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06/09/2017Third McCurdy Fellow Will Examine Human Rights in the Middle East
05/31/20175 Professors Present at Top Law and Economics Conference
05/16/2017Chief Justice Roberts Appoints Professor A. Benjamin Spencer to Committee on Civil Rules
05/02/2017Lee Epstein Discusses Her Research on the Ideology of the Supreme Court
04/28/2017'Expertise and Empathy' Win Leslie Kendrick All-University Teaching Award
04/21/2017Thomas Jefferson's Original Law Books Soon To Be One Click Away
04/14/2017Former AG Loretta Lynch Says Lawyers Carry Unique Burden to Pursue Truth
04/03/2017A Conversation With Judge Alex Kozinski
03/15/2017A Fake Constitutional Showdown: 'Docs v. Glocks' Among Cases UVA Law Students Weigh in On
01/11/2017Not a Crash Course: January Term Classes Foster Interest in Specialized Topics
12/19/2016The Legal Landmarks of 2016
12/16/2016Professor John F. Duffy Helps Bring 'Forum Shopping' Case to Supreme Court
11/17/2016Book Panel on Ted White's "Law in American History, Vol. II"
11/17/2016G. Edward White's Contemplation of Marshall Court is Essential Reading Almost 30 Years Later
11/07/2016Faculty Q&A: The False Promise of the "Positive Turn" in Legal Interpretation
10/14/2016With Empathy Comes True Exchange of Ideas on Campus, Free-Speech Panelists Say
10/10/2016Symposium Will Examine Expansion of Administrative Regulations
10/07/20162016 Supreme Court Roundup at UVA Law
10/06/2016Seminal Works: Professor Frederick Schauer’s ‘Force of Law’ Shakes Up Legal Theory
10/04/2016Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Celebrates a Decade of Wins and Influence
09/26/2016A. Benjamin Spencer Named Author of Massively Cited 'Federal Practice and Procedure'
09/22/2016Professor Kimberly Ferzan’s Book Celebrates Law and Philosophy Legend
09/08/2016Law Alums Find a Historical Template for Success With J.D.-M.A.
08/30/2016Virginia Top-Ranked for Judicial Legal Citations, New Study Shows
07/25/2016Breaking the Cycle of Genocide
07/08/20166 Questions With Professor Cynthia Nicoletti
07/06/2016Professors Michael Livermore, Caleb Nelson Honored by Academic Peers for Their Scholarship
07/01/2016History in the Making: Risa Goluboff, UVA Law's First Female Dean, Takes Office
06/29/2016Professors Show Grounds to Restore Felon Voting Rights in Court Filing
06/20/2016UVA Students, Law Professor Creating Virtual Legal Researcher
06/16/2016Legal Empiricist, Economist Joshua Fischman Returns to UVA Law Faculty
06/13/2016Incoming Dean Risa Goluboff Joins "BackStory" for History Behind the Real Alexander Hamilton
05/31/2016Property Law Expert and Legal Historian Maureen Brady to Join Faculty
05/26/2016Professor Mila Versteeg Wins UVA Law's McFarland Prize for Scholarship
05/17/2016Professor John Duffy Shares Memories of Justice Antonin Scalia
03/28/2016Professor Greg Mitchell's New Book Demystifies U.S. Court System
02/25/2016Justice Scalia's Legacy and What's Next for the Supreme Court
02/25/2016Benton '70, Retired Judge Who Helped Give Legal Voice to Others, Discusses His Black History Hero
02/16/2016Legal History Book Panel on UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation"
02/16/2016A Former Clerk Remembers Justice Scalia
02/13/2016Remembering U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
02/02/2016Austin Raynor '13 to Clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
01/26/2016Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation" Uncovers Rapid Revolution in Nation's Laws, Police Power
01/19/2016New Book Charts Rise of Corporate Religious Liberty
12/01/2015Judicial Duty and the Supreme Court's Cult of Celebrity
11/09/2015Professor Cynthia Nicoletti's Work on Legal History of Secession Earns Cromwell Fellowship
11/06/2015"Adjudicating Rights and Interests in a Changing Nation," a Panel Honoring UVA Historian Charles McCurdy
11/06/2015"Federalism, Law and the Economy," a Panel Honoring UVA Historian Charles McCurdy
10/09/2015"After Obergefell: What's Next for the LGBTQ Movement?" with Professors Kim Forde-Mazrui and Douglas Laycock
09/28/20152015 Supreme Court Roundup
