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05/27/2016African-Americans Had Surprising Role in UN's Development, Says New McCurdy Fellow Ananda Burra
05/23/2016Graduation Speaker Will Shortz '77 Says UVA Law Students Smart Enough to Fill in Blanks
05/16/2016A Day in Federal Court
05/09/2016Zachary Ray '16 Trades Track Spikes for Pin Stripes as Aspiring Courtroom Advocate
05/05/2016Filling the Gaps in Virginia’s Mental Health Services
05/04/2016New Director of Admissions Chris Colby '04 Hits Ground Running
04/26/2016David Martin, Shaper of Immigration Policy, to Retire After 36 Years at UVA Law
04/25/2016Former Legislative Aide Emily Riff '16 Chose UVA Law to Better Understand Legal History
04/22/2016Two Law Students Receive 2016 Rosenbloom Award
04/19/2016Immigration Law Clinic Student Tells Story of Winning Asylum for Client
04/18/20169 Things to Get You Through Exams
04/15/2016"Exam 2.0" Testing Tips from Professors Kimberly Kessler Ferzan and Toby Heytens
04/06/2016Course Teaches Students How to Manage 'Big Law' Firms
04/05/2016The Innocence Project at the University of Virginia School of Law
03/31/2016Law Students Research a Path to Peace in Colombia
03/30/2016Don Yee '87 Says Young Lawyers Should Keep Eye on Ball, in Addition to Bottom Line
03/28/2016Professor Greg Mitchell's New Book Demystifies U.S. Court System
03/14/2016From Fantasy Sports to the Olympics, UVA Law Symposium Will Explore Hot Topics
03/10/2016New UVA Law Course Helps Students Master the Art of the Deal
02/23/2016Judge Agrees to Test DNA Evidence UVA Law Innocence Project Discovered
02/19/201611 Ways UVA Law Prepares Students to Go Global
02/18/2016Federalist Society Student Symposium to Focus on Poverty and Inequality
02/18/2016Director of Financial Aid Jennifer Hulvey to Receive Lambda LGBT Award
02/16/2016Legal History Book Panel on UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation"
02/12/2016Virginia Journal of Criminal Law Symposium to Focus on White-Collar Criminal Litigation
02/09/2016Students Journey to Middle East to Learn from Israeli Business Law Experts
02/05/2016UVA Law Symposium to Examine Privacy on Social Media
01/21/2016What Do UVA Law Admissions Officers Look for in Personal Statements and Interviews?
01/21/2016How Does the UVA Law Admissions Process Work?
01/21/2016UVA Law Admissions Offers 6 Strategies to Make Your Application Shine
01/18/2016Insight From the Trenches: 7 J-Term Courses That Pair Outside Experts with UVA Law Professors
12/28/2015Year in Review: UVA Law Reflects on 2015 With Favorite Stories
12/03/2015Immigration, Appellate Clinics Win Key Component of 4th Circuit Asylum Appeal
12/01/2015Judicial Duty and the Supreme Court's Cult of Celebrity
11/24/2015Tax Reform Alternatives for the 21st Century
11/10/2015Health Law and Business Symposium to Examine Forces Transforming Health Care Delivery
10/22/2015Virginia Environmental Law Journal Symposium to Focus on Water Rights
10/19/2015"Firearms, Mental Illness and the Law," with Jeffrey Swanson
10/14/2015Professor Michael Gilbert Receives Student Council Distinguished Teaching Award
10/07/2015UVA Law Sets School Records Again in Clerkship Placement
09/16/2015Head of the Class: 2015 Graduate With Top GPA Talks Clerkships, Tips for Law School Success
09/14/2015UVA Law Becomes Home Away from Home for International Graduate Students
09/07/201511 New UVA Law Classes That Will Get You Excited About the Law
09/02/2015Two Students Receive Top GPA Awards
08/18/2015Cordel Faulk '01 Welcomes the Class of 2018
07/27/2015With Alumni Participation of 53%, UVA Law sets 10-year Annual Giving Record
06/12/2015The Year in Photos at Virginia Law, 2014-15
06/09/2015"The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act," with UVA Law Professor Molly Shadel
06/05/2015"Development of the International Law of Conflict Management," with Professor John Norton Moore
06/04/2015First Amendment Clinic Obtains 18 More of DOJ's Secret Deals with Corporate Offenders
