John W. Glynn Jr. Law & Business Program

John W. Glynn Jr. Law & Business Program

John W. Glynn Jr. Law & Business Program

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Students can take advantage of an extensive set of curricular opportunities that allow them the flexibility to sample according to their interests or dive deep.

Business Methods and Skills

For students without a background in basic finance, accounting or other business methods, courses taught by UVA’s business and law faculty lay a foundation for understanding the corporate world. They include Accounting and Corporate Finance, Corporate Strategy and other classes focused on business skills.

Core Business Law Courses

Core business law courses include Corporations, Securities Regulation, Bankruptcy, Employment, Environmental Law, Income Tax, Antitrust and Intellectual Property.

Enhanced Core Law & Business Courses

Students who have taken the introductory Accounting and Corporate Finance course or who have equivalent experience are eligible to take enhanced versions of core Law & Business courses that incorporate finance and quantitative concepts. These typically include Corporations, Securities Regulation, Secured Transactions, Corporate Finance, and Mergers and Acquisitions, which are often taught by resident faculty members with graduate degrees in economics or finance.

Sample Course Schedule

First Year

Civil Procedure* (4 credits)
Contracts* (4)
Criminal Law* (3)
Legal Writing* (1)
Torts* (4)

Constitutional Law* (4)
Legal Writing* (1)
Property* (4)
Corporate Finance (2)
Accounting (2)
Other Elective

* REQUIRED first-year curriculum

Second Year

Securities Regulation (or spring semester)
Federal Income Tax
Administrative Law
Corporate Strategy
Negotiation Institute

Secured Transactions
Intellectual Property, such as Survey of Patent, Copyright and Trademark

Other possibilities:
Employment or Labor Law, Banking, Environmental Law, Teamwork

Third Year

If you have a good idea of your interests or the areas of law in which you would like to practice, you should start to concentrate on more advanced courses in those areas, such as transactions, tax, securities, intellectual property, international or litigation.  A list of courses recently offered is at the Curriculum and Advanced Courses website pages. Otherwise, select a mix of advanced courses from the transaction, litigation and regulatory areas.

Possibilities include:
Current Issues in Corporate Law
Real Estate Transactions
Advanced Topics in Securities Law
Private Equity and Hedge Funds
Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
Finance of Small Enterprises
Legal Issues in Corporate Finance
White Collar Criminal Defense
International Civil Litigation
Federal Regulation of Investment Companies
International Finance
International Tax
International Patent Law
Patent Clinic

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