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06/15/2017Health Law Expert Dayna Matthew '87 to Return to UVA Law Faculty
06/13/2017U.S. Army JAG Corps Forges Strong Connection With UVA Law
06/07/2017UVA Law Professor Barbara Armacost Argues Sanctuary Cities May Point to the Future of Immigration Enforcement
06/05/2017'Go-To Resource' for Researching Corporate Prosecution Just Got More Powerful
05/31/20175 Professors Present at Top Law and Economics Conference
05/23/2017The Supreme Court's Language Goes Its Own Way
05/22/2017Professor John Duffy on Legal Team That Wins Landmark Supreme Court 'Forum-Shopping' Case
05/22/2017Retiring Professors Reflect on Time at Law School
05/16/2017Chief Justice Roberts Appoints Professor A. Benjamin Spencer to Committee on Civil Rules
05/12/2017As Public Housing Becomes Privatized, UVA-Trained Advocates Stand Up for Tenants
05/11/2017Professor Abraham Has Influenced the Development and Application of the Law Through ALI
04/28/2017'Expertise and Empathy' Win Leslie Kendrick All-University Teaching Award
04/27/2017Professor Mila Versteeg Wins Carnegie Fellowship
04/25/2017Charge to the Class of 2017
04/25/2017Speaking Skills Professor Offers Words To Part With
04/19/2017The Future of Federal Regulation of Corporate Governance
04/19/2017Stephen Braga Named New Director of Clinical Programs at UVA Law
04/18/2017Evidence: Inside the Classroom With Professor Kimberly Ferzan
04/18/2017Professor Richard Balnave Retires After 33 Years of Helping Students, Families
04/17/2017Leslie Kendrick '06 Will Be UVA Law's Next Vice Dean
04/10/2017Witness to a Social Revolution — Through Tax
04/06/2017Law Students Take Home Multiple Awards in International Tax Law Moot
04/05/2017Why UVA Law's Tax Faculty Are Among Nation's Best
03/28/2017Tax Caps on Executive Pay Are Ineffective, Says Professor Michael Doran
03/27/2017Professor Represents Inmate Fighting to Receive Lifesaving Treatment for Hepatitis C
03/22/2017Lecturer, Judge Amul Thapar Nominated to 6th Circuit Court of Appeals
03/09/2017The War-and-Peace Professor
03/02/2017“The Psychological Foundations of Evidence Law” Book Discussion
02/27/2017Professor Energizes Movement to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns
02/21/2017Albert Choi Chosen to Edit Prestigious American Law and Economics Review
02/10/2017UVA Law to Share in $1.4 Million Grant to Improve Eyewitness IDs
02/06/2017Seminal Works: Paul Mahoney’s Scholarship Exposes How Securities Law Serves Financial Industry
02/02/2017Reducing Arrests May Be Answer to Safer Policing, Says Professor Rachel Harmon
01/11/2017Not a Crash Course: January Term Classes Foster Interest in Specialized Topics
01/04/2017Professor Jon Cannon Named to Board of Prestigious Environmental Law Institute
01/03/2017President Obama's War Powers Legacy
12/27/2016UVA Law's Top Stories of 2016
12/21/2016'Doing Time' With Enduring Criminal Law Lecturer Bob Weinberg
12/19/2016The Legal Landmarks of 2016
12/16/2016Professor John F. Duffy Helps Bring 'Forum Shopping' Case to Supreme Court
11/22/2016Can Cities Govern? Urban Governance in a Global Age
11/21/2016Food for Thought: Incubator Lunches Allow Profs to Audition Ideas for Scholarship
11/17/2016Book Panel on Ted White's "Law in American History, Vol. II"
11/17/2016G. Edward White's Contemplation of Marshall Court is Essential Reading Almost 30 Years Later
11/10/2016"The Obama Administration's War Powers Legacy" with Professor Ashley Deeks
11/07/2016Faculty Q&A: The False Promise of the "Positive Turn" in Legal Interpretation
11/02/2016Vicarious Liability for Employee Torts with Professor J.H. Verkerke
10/31/2016Faculty Q&A: Professor Brandon Garrett Wants to Shore Up Science Used in Courts
10/31/2016Berin Szoka ’04 Debates Professor Thomas Nachbar on the Effectiveness of Net Neutrality Regulations
