University Emergency Notifications

University Emergency Notifications

The University uses several means to alert the community to critical incidents:  

UVA Alerts (Text Message Alerts)

UVA Alerts notifies registered users via text message of an imminent threat / emergency situation. Registration requires a UVA computing id. Register for UVA Alerts

University Email

University email notifies anyone with an account of emergency situations; this is a stand-alone email system that you cannot opt out of.

Outdoor Siren System

Emergency sirens have been placed strategically around the University grounds to alert the community to emergency situations. More

If you hear the siren, stay calm and follow any verbal instructions that accompany the alarm. 

An “all-clear horn” will indicate when it is safe to resume normal activities.

AlertUs Desktop Alerts

AlertUs Desktop Alerts uses a pop-up alert on desktops or laptops. Note: You must have the AlertUs software installed on your computer, your computer must be on the UVA network (either physically or via VPNand your computer must be turned on and not in sleep mode to receive alerts. The Law School has installed AlertUs on all classroom computers.  

Twitter @UVALaw

If the Law School website is down in the event of an emergency, information will also be communicated through the school's Twitter feed,