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Inside Sines v. Kessler: A Case Holding White Supremacists Accountable

Story | Jan. 25, 2022

A panel will explore a successful civil lawsuit against organizers, promoters and participants in the 2017 Unite the Right rally. At the conclusion of the litigation Nov. 23, a jury found the defendants liable under Virginia law, for both civil conspiracy and racial, religious and ethnic harassment. During the event, the 2022 Gregory H. Swanson Award will be presented. Named after UVA’s first Black student, the award recognizes UVA law students who demonstrate courage, perseverance and a commitment to justice.

From the Equal Rights Amendment to Black Lives Matter: Reflecting on Intersectional Struggles for Equality

Story | Jan. 29, 2021

This virtual symposium will explore the intersectional nature of race and sex (including LGBTQ+) equality movements, the contributions of activists with intersectional identities, and the potential role of intersectional theories to inform future efforts to advance race and sex equality. The symposium will culminate in a keynote speech by Elaine R. Jones ’70 at 1:50 p.m. Jones is the first Black woman to graduate from UVA Law School — 50 years ago — and the first woman to serve as director-counsel and president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. During the event, the 2021 Gregory H. Swanson Award will be presented. Named after UVA’s first Black student, the award recognizes UVA law students who demonstrate courage, perseverance and a commitment to justice. 

Healing Hate: A Public Health Perspective on Civil Rights in America

Story | Jan. 30-31, 2020

Hosted by the University of Virginia Schools of Law, Nursing and Medicine, this conference focused on the impact of racial and ethnic discrimination in driving public health disparities. The program brought together scholars, clinicians, policymakers and community leaders to take a public health approach in treating and reducing violence, disease and injury due to racism, hate speech, crimes and violence.

At the conclusion of the event, participants announced a civil rights framework to combat health disparities, and generated and disseminated evidenced-based proposals and tools aimed at eliminating health disparities.

“Biased,” With Jennifer Eberhardt

Story | Jan. 21, 2020

Jennifer Eberhardt, a social psychologist at Stanford University, was the featured speaker at the Law School’s Community MLK Celebration event. She discussed her 2019 book “Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do.” Eberhardt is a 2014 MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and was named one of Foreign Policy’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers.

During the event, Dean Risa Goluboff presented the 2020 Gregory H. Swanson Award. Named after UVA and UVA Law’s first black student, the award recognizes students who demonstrate a commitment to justice within the community.

The Hard Work of Social Justice: A Conversation With Women of August 11-12

Jan. 31 2019

This event discussed the work of social justice activism focusing on Aug. 11 and 12, 2017, and on women who countered the terrorism of those days before, then and since. The event features the film, “Charlottesville,” which documents the events leading up to and including Aug.11-12. The second half was a panel discussion with women activists, followed by participation from the audience.

During the event, the Law School presented the annual Gregory H. Swanson Award, given to a law student who exemplifies “courage, perseverance and a commitment to justice.” 

One Year After Charlottesville: Replacing the Resurgence of Racism With Reconciliation

Story | Sept. 27-28, 2018

This conference examined the United States' history of racism, racial violence and white supremacy, and where it stands today through the lens of empirical critical race theory. Pulitzer Prize winner James Forman Jr. headlined the conference. It was sponsored by UVA Law, the school’s Center for the Study of Race and Law, the Carter G. Woodson Institute and the Virginia Law Review, and marked the one-year anniversary of the August 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

“We’re trying to take back the discourse so it’s no longer about giving a voice to white supremacy and nationalism,” said Professor Dayna Bowen Matthew ’87, an organizer of the event. “We’re trying to speak for and with people who have been harmed and silenced by hate in all its manifestations.”


Professor Danielle Citron discusses her new book, “The Fight for Privacy: Protecting Dignity, Identity, and Love in the Digital Age.” The event was sponsored by the LawTech Center and the school’s American Constitution Society and Black Law Students Association chapters.