10/27/2016Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui Elected to American Law Institute
10/17/2016Faculty Q&A: Why Landing UVA's First Law Professor Was Surprisingly Difficult for Thomas Jefferson
10/12/2016Professor Jonathan Cannon Discusses Recent Environmental Supreme Court Cases
10/11/2016Professor George Rutherglen's New Book Provides Structure to Concepts in International Civil Litigation
10/07/20162016 Supreme Court Roundup at UVA Law
10/06/2016Seminal Works: Professor Frederick Schauer’s ‘Force of Law’ Shakes Up Legal Theory
09/30/2016Book Panel on Professor Saikrishna Prakash's "Imperial from the Beginning"
09/27/2016Scholars Discuss Professor Darryl Brown's Book 'Free Market Criminal Justice'
09/26/2016A. Benjamin Spencer Named Author of Massively Cited 'Federal Practice and Procedure'
09/22/2016Professor Kimberly Ferzan’s Book Celebrates Law and Philosophy Legend
09/21/2016'Free Speech on Campus' Symposium Brings Together First Amendment Stars, University Presidents and Activists
09/13/2016Cities Have More Sway Than Often Perceived, Professor Richard Schragger Says in New Book
09/08/2016Law Alums Find a Historical Template for Success With J.D.-M.A.
08/30/2016Virginia Top-Ranked for Judicial Legal Citations, New Study Shows
08/24/2016Dean Risa Goluboff Welcomes the Class of 2019
08/19/20166 Questions With Professor Leslie Kendrick
08/09/2016How to Succeed in Law School: Faculty, Alums Offer Tips for Incoming Students
08/05/20166 Questions With Professor George Yin
07/27/2016Criminal Law Faculty Help Shape National Conversation on Justice
07/22/20166 Questions With Professor J. Gordon Hylton
07/18/20167 Secrets to Successful Client Relationships
07/08/20166 Questions With Professor Cynthia Nicoletti
07/06/2016Professors Michael Livermore, Caleb Nelson Honored by Academic Peers for Their Scholarship
07/01/2016History in the Making: Risa Goluboff, UVA Law's First Female Dean, Takes Office
06/30/2016Ready Your Ballot: UVA Law Professors to Critique Presidential Campaign Speeches
06/29/2016Professors Show Grounds to Restore Felon Voting Rights in Court Filing
06/28/2016Revamped DNA Exonerations Database Has Answers for Lawyers With Questions
06/23/2016Happy 100th, Mort!
06/22/2016Alumnus Cale Jaffe '01 to Join Faculty, Direct Environmental and Regulatory Law Clinic
06/20/2016Professor Ashley Deeks Discusses Law and Policy Related to Drones in Armed Conflict
06/20/2016UVA Students, Law Professor Creating Virtual Legal Researcher
06/16/2016Legal Empiricist, Economist Joshua Fischman Returns to UVA Law Faculty
06/13/2016Incoming Dean Risa Goluboff Joins "BackStory" for History Behind the Real Alexander Hamilton
06/10/20166 Questions With Professor Stephen Braga
06/09/2016UVA Law Faculty Comment on Supreme Court Decisions
06/09/2016Media Tip Sheet: UVA Law Experts Available for Comment on Supreme Court Decisions
06/08/2016Former DOJ Attorney on National Security Beat to Join Faculty
05/31/2016Property Law Expert and Legal Historian Maureen Brady to Join Faculty
05/26/2016Professor Mila Versteeg Wins UVA Law's McFarland Prize for Scholarship
05/24/2016UVA Law Dean Paul Mahoney Recaps 2015-16 Academic Year
05/22/2016UVA Law Dean Paul Mahoney's Message to UVA's Class of 2016
05/19/2016Retiring Professor David Martin Reflects on His Time at UVA Law
05/19/20165 Professors Participate in Elite Law and Economics Conference
05/18/2016Eight Years Stronger
05/17/2016Professor John Duffy Shares Memories of Justice Antonin Scalia
05/06/2016New Book Is Antidote to Poorly Focused Presidential Debates, Professor Says
05/05/2016Filling the Gaps in Virginia’s Mental Health Services
04/26/2016David Martin, Shaper of Immigration Policy, to Retire After 36 Years at UVA Law
04/22/2016Charge to the Class of 2016 with UVA Law Professor Greg Mitchell
04/21/2016'Meticulous' Legal Mind Earns Professor Toby Heytens All-University Teaching Award