06/01/2015UVA Law Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Wins Facebook Threat Case
05/28/2015UVA Law Professor to Kick Off Magna Carta Lecture Series in England
05/22/2015Alumni Q&A: Law Firm Associate Matthew M. Madden '07 Argues and Wins Case at Supreme Court, 9-0
05/20/2015Innocence Project Clinic Helps Change State Law on Exculpatory Evidence
05/18/2015UVA Law Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Gains Unanimous Win With Henderson
05/12/2015Student in New Consumer Law Clinic Helps Retirees Avert Foreclosure
05/11/2015Graduating Law Student Provides Scholarships to Tanzanians Through Nonprofit He Founded
05/07/2015Clinic Students Travel U.S. to Argue Appeals in Federal Courts
05/06/2015Birds of a Feather: UVA Law Professors Howard and Heytens Take Home Raven Awards
04/24/2015Students Get Inside Look at New York Stock Exchange
04/23/2015Lovell and Bilhartz Combine Contrasting Styles to Win 86th Lile Moot Court Competition
04/22/2015Classes, Studying and Community: A Day in Photos at UVA Law
04/20/2015UVA Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Students Help Darden Startups Find Their Footing
04/17/2015Robert Pozen on Corporate Governance
04/15/2015SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher on Financial Regulation
03/27/2015UVA Law Students Celebrate Diversity Week
03/25/2015King v. Burwell and the future of Obamacare
03/23/2015Professor Dotan Oliar, Students' Article Named Among Best of the Year in Intellectual Property
03/09/2015"Serial" and UVA Law's Innocence Project
03/03/2015Meet Morgan Lingar, UVA Law's New Student Bar Association President
02/27/2015"The Future of Sentencing," with U.S. Judge Jed Rakoff
02/25/2015Inside the Oral Arguments for Henderson: A Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Student Reports
02/18/2015Judge Rakoff to Speak at UVA Law Criminal Journal Symposium on Sentencing
02/16/2015The World of the Corporate Lawyer: Alums Take Students Through Company Life Cycle
02/13/2015Lemens to Lead Virginia Law Review
02/12/2015Symposium at UVA Law to Focus on Global Security, Evolution of International Law
02/10/2015Student, Alumna Work to Change Housing Policy, Reduce Public Housing Evictions by 91 Percent
02/09/2015UVA Law Symposium on Sports, Entertainment Will Feature Marketing Pioneer
01/15/2015"The Law of Body Parts," with Dr. Kenneth Brayman
12/17/2014Alumnus Joe Fore '11 Joins UVA Law Legal Research and Writing Program Faculty
12/15/2014UVA Law Student Monica Haymond Reports, Researches Alongside NPR's Nina Totenberg
12/10/2014UVA Law's New Powell Fellow to Help Philadelphia Homeowners Avoid Tax Foreclosure
12/02/2014UVA Law Clinic Argues Elonis v. United States
12/01/20146 Things to Get You Through Exams
11/20/2014Inside a 'Serial' Addiction: Hit Podcast Features Legal Footwork of UVA Law's Innocence Project
11/19/2014UVA Law Clinic Brings 'True Threats' Facebook Case to Supreme Court
11/14/2014Exam Tips for First-Year Law Students
11/12/2014Outside of Class, the Conversation Is Just Starting: Students Connect with Faculty During Dinner Series
10/31/2014Environmental Protection Agency's Avi Garbow delivers keynote at Virginia Environmental Law Journal Symposium
10/30/2014"The Changing Face of Immigration Enforcement" with Doris Meissner
10/30/2014New Fellowship Program Teaches Law Students How to Be Society's Leaders
10/24/2014Kathryn Fuller Delivers Inaugural Stone Distinguished Lecture
10/21/2014Supreme Court Will Hear UVA Law Clinic Case Involving Gun, Property Rights
10/20/2014Conference Will Cast Light on Intersection of Endangered Species, Pesticides
10/17/2014Symposium to Explore Solutions to Immigration Enforcement
10/16/2014Cyber Law Experts Teach New Seminar at UVA Law
10/10/2014DeMaurice Smith '89 to Deliver UVA Law Commencement Address
10/03/2014Student Pro Bono Clinic Investigates Claims of False Conviction
