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06/15/2017Health Law Expert Dayna Matthew '87 to Return to UVA Law Faculty
03/22/2017Symposium Will Tackle Issues of Criminal Justice and Mental Illness
01/23/2017In a Shifting Legal Landscape, Health Law Clinic Continues to Adapt to Clients' Needs
12/19/2016The Legal Landmarks of 2016
11/02/2016Law School Volunteers Advocate for Disabled Veterans
06/17/2016UVA Law Alumna Fights for Fairness in Health Outcomes
05/05/2016Filling the Gaps in Virginia’s Mental Health Services
11/10/2015Health Law and Business Symposium to Examine Forces Transforming Health Care Delivery
10/01/2015Gun Violence and Mental Illness Expert to Deliver Hoffman Lecture
09/04/2015UVA Law Professor, New Chair of Israeli Committee on Sex Selection, on Ethical Issues at Stake
08/27/20156 Questions With Professor Margaret Foster Riley
04/08/2015"The Future of Medicine," with Professor Mimi Riley
03/25/2015King v. Burwell and the future of Obamacare
01/15/2015"The Law of Body Parts," with Dr. Kenneth Brayman
07/24/2014Law and Medicine Converge at the University of Virginia in New J.D.-M.D. Program
04/28/2014Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth? UVA Law Professor Weighs Ethical, Legal Implications of Cloning Long-Lost Species
12/18/2013Report Reveals New Data on Access to Mental Health Crisis Care in Virginia
10/21/2013"Punishment and the Adolescent Brain," with Laurence Steinberg
10/07/2013Leading Expert to Discuss Role of Developmental Science in Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions on Juveniles
10/04/2013Poor Left Uninsured in Face of Uncertain Future Funding of Health Law, Professor Says
06/13/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court Decision in Gene-Patenting Case
05/31/2013"Ethical and Legal Issues in Whole-Genome Sequencing — Is It a Good Idea?"
05/30/2013"Why Precipitous, Population-Wide Whole-Genome Sequencing Is Probably Inevitable"
04/09/2013"Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars," with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
04/03/2013Alumni Q&A: Patrick Gardner '86 on Advocating for Improved Mental Health Services for Young People
03/25/2013Alumni Q&A: Janet Nolan '89 on Weeding Out Fraud and Abuse in Federal Health Care Programs
03/14/2013Nation's Leading Scholars in Genetics, Ethics and the Law Will Convene at UVA Conference
02/22/2013"Obamacare: Government Overreach or an Exercise of Moderation?"
02/20/2013It's Real, But Is It Right? UVA Law Professor Creates Medical Ethics Code for Israeli Reality TV Shows
01/31/2013Alumni Q&A: Savoie '07 Researches Regulation of Radiology, Works to Improve Health Care in Rural Guatemala
01/29/2013UVA Professor Richard Bonnie Meets with Vice President Biden, Federal Officials on Gun Violence
01/25/2013UVA Law Professor Richard Bonnie Testifies Before Sandy Hook Panel
10/04/2012Law Professors Seek to End Common Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research
09/25/2012At Annual Supreme Court Roundup, UVA Law Professors Explain Health Care, Immigration Decisions
08/28/2012Justice Department Lawyer Andy Mao '98 on Prosecuting Health Fraud, Major Pharmaceutical Company Settlement
07/02/2012Health Law at the University of Virginia School of Law
06/29/2012Professors React to Supreme Court Decisions on Health Care, Stolen Valor
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Comment on Presidential Campaign
06/11/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Speak on Upcoming Major Supreme Court Decisions
04/10/2012Health Care Industry Executive Advises Law Students to Avoid Silos
04/02/2012Deborah Hellman, Expert on Discrimination, to Join UVA Law Faculty
03/28/2012UVA School of Law Conference to Focus on Business of Health Care
03/20/2012"The President's Contraception Mandate: A Basic Necessity or a Violation of Religious Liberty?"