04/20/2016Monahan Joins American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/11/2016The Law & Business Program, with Professor Andrew Vollmer
04/04/2016UVA Law Students and Dean Join Effort to 'Listen First'
04/01/2016Professor Richard Bonnie to Receive APA Commendation for Contributions to Field of Law and Psychiatry
03/28/2016Professor Greg Mitchell's New Book Demystifies U.S. Court System
03/16/2016Legal Historian G. Edward White Releases Second Installment of 'Law in American History'
03/10/2016New UVA Law Course Helps Students Master the Art of the Deal
03/09/2016Directors Serving Multiple Corporate Boards Push Trends in Governance, Professors Find
02/29/2016"The Morality of Limits on Pharmaceutical Patents," with UVA Law Professor Margo Bagley
02/25/2016Justice Scalia's Legacy and What's Next for the Supreme Court
02/19/201611 Ways UVA Law Prepares Students to Go Global
02/16/2016Legal History Book Panel on UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation"
02/16/2016A Former Clerk Remembers Justice Scalia
02/13/2016Remembering U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
02/12/2016Professor's Book Analyzes How Psychology Influences Evidence Law
02/08/2016'If What I Do Is Right, How Can You Make It Wrong?' with Professor Kimberly Kessler Ferzan
01/28/20166 Questions With Professor Brandon Garrett
01/26/2016Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation" Uncovers Rapid Revolution in Nation's Laws, Police Power
01/20/20166 Questions With Professor Dan Ortiz, Director of the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
01/19/2016New Book Charts Rise of Corporate Religious Liberty
01/15/20166 Questions With Professor Margo Bagley, IP Expert
01/13/2016National Security Law, with UVA Law Professor Ashley Deeks
01/13/2016Law and Free Market Concepts Intertwine in U.S. Criminal Justice, Professor Darryl Brown Finds in New Book
01/08/2016Civil Rights Litigation, with UVA Law Professor John C. Jeffries Jr.
01/08/20166 Questions With Professor Michael Livermore
12/28/2015Year in Review: UVA Law Reflects on 2015 With Favorite Stories
12/22/20156 Questions With Professor Toby Heytens
12/17/20156 Questions With Professor John Norton Moore
12/11/20156 Questions With Professor Paul Stephan
12/10/2015Faculty Turn Page on Fall Semester With Holiday Reading
12/02/20156 Questions With Professor Molly Bishop Shadel
12/01/2015Judicial Duty and the Supreme Court's Cult of Celebrity
11/30/20156 Questions With Professor George Rutherglen
11/20/2015UVA Selects Risa L. Goluboff as Dean of the School of Law
11/19/2015UVA Law Professors Discuss Exam Strategies
11/18/20156 Questions With Professor Frederick Schauer
11/13/2015"Imperial from the Beginning: The Constitution of the Original Executive," with Saikrishna Prakash
11/12/2015"What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships," with Jim Donovan, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
11/09/2015Professor Cynthia Nicoletti's Work on Legal History of Secession Earns Cromwell Fellowship
11/04/2015UVA Law Professor David Martin Honored for Decades of Immigration Law Scholarship
11/02/2015Professor Benjamin Spencer Sworn In to JAG Corps
10/30/20156 Questions With Professor Ashley Deeks
10/28/2015Professor Margo Bagley Helps Protect Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights on International Stage
10/22/20156 Questions With Professor Joe Fore
10/19/2015Improved Lawyering Behind Virginia's Vanishing Death Penalty, Says UVA Law Professor's Study
10/16/2015Journal Symposium Will Examine Debate Over Judicial Elections
10/14/2015Professor Michael Gilbert Receives Student Council Distinguished Teaching Award
10/14/20156 Questions With Professor Robert Nelson Sayler
10/12/2015As Congress Considers Sentencing Reform, Professor John Monahan Examines Risk's Role
10/09/2015"After Obergefell: What's Next for the LGBTQ Movement?" with Professors Kim Forde-Mazrui and Douglas Laycock