10/01/2014Externship Program Proves Popular with Students, Employers
09/30/2014Two Students Win Top GPA Awards
09/22/2014Jason Dugas '01 Ready for Role as Registrar and Head of Student Records at UVA Law
09/17/2014Former New York Times Journalist Will Help UVA Law Students Shape Public Opinion
08/29/2014UVA Law Library Art Show to Feature Sketches From Notorious 20th-Century Courtroom Trials
08/28/2014Meet 4 Students Honored with Top Scholarship in Class of 2017
08/25/2014"Case Analysis and Briefing," with Professors Molly Shadel and Anne Coughlin
08/25/2014New Admissions Dean Cordel Faulk '01 Discusses His Career, Goals and Efforts to Recruit a Talented, Diverse Class
08/22/2014UVA Law Class of 2017 Orientation Speaker Warren Gorrell ’79
08/22/2014UVA Law's Accomplished Class of 2017 Keeps Eyes and Options Open
07/24/2014Law and Medicine Converge at the University of Virginia in New J.D.-M.D. Program
07/11/2014Seminars Explore Legal Ethics, Morality Through Popular Literature and Film
06/16/2014UVA Law Clinic Headed to Supreme Court Again with ElonisFacebook Threat Case
06/10/2014UVA Law Adds New Clinic Focused on Consumer Advocacy
05/21/2014University of Virginia School of Law 2014 Graduation
05/20/2014After 55 Years, U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy's Diploma Given to Family at UVA Law Graduation
03/21/2014Students in Expanded Appellate Litigation Clinic Argue Back-to-Back Cases; Clinic Moving Into New Circuits and Drawing on Faculty Expertise
03/20/2014VLR Centennial Symposium to Revisit 4 Influential Articles
03/10/2014UVA Law Clinic Suit Prompts Justice Department to Release Non-prosecution Agreement
02/24/2014UVA Law Symposium to Address Meeting the Needs of Sports and Entertainment Clients
02/21/2014UVA Law Symposium to Examine Criminal Discovery Rules and Practices in Virginia
02/19/2014UVA Law Symposium to Examine Legal, Financial, and Human Rights Implications of International Development
02/11/2014UVA Law Clinics Help Exonerate Man Convicted of Rape, Ending 7-Year Struggle in Courts
02/10/2014Fashion Law Attorney Staci Riordan Delivers Keynote at VJOLT Symposium
02/03/2014VJOLT Symposium to Examine the Future of Fashion Law
01/13/2014Former State Department Adviser to Share Insights on Afghanistan in J-Term Course on Rule of Law
12/27/2013The Story of UVA Law in 2013
12/16/2013Students in UVA Law Housing Clinic Help Keep Clients Home for the Holidays
12/09/2013What's on Your Holiday Reading List? UVA Law Faculty, Administrators Share Book Picks
12/05/2013UVA Law Clinic Sues Justice Department to Make Document Public
12/04/2013Law Professors Discuss How They Write Exams — And How Students Can Excel at Them
11/26/2013"Town of Greece v. Galloway" with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
11/12/2013"A Constitutional History of the Long 1960s" with Professor Risa Goluboff
11/05/2013"Must Government Ignore Racial Inequality?" with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui
11/04/2013UVA Law's Laycock to Argue Town of Greece Prayer Case Before Supreme Court
10/31/2013"Compelled Commercial Speech," with Yale Law Dean Robert Post
10/28/2013Two Students Win Top GPA Awards
10/25/2013"Public Deliberation and Private Property Rights: Can There Be Peaceful Coexistence?" with Richard Epstein
10/22/2013"The Same, Only Different: The Re-emergence of Constitutional Rights for Children"
10/21/2013"Punishment and the Adolescent Brain," with Laurence Steinberg
10/18/2013Professors Circle Globe to Bring International Insights to UVA Law
10/14/2013Mildred Robinson Offers Tax Solutions to Stabilize K-12 Education Funding
10/10/2013"The Founding: Reconsidered and Revised," with Michael J. Klarman
10/09/2013Livermore: Misreading of Supreme Court Is Leading to Inefficient Environmental Regulations
10/08/2013UVA Law Clinic Hosts Conference to Mark 15 Years of Fighting for Children in Virginia
10/03/2013UVA Law Symposium: Can the President Make a Difference on Climate Change?
