Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

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Virginia’s courses cover not just the basic forms of intellectual property — patent, copyright and trademark — and common issues of unfair competition, but also the challenges posed by international law and the Internet. Advanced colloquia in property rights offer students a chance to explore theoretical and practical issues.

The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2018-19 is coded (19), 2019-20 is coded (20) and 2020-21 is coded (21).

Courses and Seminars

Antitrust in the Digital Economy (SC) (20,21)
Art Law (SC) (20,21)
Biotechnology and the Law (19)
Communications Law (19)
Computational Text Analysis for Legal Practice (SC) (20,21)
Computer Crime (19)
Computer Crime Law (21)
Copyright Law (19,20,21)
Cultural Property (SC) (19)
Current Issues in Intellectual Property Law (20)
Emerging Growth Companies and Venture Capital Financing: Principles and Practice (19,20,21)
Exercises in Rulemaking – Society, Technology and the Law (SC) (19,20)
Intellectual Property Law Policy (19)
Internet Law (21)
Israeli Business Law and Innovation (SC) (19,20)
Legal Practice and the Startup Company: An Inside Look (SC) (19,20)
Music Law: Analytical and Client Management Skills (21)
Patent Law (19,20,21)
Survey of Patent, Copyright, Trademark (19,20,21)


Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (19,20,21)
Patent and Licensing Clinic I (20,21)
Patent and Licensing Clinic II (19,20)

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