Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

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In addition to the core Immigration Law course that is taught every year, the program frequently offers advanced courses, including Refugee Law and Policy, Citizenship and Group Identity, and other related seminars. Students who want hands-on experience in working with immigrant clients can take the Immigration Law Clinic, which is also offered annually.

The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2018-19 is coded (19), 2019-20 is coded (20), and 2020-21 is coded (21).


Border Policy and Politics (20.21)
Immigration Law (19,20)
Immigration Law and Policy: Business and Family (21)
International Law of Migration and Refugees (20,21)
The Law of Refugees and Forced Migration (SC) (19)
U.S. Refugee and Asylum Law Seminar (19)


Immigration Law Clinic (YR) (19,20,21)
International Human Rights Law Clinic (YR) (19,20,21)