Center for Criminal Justice

Center for Criminal Justice

Center for Criminal Justice


Child Advocacy Clinic

In the clinic, offered in conjunction with the JustChildren Program of the Legal Aid Justice Center, students represent low-income children statewide who have problems with the education, foster care and juvenile justice systems. More

Criminal Defense Clinic

The semester-long Criminal Defense Clinic allows students to represent defendants in criminal cases in the local courts under the direct supervision of an experienced local criminal defense attorney. Students perform all of the lawyering functions associated with their cases, including interviews, investigation, research, negotiation and courtroom advocacy. More

Innocence Project Clinic

Students in this yearlong clinic investigate three potential wrongful convictions of incarcerated individuals in Virginia. One of the three
cases has forensic evidence (usually DNA) that could potentially be tested, and two are non-DNA cases. More

Prosecution Clinic

In this yearlong clinic, students work with prosecutors to try cases in local jurisdictions. Students explore a range of issues involved in the discharge of a prosecutor’s duties, including the exercise of discretion in the decision to initiate, prosecute, reduce or drop charges; interaction with defense counsel, investigative agencies and law enforcement personnel; and dealing with victims and other witnesses. More

Jennifer Givens, Nichelle Ruffin and Darnell Phillips