the Arab League," with Law Professor John Norton Moore and Politics Professor William Quandt

04/03/2012Students Take Temperature of Human Rights in Sri Lanka
04/02/2012Boronow Wins Human Rights Writing Competition
03/28/2012"Private Military Contractors and the Fight for Accountability for Human Rights Abuses"
03/26/2012U.S. Missed Number of Warning Signs in Anthrax Attacks, Investigation, Panel Says
03/20/2012"LGBT Rights Are Human Rights: Securing the Next Frontier in Human Rights"
03/16/2012"Abbe Sieyes, Guttenberg, and Habermas: Constitutional Revolutions in Egypt and the Arab World"
03/13/2012Anthrax Panel Experts, Author Will Discuss Findings at UVA Law School
03/07/2012UVA Law Student Salima Burke Wins Statewide Pro Bono Award
03/06/2012Can the U.S. Legally Kill Citizens Abroad?
02/28/2012Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/15/2012U.S. State Department's Legal Adviser Calls for 'Smart Power' Approach to Transnational Conflicts
02/14/2012Law School Conference to Focus on Constitutions and the Arab Spring
02/06/2012"All the Missing Souls: A Personal History of the War Crimes Tribunals"
02/02/2012UVA Law Symposium to Explore Conflicts in Global Legal Norms
01/31/2012Former U.S. Ambassador for War Crimes Issues to Speak at UVA Law School
12/29/2011Faculty Q&A: Nachbar on a New Shift in U.S. Detention Policy
11/28/2011UVA Law School Center Gathers Experts to Review Field of National Security Law
11/09/2011Law Students Aid Migrant Workers Who Bring in Central Virginia's Harvest
11/04/2011"Palestinian Refugees and the Middle East Conflict: The Difference that Law Makes"
11/03/2011"The International Investment Regime: Its Role Today and Challenges Tomorrow," with Ko-Yung Tung
10/14/2011Law Students Support U.N. Official's Investigation of Violence Against Women in the United States
10/11/2011Faculty Q&A: John Monahan on Understanding What Makes Terrorists Tick
09/13/2011'War Model' of Dealing with Terrorism Remains Strong Under Obama, Professors Say
08/03/2011Unique Military Law School Marks 60 Years at UVA
08/02/2011UVA Center for Oceans Law and Policy's 35th Annual Conference Focuses on Maritime Border Diplomacy
07/28/2011Chad Farrell '07 on Frontier of International Law at World Court
07/25/2011Faculty Q&A: Garrett Investigates Increase in Prosecutions of Foreign Corporate Crime
07/22/2011Zimbabwean Lawyers Visit Law School, Discuss Making Democratic Constitutions
07/07/2011Mahoney Attends Law School Dean Summit with Chinese Educators
06/30/2011Versteeg Brings Comparative Law Expertise — with Quantitative Focus — to Faculty
06/27/2011Law Students' Summer International Law Work Spans Globe
05/05/2011Houlihan Enters as a Law Student, Exits as an International Human Rights Adviser
05/03/2011National Security Law Experts: Killing of Bin Laden Was Legal
04/28/2011Antonopoulos Awarded Orrick Fellowship to Clerk for World Court
04/18/2011Deputy Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler '74 Discusses Immigration Cases
04/07/2011"Judicial Inactivism," with Former ACLU President Nadine Strossen
04/04/2011Student Offers Account of Virginia's Seventh Appearance in Jessup Moot Court International Rounds
03/16/2011International Human Rights Clinic Students Research Women's Rights in Iraq
02/09/2011Martin Returns to Classroom from Homeland Security Post
11/09/2010Panel Explores Legality of Drone Strikes, Targeted Killings
10/21/2010"International Law Course Offerings Presentation," with International Law Faculty
06/08/2010Bell Wins UVA Law Human Rights Student Scholars Writing Competition
06/03/2010Supreme Court Rules in Case that Included Work by International Human Rights Clinic Students
