J.D.-M.S. (Accounting)

The School of Law and the McIntire School of Commerce offer a dual-degree program that allows a participating student to earn both the J.D. and the M.S. in accounting degrees in seven semesters instead of the eight that would normally be required if the degrees were earned separately. Dual-degree candidates must secure admission to each school through the regular admissions process.

After completing the first year at the School of Law, dual degree students are free to take courses from both the School of Law and the McIntire School as their schedules permit; however, students must meet all of the requirements specified by the respective schools. Students may earn up to 12 of the 86 credit hours required for the J.D. degree by successfully completing approved graduate-level work in the McIntire School. Similarly, students may earn up to six of the 30 credit hours required for the M.S. degree by successfully completing courses in the School of Law. NOTE: In accordance with ABA standards, J.D. degree candidates may not enroll in more than 17 credits total in any semester.

As a general principle, the McIntire School will accept any law course as long as it does not duplicate knowledge that the student received at the McIntire School or prior to admission (e.g., basic business law). Likewise, the School of Law will accept any graduate accounting course as long as it does not duplicate knowledge that the student received at the School of Law or prior to admission (e.g., basic tax). In all cases, the School of Law representative must approve credit for any course taken outside the School of Law to be applied towards the J.D. degree before the student enrolls in the course. NOTE: Credit towards the J.D. degree cannot be granted for course work completed prior to matriculation at the School of Law.

Financial Aid

Financial aid will be provided by the school to which the student is paying tuition in a given semester. Financial aid is not guaranteed and is subject to individual school and University regulations and availability. Students must meet the satisfactory academic progress standards of the school providing the financial aid in a given semester.

Tuition and Fees

J.D. degree candidates must complete six residency semesters in the School of Law and pay School of Law tuition and fees. For any semester in which a student is in full-time residence in the McIntire School, the student must pay tuition and fees as a regular student in that department.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the Law School faculty advisor, Professor George Geis.