06/01/2015UVA Law Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Wins Facebook Threat Case
05/28/2015UVA Law Professor to Kick Off Magna Carta Lecture Series in England
05/21/2015"Marbury v. Madison," Mock Class with Professor Risa Goluboff
05/18/2015UVA Law Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Gains Unanimous Win With Henderson
05/14/2015"Magna Carta: 800 Years After Runnymede" with Professor A. E. Dick Howard
05/06/2015Birds of a Feather: UVA Law Professors Howard and Heytens Take Home Raven Awards
04/30/2015Professor Toby Heytens Recognized by The Green Bag for Long-Form Legal Article
04/27/2015UVA Law-Dartmouth Team Traces Clerks' Influence on U.S. Supreme Court Through Computational Techniques
04/17/2015"The Four Women Justices," with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick
04/16/2015Three UVA Law Professors Elected to American Law Institute
04/15/2015SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher on Financial Regulation
04/08/2015Inaugural McCurdy Fellow Finds Research on Cars, Fourth Amendment Her Vehicle to UVA Law Mentoring Opportunity
04/03/2015Laycock Co-Authors Brief Supporting Same-Sex Marriage, Religious Liberty
03/30/2015Magna Carta: 800 Years After Runnymede
03/18/2015Dean Paul Mahoney's New Book "Wasting a Crisis" Questions Rush to Regulate After Financial Meltdown
03/11/2015Views From the Bench: Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain LL.M. '92
03/04/2015International Court of Justice Judge Joan Donoghue to Receive Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law
02/27/2015Civil Rights Pioneer Morris Dees Discusses Fight for Racial Justice
02/25/2015Inside the Oral Arguments for Henderson: A Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Student Reports
02/20/2015Supreme Court Will Hear UVA Law Clinic Case Involving Felons and Firearms Tuesday
01/23/2015Unique Course Introduces UVA Law Students Firsthand to Israeli Business Law and Innovation
01/20/2015Supreme Court Rules Unanimously for Muslim Inmate Represented by Professor Douglas Laycock in Religious Liberty Case
12/15/2014UVA Law Student Monica Haymond Reports, Researches Alongside NPR's Nina Totenberg
12/02/2014UVA Law Clinic Argues Elonis v. United States
11/19/2014UVA Law Clinic Brings 'True Threats' Facebook Case to Supreme Court
11/10/2014"Marriage and Family Law: A Decade of Change" with UVA Law Professor Kerry Abrams
10/14/2014Experts to Discuss Future of Consumer Disclosure Rules at UVA Law Symposium
10/09/2014Brandon Garrett's New Book Exposes the Lenient Deals Prosecutors Make with Corporate Criminals
10/01/20142014 Supreme Court Roundup
09/29/2014UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock to Argue for Inmate's Religious Beliefs in U.S. Supreme Court
09/09/2014Josh Bowers on Policing, Common Sense and the Constitution
09/04/2014Jonathan Urick to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia
08/29/2014UVA Law Library Art Show to Feature Sketches From Notorious 20th-Century Courtroom Trials
08/18/2014McCurdy Fellowship to Foster Legal History Scholarship with Paid Residency at UVA Law
07/07/2014Galen Bascom '13 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Breyer
06/30/2014Professors React to Key U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
06/16/2014UVA Law Clinic Headed to Supreme Court Again with ElonisFacebook Threat Case
06/04/2014From Hobby Lobby to Aereo, UVA Law Experts Available for Comment on Supreme Court Decisions
05/29/2014Five UVA Law Professors Participate in Prestigious ALEA Conference
05/23/2014First Amendment Scholar Leslie Kendrick Wins UVA Law's McFarland Prize
05/13/2014"Free Speech in the 21st Century" with Professor Leslie Kendrick
05/12/2014Quinn Curtis Sheds Light on Costs of 401(k) Retirement Plans
04/29/2014Legal Historian Cynthia Nicoletti to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/08/2014Journalist Marcia Coyle Shares Observations on Roberts Court During Abraham Lecture
04/02/2014'American Constitutional Exceptionalism Revisited': A Q&A with Mila Versteeg
03/24/2014Professors Give Their Take on Hobby Lobby Contraceptive Case Before the Supreme Court
03/24/2014Vol. 100, No. 1: Virginia Law Review Celebrates a Century of Top Legal Scholarship
