Constitutional Law and Legal History

Constitutional Law and Legal History

Constitutional Law and Legal History


The Law School’s curriculum features two concentrations with courses in constitutional law and legal history. The following is a list of courses offered during the pervious, current and next academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2020-21 is coded (21), 2021-22 is coded (22) and 2022-23 is coded (23). (SC) stands for short course and (YR) stands for yearlong. 

Constitutional Law

Administrative Law (21,22,23)
Advanced Administrative Law (SC) (22,23)
Advanced Campaign Finance Seminar (22,23)
Advanced Topics in Law of the Police (21,22)
Advanced Topics in the First Amendment (Religion Clauses) (21)
After Dobbs (SC) (23)
Asian Americans and the Law (23)
Balancing Public Safety and Civil Liberties: Law Enforcement Policymaking (21,23)
Business and Governmental Tort Liability (23)
Civil Rights and Antidiscrimination Law (23)
Civil Rights Litigation (21,22,23)
Civil War and the Constitution (22)
Comparative Constitutional Law (21,22,23)
Comparative Gender Equality (23)
Constitutional Law and Economics (23)
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech and Press (21,22,23)
Constitutional Law II: Poverty (21,22,23)
Constitutional Law II: Religious Liberty (21,22,23)
Constitutional Law II: Survey of Civil Liberties (22,23)
Constitutional Originalism (21)
Constitutionalism: History and Jurisprudence (21)
Constitutionalism: Nation, Culture and Constitutions (21,22,23)
Courts (22,23)
Criminal Procedure Survey (21,22,23)
Designing Democracy: Participation (23)
Discrimination Theory (21,22)
Education Law Survey (21,22,23)
Eighth Amendment Death Penalty Law (21)
Eminent Domain, Expropriation and Emergency Action (SC) (21)
Federal Courts (21,22,23)
Federal Sentencing (SC) (21,22,23)
Founders and Foes (SC) (21,22,23)
Free Speech and the Digital Age (22)
Higher Education and the Law (SC) (21,22,23)
History of American Federalism (23)
Introduction to American Law for LL.M.s (21,22,23)
Land Use Law (21,22,23)
Law and Inequality Colloquium (23)
Law and Riots (23)
Law of Armed Conflict (21,23)
Law of Corruption (21,23)
Law of the Police I: Rules, Rights and Regulation (22,23)
Legislation (21,22,23)
Legislation and Regulation (21,22,23)
Monetary Constitution Seminar (22,23)
Parental Choice in K-12 Education (SC) (23)
Presidential Powers (21,22)
Pretrial Litigation Skills: Civil Rights (21,22,23)
Privacy (21,22,23)
Race, Education and Opportunity (21,22,23)
Racial Justice and Law (21,22,23)
Regulation of the Political Process (21,22,23)
Reproductive Rights and Justice (SC) (21)
Separation of Powers in the Federal Courts Seminar (22,23)
State Constitutions (SC) (22)
Supreme Court From Warren to Roberts (21,22)
Supreme Court Justices and the Art of Judging (21,23)
Supreme Court: October Term (22)
The Institutional Supreme Court (SC) (22)
The Mueller Report and the Role of the Special Counsel (SC) (22,23)
Understanding Police Use of Force: Investigation and Litigation Concepts (SC) (21)
Virginia and the Constitution (SC) (21,22)


Appellate Litigation Clinic (YR) (21,22,23)
Civil Rights Clinic (YR) (21,22,23)
First Amendment Clinic (YR) (21,22,23)
Project for Informed Reform Clinic (YR) (22,23)
Supreme Court Litigation Clinic (YR) (21,22,23)

Legal History

American Legal History Seminar (23)
An American Half-Century (21,22,23)
Barbarian Law (22)
Cause Lawyers in American History (21)
Civil War and the Constitution (22)
Constitutional Law II: Poverty (21,22,23)
English Legal History to 1776 (21,22)
Federalism (SC) (22,23)
Founders and Foes (SC) (21,22,23)
Global Legal History (22,23)
History of American Federalism (23)
Law and Inequality Colloquium (23)
Law and Riots (23)
Law in American History: 20th Century (21,22,23)
Law Reform and Impact Litigation Seminar (23)
Monetary Constitution Seminar (22,23)
Race and Slavery on UVA’s North Grounds (23)
The Institutional Supreme Court (SC) (22)
Virginia and the Constitution (SC) (21,22)
World War I (21,22)
Payvand Ahdout