PLACE: Program in Law, Communities and the Environment

PLACE: Program in Law, Communities and the Environment

PLACE: Program in Law, Communities and the Environment

UVA Law School

Michael Livermore

“Sociopolitical Feedbacks and Climate Change,” (with Peter Howard) 43 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 119 (2019) . 

Environmental Law and Policy (Foundation Press, 2019) (4th ed. with Richard Revesz, Caroline Cecot, and Jayni Foley Hein).

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Retaking Rationality: How Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Better Protect the Environment and Our Health (with Richard L. Revesz) (Oxford University Press, 2008).

Jonathan Z. Cannon

Professor Emeritus

“Have We Glimpsed the Environmentalist Future at Paris? — Toward a Theory of Change,” 129 Harv. L. Rev. F. 274 (2016).

Environment in the Balance: The Green Movement and the Supreme Court (Harvard University Press, 2015). (Story) (Excerpt)

"The Sounds of Silence: Cost Benefit Canons in Entergy Corp. v. Riverkeeper, Inc.," 34 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 425 (2010).
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“Words and Worlds: The Supreme Court in Rapanos and Carabell,” 25 Va. Envtl. L. J. 277 (2007).
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Jason S. Johnston

“Fire Suppression Policy, Weather, and Western Wildland Fire Trends” (with Jonathan Klick), in Karen M. Bradshaw & Dean Lueck, eds., Wildfire Policy: Law and Economics Perspectives 158 (RFF Press, 2012).

“Disasters and Decentralization,” 37 Geneva Papers on Risk & Ins. 228 (2012).
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"Climate Change Confusion and the Supreme Court: The Misguided Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Clean  Air Act," 84 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1 (2008). 

Richard Schragger

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"Is a Progressive City Possible? Reviving Urban Liberalism for the Twenty-First Century," 7 Harv. Law and Policy Rev. 231 (2013).
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