Center for Criminal Justice

Center for Criminal Justice

Center for Criminal Justice

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Civil Rights Clinic

Students provide relief and legal support to people and communities that have been harmed by the criminalization of poverty and other forms of discrimination or deprivation of rights. More

Criminal Defense Clinic

The semester-long Criminal Defense Clinic allows students to represent defendants in criminal cases in the local courts under the direct supervision of an experienced local criminal defense attorney. Students perform all of the lawyering functions associated with their cases, including interviews, investigation, research, negotiation and courtroom advocacy. More

Decarceration and Community Reentry Clinic

This clinic assists formerly incarcerated people with resolving the collateral consequences of arrests and convictions, and with creating sustainable and effective reforms in their communities. More

Federal Criminal Sentence Reduction Clinic

The Federal Criminal Sentence Reduction Clinic works to reduce the sentences of indigent federal inmates and gives students a unique opportunity to practice in federal court. More

Holistic Youth Defense Clinic

Students represent youths on delinquency matters, as well as related school discipline and special education matters, in order to help keep youth in their homes, schools and communities with appropriate supports. More

Innocence Project Clinic

Students in this yearlong clinic investigate three potential wrongful convictions of incarcerated individuals in Virginia. More

Project for Informed Reform Clinic

This clinic takes on collaborative projects with organizations interested in criminal justice reform, with the goal of producing supportive research and reliable data. More

Prosecution Clinic

In this yearlong clinic, students work with prosecutors to try cases in local jurisdictions. Students explore a range of issues involved in the discharge of a prosecutor’s duties, including the exercise of discretion in the decision to initiate, prosecute, reduce or drop charges; interaction with defense counsel, investigative agencies and law enforcement personnel; and dealing with victims and other witnesses. More

Whitmore Merrick Jr., center, at the Charlottesville Circuit Court, is flanked by Meredith Kilburn, left, and clinic director and professor Kelly Orians, right