03/20/2014VLR Centennial Symposium to Revisit 4 Influential Articles
03/19/2014Faculty Q&A: Toby Heytens on the Practice of Judicial 'Reassignment'
03/05/2014Laycock to Argue Prisoner Religious Liberty Case Before U.S. Supreme Court
02/26/2014"After Windsor," A UVA Law Talk on LGBT Rights Following United States v. Windsor
02/17/2014Myron T. Steele ’70, Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Delaware, to Speak at UVA Law Symposium on Corporate Governance
01/30/2014Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States of America: Domestic Violence Survivor Discusses Her Landmark Human Rights Case
01/28/2014Brinton Lucas ’11 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
01/27/2014Former Justice of Supreme Court of Va. Gives MLK Talk
11/26/2013"Town of Greece v. Galloway" with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
11/21/201350 Years at UVA: Professors Howard and Low Look Back at Evolution of Law School
11/12/2013"A Constitutional History of the Long 1960s" with Professor Risa Goluboff
11/12/2013"The Changing Nature of Covering the Supreme Court," with Dahlia Lithwick
11/05/2013"Must Government Ignore Racial Inequality?" with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui
11/04/2013UVA Law's Laycock to Argue Town of Greece Prayer Case Before Supreme Court
10/29/2013Bentz '12 to Clerk for Supreme Court Justice Kennedy
10/16/2013Interdisciplinary UVA Symposium to Mark 100th Anniversary of Beard's 'An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution'
10/15/2013Jefferson Symposium to Examine First Amendment Rights of Corporations
10/10/2013"The Founding: Reconsidered and Revised," with Michael J. Klarman
10/02/2013In Light of McCutcheon, UVA Law Professor Questions Whether Disclosure Deters Political Corruption
09/16/20132013 Supreme Court Roundup
09/10/2013Laycock Receives Traynor Award for Faculty Achievement
09/09/2013Ahead of Supreme Court Roundup, Howard Looks Back on Major Decisions of 2012-13 Term
06/26/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Rulings
06/25/2013Voting Rights Act Decision Effectively Ends 'Preclearance,' UVA Law Professor Says
06/20/2013Alumni Q&A: Zeisler '01 on Working at a Global Investment Management Firm
06/18/2013Experts on National Security Law Convene at UVA Law to Discuss Drones, Cyber Threats, Terrorism
06/14/2013"How Constitutional Ideas Travel" with Professor A.E. Dick Howard
06/13/2013UVA Law Professors Analyze Supreme Court Decision in Gene-Patenting Case
06/06/2013Schwartzman Wins McFarland Prize for Outstanding Scholarship
05/30/2013UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Co-Authors First Comprehensive Casebook on Habeas Corpus
05/29/2013Supreme Court to Hear Federal Gun Law Case from UVA Law School Clinic
05/15/2013After Challenging Military Ban on Women in Combat, Molly Pitcher Project's Dreams Are Realized
05/07/2013Marked by 10 Years of Success, Law & Business Program Named in Honor of Venture Capitalist John Glynn '65
05/03/2013UVA Law Professor Michal Barzuza's Article Named Among Top 10 in Corporate Law
05/02/2013Livermore Brings New Perspective on Cost-Benefit Analysis in Policymaking to UVA Law
04/18/2013A Discussion of Lawrence v. Texas with Professor Daniel Ortiz
04/11/2013Friends First, Kossis and Ramkumar Close Law School with a Win in Lile Moot Court Competition
04/09/2013"Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars," with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
03/28/2013Richard Hasen on the State of Election Law After 2012
03/11/2013The Future of the Voting Rights Act: A Discussion About Shelby County v. Holder and What it Means for Virginia
03/07/2013Schmalzbach '10 to Clerk for Justice Thomas
01/30/2013Symposium to Consider Next Steps in Women in Combat Debate
01/29/2013UVA Professor Richard Bonnie Meets with Vice President Biden, Federal Officials on Gun Violence
01/17/2013UVA Law Professor Takes Students Inside Office of Solicitor General
12/17/2012UVA Law Professor's Book Explores Untold Story of Impact of 1866 Civil Rights Act
12/13/2012How Will the Supreme Court Rule on Same-Sex Marriage?