05/18/2010Haiti's Women at High Risk for Rape Following Earthquake, Professor Finds
05/14/2010Students, Alumna Pursue Human Rights Work with Help from Fellowships
05/04/2010Human Rights Study Project Reports on Egypt
04/22/2010“Foreign Direct Investment: Navigating Chinese Law and Policy,” with Nestor Gounaris ’01
04/15/2010Career Opportunities with the Department of State
04/15/2010Career Opportunities with the Department of Homeland Security
04/08/2010Immigration Law Clinic Helps Client, Daughter Achieve Permanent Resident Status
03/25/2010Sokol Colloquium to Examine Accountability for Human Rights Violations
03/16/2010Virginia Journal of International Law Marks 50th Anniversary
03/05/2010Administrative Changes Can Benefit Immigration System, Martin Says
03/03/2010International Human Rights Clinic Contributes to Supreme Court Brief in Torture Case
02/24/2010U.N. Special Rapporteur Visits Law School
02/12/2010Cleveland Outlines Obama’s Effect on International Law
02/10/2010Symposium to Examine President’s Effect on U.S. Role in International Law and Policy
11/24/2009Najwa Nabti '02 Discusses Working at the International Court of Justice
11/19/2009Law for Compensating Victims of International War Crimes Expanding, Reed Says
10/30/2009"The Control of Piracy"
10/28/2009Virginia Law Alumni Discuss Their Careers in Human Rights Law
10/23/2009Establishing Rule of Law Means Building Relationships, Nachbar Says
10/22/2009"Human Rights Issues in U.S. Detention Policy"
10/02/2009Indonesian Foreign Minister Stresses International Cooperation
09/28/2009Former NFL Commissioner: Students Should Prepare for Global Marketplace
09/08/2009Lane '11 Makes Mark Fighting Discrimination Against Arab-American Community
07/23/2009Daniel Rosenthal '10: International Arbitration in the Nation's Capital
07/16/2009Postcard from Abroad: Jennifer Nelson '11 Helps Heal the Wounds of Apartheid
06/24/2009Postcard from Abroad: John Stephens '11 on How Nutrition Means Life for South Africa's HIV Population
06/19/2009Clinic Students Help Iraqi Lawmakers Through Work for NGO
06/15/2009Postcard from Abroad: Shanshan Xiao LL.M. '08: Interning for the ICTY at The Hague
06/10/2009Summer Research: John White '11 Looks at Shariah Law and Suing Blackwater
06/04/2009Red Cross Official Outlines New International Humanitarian Law Report at Law School Seminar
04/17/2009Students Will Tackle Human Rights Problems Through Variety of Internships
03/23/2009Documenting Violations Key to Transitional Justice in Iraq, Rothenberg Says
03/18/2009Moussaoui Case Judge to Headline Law School Colloquium Focusing on U.S. Human Rights Litigation
03/02/2009U.S. Will Adapt to Evolving Terror Threat, Counterterrorism Director Says
02/23/2009J.B. Moore Society Symposium Examines International Arbitration
02/19/2009Panel: Learning About Cultures, Law Leads to Successful International Law Careers
11/18/2008Cannon, Martin Named to Obama Transition Team
10/24/2008Next President Faces Challenges Abroad, Moore Says
10/22/2008Judge: International Law Offers Promising Future
10/14/2008Former Generals to Discuss U.S. Policy on Interrogation, Torture
10/09/2008Panel: Questions Remain in Wake of Boumediene
10/09/2008Students Work Abroad With Help From Law School Grants
09/23/2008Expert Analyzes the Role of States and Cities in Immigration Regulation
08/22/2008Another Second-Class Citizen: How the Justice Department Has Been Debasing Immigration Courts for Years
07/18/2008Immigration Law Clinic Teaches Students, Serves Community
07/08/2008Miller Center Releases National War Powers Commission Report