10/02/2013In Light of McCutcheon, UVA Law Professor Questions Whether Disclosure Deters Political Corruption
10/01/2013"Democracy as Consumption," with Professor Dan Ortiz
09/18/2013UVA Law Symposium to Explore Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
09/12/2013Visiting Professors Unpack Knowledge in Diverse Courses
09/10/2013Laycock Receives Traynor Award for Faculty Achievement
09/10/2013"What I Wish I’d Known as a 1L"
09/04/2013Graduate Students Bring Global Diversity to Law School
08/29/2013Mason Named National Reporter at Congress of European Association of Tax Law Professors
08/28/2013First-Year Law Students Receive UVA Law's Top Scholarships
08/26/2013Va. Law Enforcement Agencies Fail to Improve Eyewitness ID Policies, UVA Law Professor Finds
08/21/2013Class of 2016 Brings Diversity of Experiences to UVA Law
08/05/2013We Took the Bar Exam, and These Are the UVA Law Classes That Helped Most
08/01/2013Bagley Co-Authors Major International Patent Law Casebook
07/25/2013Facing Large Prison Populations, States Turn Back to Considering Risk of Recidivism, Monahan Says
07/23/2013Bar Exam Standards, 'Misapplication' to Law Schools Offer Obstacles to Minorities Seeking to Become Lawyers, Johnson Says
07/19/2013Pursuing Justice for Juveniles: The Child Advocacy Clinic at UVA Law
07/08/2013UVA Law Professor Paul Stephan Teaches International Civil Litigation Course in China
07/03/2013Alumni Q&A: Tiburcio on Private International Law and Being Chosen to Lecture at The Hague
06/26/2013University of Virginia Reappoints Dean Paul Mahoney
06/24/2013Ortiz Reacts to Supreme Court's Decision in Employment Discrimination Case
06/18/2013Experts on National Security Law Convene at UVA Law to Discuss Drones, Cyber Threats, Terrorism
06/18/2013"Predator Drones and Targeted Killings," with Frederick P. Hitz
06/18/2013"Transnational Terrorism," with M.E. "Spike" Bowman
06/14/2013"How Constitutional Ideas Travel" with Professor A.E. Dick Howard
06/10/2013UVA Law Professor Named Dean of Harvard Education School
06/06/2013Schwartzman Wins McFarland Prize for Outstanding Scholarship
06/03/2013From Cyber Threats to Drone Killings, Experts Convene at UVA Law to Discuss National Security Law
05/31/2013"Ethical and Legal Issues in Whole-Genome Sequencing — Is It a Good Idea?"
05/30/2013UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Co-Authors First Comprehensive Casebook on Habeas Corpus
05/30/2013"Why Precipitous, Population-Wide Whole-Genome Sequencing Is Probably Inevitable"
05/29/2013Supreme Court to Hear Federal Gun Law Case from UVA Law School Clinic
05/21/2013Nelson '68 Urges Class of 2013 to Strive to Always Act Ethically in Careers
05/15/2013After Challenging Military Ban on Women in Combat, Molly Pitcher Project's Dreams Are Realized
05/03/2013UVA Law Professor Michal Barzuza's Article Named Among Top 10 in Corporate Law
05/02/2013Livermore Brings New Perspective on Cost-Benefit Analysis in Policymaking to UVA Law
04/24/2013Tax and Economics Expert Andrew Hayashi to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/22/2013International Tax Expert Ruth Mason to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/18/2013A Discussion of Lawrence v. Texas with Professor Daniel Ortiz
04/17/201326th Sokol Colloquium Will Explore Implications of Foreign Judgments
04/11/2013Friends First, Kossis and Ramkumar Close Law School with a Win in Lile Moot Court Competition
04/09/2013"Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars," with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
04/09/2013Michael Collins Wins UVA All-University Teaching Award
04/05/2013Virginia Law Students Encourage Next Generation of Students, Foster Understanding of Law
04/03/2013Law School Hires 'West Memphis Three' Attorney to Lead Newly Expanded Appellate Litigation Clinic
04/01/2013UVA Law Symposium to Assess 'Game-Changing' Nature of JOBS Act on Businesses, Law
03/26/2013UVA Law Students Make First Showing in Renowned Pictet International Humanitarian Law Conference
03/19/2013"Gambling and Corruption in Sports"
03/18/2013'Voting Wars' Conference Will Look at Election Law Conflict and Politics
03/14/2013Nation's Leading Scholars in Genetics, Ethics and the Law Will Convene at UVA Conference
03/08/2013Endangered No More? Experts at UVA-Led Conference Look at Improving Conservation Efforts When Animal Species Rebound
03/04/2013Buckley to Lead Virginia Law Review