12/06/2012Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
12/04/2012UVA Law Professors: Supreme Court Overturning Voting Rights Act Could Make for 'Rocky Ride'
12/03/2012Workshops Help Scholars, Students Develop Works Exploring Legal History
11/27/2012For Workplace Harassment Lawsuits, Court Asks Who Qualifies as a Supervisor in Case Argued by UVA Law Professor
11/26/2012UVA Law Professor to Argue Workplace Harassment Case Before Supreme Court Today
11/08/2012Role of Money in Elections Will Continue to Raise Questions, Say UVA Law Professors
11/01/2012Former Supreme Court Clerks Teach Course on Pending Fourth Amendment Case
10/18/2012Hellman Critiques Supreme Court's Role in Defining Corruption in Campaign Finance
10/17/2012Meeting of Minds Sparks Ideas in Law and Humanities Workshop Series
10/10/2012Jeffries Makes Case for Reforming Constitutional Torts
10/08/2012UVA Law Professors Preview Supreme Court Case Involving Affirmative Action in College Admissions
09/25/2012At Annual Supreme Court Roundup, UVA Law Professors Explain Health Care, Immigration Decisions
09/17/2012Ahead of Supreme Court Roundup, Howard Discusses Emerging Picture of the Roberts Court
09/06/2012Morley Named New Director of Law & Business Program
08/13/2012Are Facebook 'Likes' Protected by the First Amendment?
07/20/2012Richard Bonnie on the Need for a Constitutional Right to the Insanity Defense
07/11/2012"The (Sometimes) Constitutional Point of 'Pointless Indignity,'" with Josh Bowers
07/02/2012UVA Law Library's Digital Exhibit Reveals Little-Known Details of Tokyo War Crimes Trial
06/29/2012Professors React to Supreme Court Decisions on Health Care, Stolen Valor
06/13/2012Looking Back: A Photo Slideshow of the 2011-12 School Year at Virginia Law
06/12/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Comment on Presidential Campaign
06/11/2012UVA Law Professors Available to Speak on Upcoming Major Supreme Court Decisions
05/30/2012Faculty Q&A: Kendrick Defines Pattern for Supreme Court's First Amendment Jurisprudence
05/15/2012Goluboff Receives Burkhardt Fellowship, Draws Attention to Unexplored History of Vagrancy Law
05/08/2012Trevor Potter '82 on Campaign Finance, Election Law and the Colbert Report
05/08/2012Dooley, a 'Master of Corporate Law,' Retires from Virginia Law After Four Decades
05/07/2012"The Ministerial Exception Case — And Faculty Arguments in the Supreme Court," with Professor Douglas Laycock
04/23/2012Legal Historian Jessica Lowe to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/23/2012Nixon White House Counsel John Dean to Tell Inside Story of Rehnquist Appointment
04/18/2012Judge Grants UVA Law School Clinic's Motion to Release AIG Corporate Monitor Reports
04/13/2012First Law Dean's Diary Reveals Inside History of University of Virginia, Law School; Offers Unique Snapshot of America
04/11/2012Judge Known for Federal Sentencing Reforms Says More Progress Needed
04/09/2012UVA Law Library Hunts for Books Handpicked by Thomas Jefferson
04/04/2012"Free Speech and Guilty Minds," with Professor Leslie Kendrick
04/02/2012"The Criminal Procedure Revolution," Inside the Classroom with Professor Risa Goluboff
04/02/2012Deborah Hellman, Expert on Discrimination, to Join UVA Law Faculty
03/26/2012Brown: Supreme Court Recognizes Key Role of Plea Bargaining in Criminal Justice System
03/22/2012"Affirmative Action Revisited: Fisher v. University of Texas"
03/20/2012"The President's Contraception Mandate: A Basic Necessity or a Violation of Religious Liberty?"
03/16/2012"Abbe Sieyes, Guttenberg, and Habermas: Constitutional Revolutions in Egypt and the Arab World"
03/16/2012Wealth Creation a Benchmark of a Country's Success, Chief Judge Says
03/16/2012U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to Hold Oral Arguments at UVA Law
03/14/2012Brown-Nagin's Book on Civil Rights Movement Wins Bancroft Prize
03/13/2012U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thomas Visits UVA Law School
03/12/2012Dog Day at the Law School: Local K-9 Unit Demonstrates Tactics for Students
03/07/2012"The Law of Property: Inside the Classroom with Professor Alex Johnson"
03/01/2012Panel on Professor G. Edward White's Book "Law in American History"
02/27/2012Heller and McDonald Revisited: A Lecture on the Supreme Court's Recent Second Amendment Decisions
02/22/2012Does the First Amendment Protect Lies About Military Valor?