03/13/2012Anthrax Panel Experts, Author Will Discuss Findings at UVA Law School
03/07/2012UVA Law Student Salima Burke Wins Statewide Pro Bono Award
01/26/2012J-Term Course in Health Law and Bioethics Opens Students' Eyes to Israeli Culture
11/23/2011Virginia's Community Colleges Should Bolster Mental Health Services, Study Chaired by UVA Law Professor Concludes
10/21/2011Hafemeister Addresses Omission of Medical Malpractice Reform in Health Care Law
10/11/2011Faculty Q&A: John Monahan on Understanding What Makes Terrorists Tick
10/06/2011Faculty Q&A: Bagley Focuses on Law Behind Keeping Drug Patents Profitable
10/05/2011Media Advisory: Law Professors Available to Speak About Health Care Reform, Potential Supreme Court Showdown
09/16/20112011 Supreme Court Roundup, with Professors A. E. Dick Howard, Leslie Kendrick, Toby Heytens, David Martin and George Rutherglen
09/09/2011Kendler: Genes, Behavior Intertwine in Mental, Addictive Disorders
04/01/2011“Making Real Health Reform Work," with Len Nichols
03/30/2011Health Care Expert Len Nichols to Speak at Law School
12/16/2010Students Help Disabled Veteran in Appeal for Benefits
09/13/2010Bonnie Reports College Mental Health Survey Results
09/09/2010"Health Care Reform: What it Means for the Market, the Constitution and You"
03/11/2010Explosion of Prenatal Genetic Testing on Horizon, Greely Says
03/09/2010Professors Participate in TV Series on Genetics, Ethics and the Law
02/04/2010Spellman Named Editor of Perspectives on Psychological Science
12/08/2009Law School Receives Grant to Study Health Law Changes
11/10/2009"Checks, Balances, Temptations and Conflicts of Interest: Today’s Medical Practitioner"
10/28/2009Changes to Virginia Law Empower Patients to Make Health Decisions
10/06/2009"If That Ever Happens to Me: Making Life and Death Decisions After Terri Schiavo"
09/10/2009Student, Alum Win Awards in Elder Law Writing Competition
07/30/2009Jessica Montellese '11 and Matt Weger '11: Finding the Best Ways to Combat Elder Abuse
07/28/2009Breach of Trust Claims Avoid Pitfalls of Medical Malpractice Suits, Professor Concludes
05/29/2009Professor Lois Shepherd's Book Examines 'Making Life and Death Decisions After Terri Schiavo'
04/24/2009Health Law Scholar Details Struggle With Schizophrenia
04/20/2009Author, Scholar Elyn Saks to Speak About Experience with Schizophrenia
03/17/2009Human Genes Should Not Be Patented, Koepsell Says
10/02/2008Conference to Explore Voting in Long-Term Care Facilities in Virginia
09/12/2008Law and Biomedicine Lecture Series Focuses on Health Care Reform
06/24/2008Bonnie: Why Local Involuntary Mental Health Intervention Rates Vary
04/29/2008Flatley Earns Fellowships to Study HIV/AIDS in Guatemala
04/18/2008Don't Compromise Ethics in Human Experiments, Bioethics Expert Says
01/30/2008Cohen Lodges Antitrust Complaint on Vioxx Settlement
12/21/2007Bonnie Releases Statement on Va. Mental Health Law Reform Commission Report
10/22/2007Bonnie Testifies Before Congress on FDA Regulation of Tobacco
06/07/2007Health Care Providers, Patients Benefit Under “Early Offer” Medical Malpractice Plan
04/18/2007Newer Antipsychotic Drugs Not Better, Swartz Says
04/04/2007Chen’s Study of Generic Drug Market Wins ABA Student Writing Award
02/26/2007U.S. Likely to Change Policy Barring Entry to HIV-Positive Immigrants
01/05/2007Child Health Advocacy Program Receives $1 Million Endowment
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