Center for the Study of Race and Law

Center for the Study of Race and Law

Center for the Study of Race and Law

Virginia offers courses in civil rights and anti-discrimination law, but equally important is a wide array of courses in constitutional law and history. These offerings reflect the ways in which the struggle for civil rights shaped — and continues to shape — our country and institutions.

Each year the Center for the Study of Race and Law brings a visiting professor to teach a short course. Past visitors include:

  • Richard Banks, Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
  • Dorothy Brown, professor of law, Emory Law School
  • Devon Carbado, professor of law and former vice dean of the faculty, UCLA School of Law
  • Adrienne Davis, professor of law and vice provost at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Michael Klarman, Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

The following courses have recently been offered, or will be offered in the current academic year. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2016-17 is coded (17), 2017-18 is coded (18) and 2018-19 is coded (19). (SC) stands for short course and (YR) stands for yearlong.

Courses and Seminars

American Legal History Seminar (17,18)
Asian Americans and Legal Ideology (SC) (18)
Civil Rights Litigation (17,18,19)
Constitutional History I: American Revolution to 1865 (17)
Constitutional History II: The Twentieth Century (18)
Crime and Punishment (17)
Criminal Adjudication (18,19)
Criminal Investigation (17,18,19)
Criminal Procedure Survey (17,18,19)
Education Rights and Enforcement (SC) (17,18)
Employment Discrimination (17,18,19)
Family Law (17,18,19)
Immigration Law (18,19)
Implicit Bias and the Law (SC) (18)
International Human Rights Law (17,18,19)
Judicial Role in American History (17,18)
Land Use Law (17,18,19)
Law and Education (19)
Poverty in Law, Literature and Culture (18,19)
Racial Justice and Law (17,18,19)
Social Science in Law (17,18,19)
Urban Law and Policy (17,19)


Civil Rights Clinic (19)
Immigration Law Clinic (18,19)
International Human Rights Law Clinic (YR) (17,18,19)

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