03/01/2013From Gambling to Lockouts, UVA Law Symposium to Explore 'Vice and Morality' in Sports
02/27/2013UVA Law Professor Kenneth Abraham Honored for 'Four Conceptions of Insurance'
02/26/2013"Fact and Fiction: The Role of Super PACs in the 2012 Elections"
02/25/2013"Poverty as Disability: Neuroscience, Poor Children and Special Education"
02/22/2013"Democracy and Markets in Criminal Adjudication" with Professor Darryl Brown
02/19/2013"The Fight to Fight: Eliminating the Ban on Women in Combat"
02/19/2013Businesses That Incorporate in Nevada Face Little Liability, Barzuza's Research Shows
02/14/2013Darden's Chaplinsky Brings B-School Expertise in Private Equity to Law Students
02/14/2013'The Capitalist Dilemma: Disruptive Technology in a Recovering Economy,' with Clayton Christensen
02/13/2013From Immigration to Health Care, UVA Law Symposium to Bring Together Scholars, Practitioners on Social Issues
02/13/2013UVA Law Expands Externship Program to Offer Students Head Start on Careers
02/08/2013Symposium to Explore Global Financial Innovation in Wake of 2008 Economic Crisis
01/23/2013Molly Pitcher Project Hails Military's Removal of Ban on Women in Combat
01/22/2013UVA Law Professor's Book Aims to Help Students Navigate Verbal Challenges of Law School, Workplace
01/17/2013UVA Law Professor Takes Students Inside Office of Solicitor General
01/14/2013How Would You Advise a Startup? Students Find Out in New J-Term Course
12/20/2012Law School Faculty Share Holiday Reading Lists
12/17/2012UVA Law Professor's Book Explores Untold Story of Impact of 1866 Civil Rights Act
12/10/2012UVA Clinic Argues Before Federal Appeals Court to Release Information Relating to Financial Meltdown
12/10/2012After Putting Service and UVA Family First for Decades, Cronk Retires from Law School
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
12/03/2012Workshops Help Scholars, Students Develop Works Exploring Legal History
11/28/2012UVA Law's Public Speaking Courses Offer More than Just Courtroom Prep
11/27/2012For Workplace Harassment Lawsuits, Court Asks Who Qualifies as a Supervisor in Case Argued by UVA Law Professor
11/26/2012UVA Law Professor to Argue Workplace Harassment Case Before Supreme Court Today
11/19/2012'Too Big to Jail?' A Student Scholarly Lunch with Professor Brandon Garrett
11/08/2012Role of Money in Elections Will Continue to Raise Questions, Say UVA Law Professors
11/06/2012UVA Law Student Leads Drive to Allow Innocence Clinic Client to Vote for First Time
11/01/2012Former Supreme Court Clerks Teach Course on Pending Fourth Amendment Case
11/01/2012Judge Paul Michel '66 on the U.S. Patent System
10/31/2012Ryan on 'Poverty as Disability' and Reforming Special Education Law
10/22/2012Four UVA Law Students Receive Salzburg Cutler International Law Fellowships
10/18/2012Hellman Critiques Supreme Court's Role in Defining Corruption in Campaign Finance
10/12/2012Students Team Up with Alum to Educate Guatemalan Women About Their Rights
10/04/2012Law Professors Seek to End Common Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research
10/01/2012Three Students Win Top GPA Awards
09/28/2012"The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation," with Professor Chris Sprigman
09/24/2012Foreign Lawyers Pursue Career Goals in Growing Graduate Studies Program
09/21/2012UVA Law Professor Models New Way of Teaching with Technology
09/18/2012Marshall Counsels Low-Income LGBT New Yorkers Through New UVA Law School Fellowship
09/11/2012UVA Law Clinic Report Raises Questions About Virginia's Religious Exemptions from School Attendance
09/06/2012Morley Named New Director of Law & Business Program
09/04/2012UVA Law Clinic Will Give Startup Companies at Darden a Legal Leg Up
08/29/2012Three First-Year Students Receive School's Top Scholarships
08/23/2012Class of 2015 Brings Variety of Experience to Law School
08/20/2012New Karsh Student Services Center Opens for Business
08/16/2012Federal Appeals Court Upholds Reversal of Wolfe's Death Sentence
08/15/2012"The Nonprofit Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law"
08/02/2012Summer Research Assistants Hit the Books on Behalf of Professors
07/17/2012UVA Law School Completes Capital Campaign, Surpasses $150 Million Goal
07/09/2012Supreme Court to Hear Workplace Harassment Case from University of Virginia Law School Clinic

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