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Courses and Seminars

The following is a list of courses offered/scheduled to be offered during 2019-22. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2019-20 is coded (20), 2020-21 is coded (21) and 2021-22 is coded (22). (SC) stands for short course and (YR) stands for yearlong. 

Advanced LawTech (YR) (22)
Antitrust in the Digital Economy (SC) (20,21,22)
Bioethics and the Law Seminar (20,21,22)
Computational Text Analysis for Legal Practice (SC) (20,22)
Computer Crime Law (21,22)
Copyright Law (20,21,22)
Cryptocurrency Law and Policy (SC) (22)
Cryptocurrency Regulation (SC) (21,22)
Digital Evidence From Theory to Practice (JAG) (20,21)
Drug Product Liability Litigation Seminar (20,21,22)
Drug Product Liability Litigation: Principles and Practice (20,21,22)
Electronic Discovery (20)
Energy and Environmental Products Trading and Commodities Regulation (SC)
Food and Drug Law (20,22)
Free Speech and the Digital Age (22)
Genetics and the Law (SC) (20,21)
Innovating for Defense (20,21,22)
Internet Law (21,22)
Introduction to the Law of Trade Secrets (SC) (21,22)
Introduction to Legal Aspects of Cyberspace Operations (JAG) (20,21)
Israeli Business Law and Innovation (SC) (20,22)
Law and Ethics of Biotechnology (21)
Law and Technology Colloquium (22)
Law of Sea, Air and Space Operations (JAG) (20,21)
LawTech (20,21,22)
National Security Law (20,21,22)
National Security Law and Practice (SC) (21)
Patent Law (20,21,22)
Privacy (21,22)
Privacy Law and Theory Seminar (22)
Quantitative Methods (20,21,22)
Repugnant Transactions (22)
Science and the Courts (SC) (20,21,22)
Startup of a Medtech Company (SC) (20,21,22)
Survey of Patent, Copyright, Trademark (20,21,22)
Taboo Trades (22)
Taxing Multinationals in a Global Economy (SC) (22) 
Truth, Lies and Statistics for Lawyers (SC) (21,22)


Advanced Patent and Licensing Clinic (20,21,22)
Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (20,21,22)
Patent and Licensing Clinic (20,21,22)

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