The John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics

The John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics

The John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics

The John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics funds the production and distribution of a working paper series comprised of works-in-progress of the Virginia faculty. A summary list with abstracts is distributed through an electronic mailing series published by the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress).

Winter 2008

Michal Barzuza
"Lemon Signaling in Cross-Listing"

Albert H. Choi 
"Integrating an Agreement to Induce Information Disclosure"

Amanda E. Dawsey, Richard M. Hynes, and Lawrence M. Ausubel
"The Regulation of Non-Judicial Debt Collection and the Consumer's Choice Among Repayment, Bankruptcy and Informal Bankruptcy"

Thomas Nachbar
"The Public Network"

Richard C. Schragger
"Cities, Economic Development, and the Free Trade Constitution"

Winter 2007

Albert H. Choi and George Triantis
"Completing Contracts in the Shadow of Costly Verification"

Albert H. Choi and Eric Posner
"A Critique of the Odious Debt Doctrine"

Jody S. Kraus
"Transparency and Determinacy in Common Law Adjudication: A Philosophical Defense of Explanatory Economic Analysis"

Jody S. Kraus
"Legal Determinacy and Moral Justification"

Dotan Oliar
"Resolving Conflicts Among Congress's Powers Regarding Statutes' Constitutionality: The Case of Anti-Bootlegging Statutes"

Glen O. Robinson
"The Property Rights of Despots"

Spring 2006

Paul G. Mahoney and Jianping Mei
"Mandatory vs. Contractual Disclosure in Securities Markets: Evidence from the 1930s"

Anup Malani
"Law as a Local Amenity"

Anup Malani and Ramanan Laxminarayan
"Surveillance and Reporting of Disease Outbreaks: Private Incentives and WHO Policy Levers"

Daniel S. Nagin, Alex R. Piquero, Elizabeth S. Scott, and Laurence Steinberg
"Public Preferences for Rehabilitation versus Incarceration of Juvenile Offenders: Evidence from a Contingent Valuation Survey"

Kal Raustiala and Chris Sprigman
"The Piracy Paradox: Innovation and Intellectual Property in Fashion Design"

Fall 2006

Juan Carlos Bisso and Albert H. Choi
"Should Vicarious Liability be Based on Negligence or Strict Liability?"

Edward M. Iacobucci and George G. Triantis
"Economic and Legal Boundaries of Firms"

J.H. Verkerke
"'Woolley v. Hoffmann-LaRoche': Finding a Way to Enforce Employee Handbook Promises"

George K. Yin
"Is the Tax System Beyond Reform?"

Anup Malani and Charles Mullin 
"Assessing the Merits of Reallocation"

Anup Malani 
"Testing for Placebo Effects Using Data."

Julia D. Mahoney 
"Lawrence Lessig's Dystopian Vision"

Kevin Kordana and David Tabachnick 
"Rawls & Contract Law"

Anup Malani 
"Habeas Settlements"

Fall 2004

Clarisa Long 
"Information Costs in Patent and Copyright" (published)

Daniel Klerman, Paul Mahoney
"The Value of Judicial Independence: Evidence from 18th Century England" (forthcoming)

Paul Mahoney, Chris Sanchirico
"General and Specific Legal Rules" (forthcoming)

Paul Mahoney, Guolin Jiang, Jianping Mei
"Market Manipulation: A Comprehensive Study of Stock Pools"

Albert ChoiAnup Malani
"Are Non-Profit Firms Simply For-Profits in Disguise? Evidence from Executive Compensation in the Nursing Home Industry"

Jeffrey O'Connell, Jeremy Kidd, Evan Stephenson 
"An Economic Model of Costing 'Early Offers' Medical Malpractice Reform"

Eric Posner, Alexander Triantis, George G. Triantis
"Investing in Human Capital: The Efficiency of Covenants Not to Compete"

Spring 2004

Anup Malani
"The Effect of Joint and Several Liability on
the Bankruptcy Rate of Defendants: Evidence from Asbestos

"Habeas Bargaining"

Chris W. Sanchirico and George G. Triantis
"Evidentiary Arbitrage: The Fabrication of Evidence and The
Verifiability of Contract Performance

Robert E. Scott and George G. Triantis
"Embedded Options and the Case Against Compensation in Contract Law

 Winter 2003

03-6 Albert Choi A Rent Extraction Theory of Right of First Refusal
03-8 Anup Malani Testing for Placebo Effects Using Data from Blinded, Randomized, Controlled Trials
03-9 Glen Robinson Personal Property Servitudes
03-10 Paul Stephan Courts, the Constitution, and Customary International Law” (Forthcoming Virginia Journal of International Law)
03-11 George Triantis Organizations as Internal Capitol Markets” (Forthcoming Harvard Law Review, Vol. 117, 2004)


Fall 2003

03-1 Robert Scott
Alan Schwartz
Contract Theory and the Limits of Contract Law,” forthcoming, Yale Law Journal, Vol. 113, Nov./Dec. 2003
03-2 Robert Scott A Theory of Self-Enforcing Indefinite Agreements,” forthcoming, Columbia Law Review, Vol. 102, Nov. 2003
03-3 Paul Stephan Against International Cooperation—The Case of Competition Law
03-4 Rip Verkerke Legal Ignorance & Information-Forcing Rules
03-5 George Yin

How Much Tax Do Large Public Corporations Pay? Estimating the Effective Tax Rates of the S&P 500"