10/08/20156 Questions With Professor Andrew Vollmer
10/05/2015UVA Law Launches Effort to Improve Forensics Analysis as Part of New National Center
09/30/2015Tax Professor and Former Key Congressional Staffer Examines Alleged Taxpayer Privacy Violation
09/29/20156 Questions With Professor Kenneth Abraham
09/28/20152015 Supreme Court Roundup
09/25/20156 Questions With Professor Jessica Lowe
09/24/2015"How to Read a Case," with Professor Anne Coughlin
09/22/2015Professor Saikrishna Prakash Receives Traynor Award for Scholarship
09/17/20156 Questions With Professor G. Edward White
09/10/20156 Questions With Professor Charles Barzun
09/04/2015UVA Law Professor, New Chair of Israeli Committee on Sex Selection, on Ethical Issues at Stake
09/03/20156 Questions With Professor Greg Mitchell
08/27/20156 Questions With Professor Margaret Foster Riley
08/12/20156 Questions With Professor Dotan Oliar
08/11/2015Jennifer Givens Joins Innocence Project Clinic as Legal Director
08/07/2015Faculty Q&A: Ashley Deeks Proposes an International Legal Framework for Surveillance
08/06/20156 Questions With Professor Andrew Hayashi
08/05/2015What They Did on Their Summer Vacation: Faculty Globetrot to Teach and Present the Law
07/28/20156 Questions With Professor Rip Verkerke
07/20/20156 Questions With Professor Kimberly Ferzan
07/13/2015Faculty Q&A: Are Formal Contracts Necessary in Long-Term Relationships? Professor Albert Choi Examines Their Role
07/08/2015Legal Historian J. Gordon Hylton '77 to Join Law Faculty
07/06/2015Faculty Q&A: Rachel Harmon Addresses Federal Programs and the Real Costs of Policing
06/25/2015Professor Ruth Mason Scores Victory for Taxpayers with Influential Supreme Court Amicus
06/17/2015UVA Law Professor Michal Barzuza Elected to Prestigious ALEA Board
06/15/2015Family Law, Jurisprudence Expert Gregg Strauss to Join UVA Law Faculty
06/10/2015U.S. Presidency Was Imperial from Start, Professor's New Book Reveals
06/09/2015"The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act," with UVA Law Professor Molly Shadel
06/05/2015"Development of the International Law of Conflict Management," with Professor John Norton Moore
06/04/2015First Amendment Clinic Obtains 18 More of DOJ's Secret Deals with Corporate Offenders
06/01/2015UVA Law Faculty Comment on Supreme Court Decisions
06/01/2015UVA Law Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Wins Facebook Threat Case
06/01/2015Dean Paul G. Mahoney to Step Down in 2016, Leaving Legacy of Leadership
05/29/2015UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Wins McFarland Prize
05/28/2015UVA Law Professor to Kick Off Magna Carta Lecture Series in England
05/27/2015Media Tip Sheet: UVA Law Experts Available for Comment on Supreme Court Decisions
05/21/2015Deirdre Enright Discusses UVA Law Innocence Project
05/21/2015"Marbury v. Madison," Mock Class with Professor Risa Goluboff
05/20/2015The Program in Law and Public Service, with Professor Josh Bowers
05/18/2015UVA Law Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Gains Unanimous Win With Henderson
05/18/2015UVA Law's Intellectual Property Program, with Professor John Duffy
05/14/2015"Magna Carta: 800 Years After Runnymede" with Professor A. E. Dick Howard
05/13/2015"The Importance of Civil Procedure for Access to Justice," with Professor A. Benjamin Spencer
05/06/2015Birds of a Feather: UVA Law Professors Howard and Heytens Take Home Raven Awards
04/30/2015Professor Toby Heytens Recognized by The Green Bag for Long-Form Legal Article
04/27/2015UVA Law-Dartmouth Team Traces Clerks' Influence on U.S. Supreme Court Through Computational Techniques
04/22/2015Charge to the Class of 2015, with Professor Karen Moran
04/21/2015Richard Goldstone on War Crimes and Accountability
04/16/2015Three UVA Law Professors Elected to American Law Institute