06/30/2008Supreme Court Cites Virginia Law Review Article In Guantanamo Bay Detention Case
06/10/2008Experts Analyze Role of International Humanitarian Law in Modern Conflicts
05/28/2008Law School Hosts Seminar on International Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict
05/07/2008Farrell '07 Awarded Orrick Fellowship
04/29/2008Flatley Earns Fellowships to Study HIV/AIDS in Guatemala
04/22/2008Students Contribute to ACLU Lawsuit Seeking Information on Guantanamo Deaths
04/17/2008Human Rights Study Project Finds Troubling Stories in Uganda
03/28/2008Panel Discusses Challenges in Immigration Court System
03/25/2008European Human Rights Court Faces Significant Backlog, Says Roucounas
03/19/2008Human Rights Program Conference to Explore Chinese Legal Reform
03/17/2008Human Rights Clinic Participates in Inter-American Commission Hearing
03/12/2008Hickman Named a Luce Scholar (UVa Today)
03/11/2008Students, Attorneys Launch Pro Bono Project to Help Disabled Veterans
02/18/2008J.B. Moore Symposium to Examine “Left Turn” in Latin American Politics
02/15/2008National Security Measures Should Be Debated on New Terms, Chandler Says
02/05/2008Symposium to Explore Information Privacy
02/01/2008Civil Rights Leader to Keynote Public Service Conference
01/16/2008When the Constitution and National Security Interests Collide: Investigations and Trials in a Post-9/11 World
12/17/2007Ho, Parndigamge Receive South Africa Human Rights Fellowships
12/07/2007Faculty, Students Write Amicus Brief Challenging Standards on Torture
11/20/2007Law Regarding Civilian Combatants, Contractors Murky, Say Experts
11/07/2007International Tribunals Fail to Deter War Crimes, Drumbl’s Book Charges
11/02/2007Terrorism Threat at Sea Should Not Be Ignored, Tuerk, Moore Warn
10/31/2007Department of Homeland Security Official Discusses Asylum, Refugee Laws in Post-Sept. 11 World
10/30/2007U.S. Human Rights Activists Using International Law to Remedy Domestic Human Rights Violations, Says Huang
10/22/2007Tibet Will Remain World’s Largest Colony Unless China Takes Action, Panelists Say
10/12/2007Rule of Law Problematic When Reforming Post-Conflict States, Says Rajagopal
09/20/2007Debi Sanders ’78: Twenty Years on the Front Lines of Immigrant Advocacy
08/21/2007Postcard from South Africa: Barrett '09 at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies
08/09/2007Postcard from Israel: Tannen '09 at the Supreme Court
08/01/2007Postcard from Tanzania: Finley '09 at the ICTR
07/31/2007Human Rights Clinic Passes Reality Test in Suriname
06/27/2007Postcards from Abroad: Azerbaijan
06/05/2007Rebuilding Iraq Starts at the Local Level, Panelists Say
05/21/2007Melany Grout ’07: Human Rights “Screamer”
05/08/2007Lyman ’06 Wins Top International Law Writing Award
04/26/2007Law Students Assist in Formation of Cambodia Tribunal
04/25/2007Students Participate in Campaign for Habeas Rights for Detainees
04/18/2007Students, Alumna Earn Key International, Human Rights Jobs
04/16/2007Barrett, Dunn Earn Inaugural South Africa Human Rights Fellowships
03/29/2007Prohibiting Financial Resources Will Halt Terrorists, IMF Officials, Moore Say
03/14/2007Anne-Marie Slaughter to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
03/06/2007Dean Jeffries to Co-Direct National War Powers Commission
03/01/2007With Journey to India, Students Bring Human Rights Research to Life
02/26/2007U.S. Likely to Change Policy Barring Entry to HIV-Positive Immigrants
02/23/2007Scholars Discuss Ethics of U.S. Immigration Reform
02/14/2007J.B. Moore Symposium to Examine Legal Issues Surrounding War on Terror
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