02/17/2012"Religion and Public Reasons: Making Laws and Evaluating Candidates"
02/14/2012Law School Conference to Focus on Constitutions and the Arab Spring
02/03/2012Is It Legal? New Federal Rules for Health Coverage of Birth Control Raise Questions
01/30/2012Professors Paint Martin Luther King Jr. as Bold, Sometimes Reluctant, Law-Breaker
01/25/2012Flag Burning and Free Speech: Inside the Classroom with Professor Frederick Schauer
01/11/2012Supreme Court Hands Victory to Church, Laycock; Cites Professors in Eyewitness Case
01/10/2012Is It Legal? The FCC's Authority to Regulate Broadcast Indecency
01/06/2012Is It Legal? Obama's Recess Appointments
01/03/2012Faculty Q&A: George Cohen on the Financial Meltdown and the 'Forgotten' Law of Contracts
12/05/2011Top 10 UVA Law Stories of the Year
11/21/2011"A Debate on Citizens United"
11/03/2011"The International Investment Regime: Its Role Today and Challenges Tomorrow," with Ko-Yung Tung
10/18/2011Inaugural Jefferson Symposium Will Focus on Free Speech, Campaign Gift Law
10/17/2011Rutherglen on Employees' Rights and Lessons from the History of the 13th Amendment
10/12/2011Obama Campaign General Counsel Criticizes 'Anti-Reform' Movement in Election Politics
10/10/2011Lucas '11 Wins Brown Award for Legal Writing
10/06/2011Laycock Argues Hosanna-Tabor Before Supreme Court (Transcript, Summary of Media Coverage)
10/05/2011Media Advisory: Law Professors Available to Speak About Health Care Reform, Potential Supreme Court Showdown
09/30/2011Laycock to Argue Religious Employment Discrimination Case Before U.S. Supreme Court
09/28/2011"Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Curbing Class Action Abuse or Slashing Workers' Rights?"
09/23/2011Faculty Q&A: Mila Versteeg on the Declining Influence of the U.S. Constitution
09/16/20112011 Supreme Court Roundup, with Professors A. E. Dick Howard, Leslie Kendrick, Toby Heytens, David Martin and George Rutherglen
09/13/2011'War Model' of Dealing with Terrorism Remains Strong Under Obama, Professors Say
08/22/2011Wheeler '92 Discusses New Role as Director of First Amendment Center
08/05/2011"The Debt Ceiling and Section 4 of the 14th Amendment," with Professor John Harrison
07/22/2011Zimbabwean Lawyers Visit Law School, Discuss Making Democratic Constitutions
07/11/2011Professor Risa Goluboff on "People Out of Place: The Sixties, the Supreme Court and Vagrancy Law" (Faculty Workshop)
06/30/2011Versteeg Brings Comparative Law Expertise — with Quantitative Focus — to Faculty
06/02/2011Nicholson '09 to Clerk for Justice Thomas
05/31/2011New Faculty Member Quinn Curtis Focuses on Consumer Financial Markets
05/25/2011Faculty Q&A: Ryan Says Progressives Should Embrace 'New Textualism'
05/19/2011Hiller '09 to Clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor
04/28/2011Professors Debate Ministerial Exception in Preview of Hosanna-Tabor
04/26/2011Laycock Releases Second Volume of Collected Works on Religious Liberty
04/15/2011Cariello, Gocek Take Home Lile Moot Court Prize; Archibald Named Best Oralist
04/01/2011"CLS v. Martinez: When Fundamental Rights Collide," with Professors Douglas Laycock and Barbara Armacost and Opposing Counsel Kim Colby and Scott Ballenger '96
03/23/2011Inside the Supreme Court: Clinic Instructors Argue Two Cases on Same Day
03/18/2011Panelists Discuss "Courage To Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement"
03/04/2011"Are Bailouts Inevitable?" with Dean Paul Mahoney and Randall Guynn '84
02/08/2011Brown-Nagin's New Book Focuses on Unsung Civil Rights Lawyers, Activists
01/27/2011Faculty Q&A: Schauer on the Virtue of Following Rules
01/21/2011Justice Thomas to Keynote Federalist Society Symposium
01/03/2011Supreme Court to Hear Two Clinic Cases on Same Day
11/02/2010Experts Discuss Parameters of Free Speech at Law Review Symposium
10/18/2010Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Clinic Case
10/01/2010Greenhouse Discusses Abortion Debate Prior to Roe v. Wade
09/17/2010Professors Reflect on 2009-10 U.S. Supreme Court Term
09/09/2010"Health Care Reform: What it Means for the Market, the Constitution and You"
08/18/2010Faculty Q&A: Schragger Casts New Light on What Keeps Church, State Separate
07/02/2010Faculty Q&A: Barzuza Examines Why Businesses Choose Nevada
05/18/2010"The Road to Global Constitutionalism," with Professor A.E. Dick Howard
05/11/2010Media Advisory: Law Professors Available to Talk About U.S. Supreme Court Nomination
05/04/2010"Do Lawyers Think, and If So, How?" with Professor Frederick Schauer

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