04/15/2015Professor's Book Looks at Environmental Movement Through Supreme Court Decisions
04/08/2015"The Future of Medicine," with Professor Mimi Riley
04/03/2015Laycock Co-Authors Brief Supporting Same-Sex Marriage, Religious Liberty
03/30/2015Magna Carta: 800 Years After Runnymede
03/25/2015King v. Burwell and the future of Obamacare
03/23/2015Professor Dotan Oliar, Students' Article Named Among Best of the Year in Intellectual Property
03/19/2015"Nelson Mandela as a Statesman," with Richard Goldstone
03/18/2015Dean Paul Mahoney's New Book "Wasting a Crisis" Questions Rush to Regulate After Financial Meltdown
03/09/2015"Serial" and UVA Law's Innocence Project
02/16/2015The World of the Corporate Lawyer: Alums Take Students Through Company Life Cycle
01/30/2015Professor Josh Bowers Talks About Writing Process and His Paper, "Legality and Rough Justice"
01/27/2015Threat of Sanctions Proves Critical to "Force of Law" in UVA Law Professor Frederick Schauer's New Book
01/22/2015Professor Brandon Garrett's Work Cited in Overhaul of Massachusetts Jury Instructions on Eyewitness Evidence
01/20/2015Supreme Court Rules Unanimously for Muslim Inmate Represented by Professor Douglas Laycock in Religious Liberty Case
12/19/2014Need Holiday Reading Ideas? UVA Law Faculty, Staff Name Their Book Picks
12/17/2014Alumnus Joe Fore '11 Joins UVA Law Legal Research and Writing Program Faculty
12/02/2014UVA Law Clinic Argues Elonis v. United States
11/20/2014Inside a 'Serial' Addiction: Hit Podcast Features Legal Footwork of UVA Law's Innocence Project
11/17/2014The Law of Pre-emptive Strikes: Q&A with Professor Ashley Deeks
11/13/2014"Reflections on 50 Years at UVA Law" with A. E. Dick Howard
11/12/2014Outside of Class, the Conversation Is Just Starting: Students Connect with Faculty During Dinner Series
11/10/2014"Marriage and Family Law: A Decade of Change" with UVA Law Professor Kerry Abrams
11/07/2014"Real Options, Natural Resources and Offshore Oil" with Professor Michael Livermore
11/03/2014UVA Law Professor Leads Effort Urging Support for Young Adults
10/29/2014New Alvarez-Coughlin Award Recognizes LGBT Supporters at UVA Law and Beyond
10/17/2014Symposium to Explore Solutions to Immigration Enforcement
10/13/2014Holt v. Hobbs: UVA Law Professor Douglas Layock Talks About Arguing the Case
10/09/2014Brandon Garrett's New Book Exposes the Lenient Deals Prosecutors Make with Corporate Criminals
10/01/20142014 Supreme Court Roundup
09/17/2014Former New York Times Journalist Will Help UVA Law Students Shape Public Opinion
09/09/2014Josh Bowers on Policing, Common Sense and the Constitution
08/25/2014"Case Analysis and Briefing," with Professors Molly Shadel and Anne Coughlin
07/15/2014Sarah Davies Joins UVA Law as Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
06/30/2014Professors React to Key U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
06/04/2014From Hobby Lobby to Aereo, UVA Law Experts Available for Comment on Supreme Court Decisions
06/03/2014UVA Law Professor Available to Comment on Groundbreaking EPA Rule Cutting Carbon Emissions
05/23/2014First Amendment Scholar Leslie Kendrick Wins UVA Law's McFarland Prize
05/01/2014Peter Low, UVA Law Professor and Former Provost, to Retire This Month After 50 Years
04/24/2014Greg Mitchell Wins UVA All-University Teaching Award
04/23/2014Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, Criminal Law Theorist, to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/22/2014"Can Cities Govern?" Chair Lecture with Professor Richard C. Schragger
04/21/2014Michael Doran, Expert in Tax Policy and Legislative Process, Returns to UVA Law Faculty
04/16/2014A. Benjamin Spencer, Expert in Civil Procedure and Jurisdiction, to Join UVA Law Faculty
04/02/2014'American Constitutional Exceptionalism Revisited': A Q&A with Mila Versteeg

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