Student Government

Student Government

The SBA is the student governing association for the Law School with the general goal of improving the law school experience. Students may join one of the SBA's committees or run for class representative.

Executive Board

Other Voting and Non-Voting Members

  • 3L Senators: Ashley Finger, Charles Baker, Eric Hall, Hilary Turner, Richey Fraga, William Davis
  • 2L Senators: Aparna Datta, Julia Wahl, Lollie Akere, Muskan Mumtaz, Michelle Chang, Robbie Pomeroy
  • Honor Representatives: Lindsay Fisher, Owen Gallogly
  • UJC Representatives: Brandon Newman, Peter Bautz
  • Student Council Representatives: Lollie Akere, Muskan Mumtaz
  • ABA Representative: Tia Bassick

Committee Chairs

  • Building Services and Environmental Concerns Committee: Ashley Finger
  • Diversity Advisory Council: Aparna Datta, Jeri Brown, Muskan Mumtaz
  • Health and Wellness Committee: Tom Malone
  • Programming Committee: Charles Baker, Alyssa Gaudio, Mary Seraj
  • Barrister’s Ball Subcommittee: Michelle Chang
  • Academics and Faculty Relations Subcommittee: Siarra Rogers, Jackie Malzone
  • Graduation Subcommittee: Laura Gregory
  • Finance Committee: MacLane Taggart (as Deputy Treasurer), Hilary Turner (as Appropriations Coordinator)