Public Policy and Regulation

Public Policy and Regulation

Public Policy and Regulation

The following courses have recently been offered, or will be offered in the current academic year. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2017-18 is coded (18), 2018-19 is coded (19) and 2019-20 is coded (20). (SC) stands for short course and (YR) stands for yearlong.

Courses & Seminars

Administrative Law (18,19,20)
Advanced Campaign Finance (19)
Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service (YR) (18,19,20)
Advanced Topics in Securities Regulation (18,19)
AI, Automation, and the Future of Legal Practice (SC) (18)
Airline Industry and Aviation Law (18,19,20)
Animal Law (18,19,20)
Antitrust (18,19,20)
Antitrust Practice (18)
Antitrust Review of Mergers in a Global Environment (18,19,20)
Banking and Financial Institutions (18,19,20)
Baseball (SC) (18,19,20)
Bioethics and Law Internship Seminar: Health Policy and Administration (18,19,20)
Bioethics and the Law Seminar (18,19,20)
Business and Governmental Tort Liability (19)
Civil Rights Litigation (18,19,20)
Climate Change Law and Policy (18,20)
Constitutional Law and Economics (18,20)
Corporate Social Responsibility (SC) (19,20)
Criminal Justice Policy (18)
Cultural Property (SC) (18,19)
Current Issues in Drug Law and Policy Reform (SC) (18)
Death Penalty (20)
Education Law and Policy (19)
Education Law Survey (19,20)
Education Rights and Enforcement (SC) (18)
Employment Law: Wage and Hour Regulation (19)
Energy and Environmental Products Trading and Commodities Regulation (SC) (18,19,20)
Energy Regulation and Policy (18,20)
Environmental Law (18,19,20)
Exercises in Rulemaking – Society, Technology and the Law (SC) (18,19,20)
Federal Income Tax (18,19,20)
Federal Regulation of Investment Companies (SC) (18,20)
Feminism and the Free Market (18,19,20)
Food and Drug Law (18,20)
Food Law (19,20)
Genetics and the Law (SC) (18,19,20)
Global Health Law and Policy (SC) (18)
Government Contract Law (18,19,20)
Government Ethics: Conflicts of Interest, Lobbying and Campaign Finance (18,19,20)
Government Secrecy (18,20)
Health Care Marketplace: Competition, Regulation, and Reform (SC) (18,20)
Historic Preservation Law (18,19,20)
Housing Law and Poverty Seminar (20)
Immigration Law (18,19)
Implicit Bias and the Law (SC) (18)
International Law of Migration and Refugees (20)
International Trade Law (SC) (19)
Land Use Law (18,19,20)
Law and Economics (19)
Law and Economics Colloquium (18,19,20)
Law and Public Service (18,19,20)
Law of Human Experimentation (SC) (18)
Law of the Police (18,19,20)
Law, Inequality, and Education Reform (20)
Lawyering for In-House Counsel (18)
Legislation (18,19,20)
Legislation and Regulation (18,19,20)
Legislative Drafting and Public Policy (18,19,20)
Lying and Lie Detection (18)
Management of BigLaw Firms: Balancing Culture and Profits (SC) (18,19,20)
Monetary Constitution Seminar (18,19,20)
Native American Law (18)
Poverty in Law, Literature, and Culture (18,19,20)
Presidential Powers (18,19,20)
Professional Liability (19,20)
Public Interest Law and Advocacy Skills (18,19,20)
Quantitative Methods (18,19,20)
Race, Education, and Opportunity (20)
Regulation of Addictive Drugs Seminar (18)
Regulation of the Political Process (18,19)
Regulation of U.S. Industries (19)
Regulatory Law and Policy (18,19,20)
Reproductive Ethics and Law (SC) (18,19,20)
Rules (18,19)
Sanctions and Boycotts (SC) (20)
Securities Regulation (18,19,20)
Securities Regulation (Law & Business) (18,19,20)
Seminar on Mental Health Law Reform (YR) (19)
Social Work of Law (19,20)
State and Local Government Law (18,19)
The Business of Banking and Prudential Regulation (SC) (20)
The Role of the Federal Prosecutor (18)
The U.S. President and Policymaking: History, Theory and Simulation (18)
Topics in Banking and Financial Regulation (18)
Transactional Approach To Mergers and Acquisitions (18,19)
Understanding Police Use of Force: Investigation and Litigation Concepts (SC) (18,19,20)
Urban Law and Policy (19,20)
US Refugee and Asylum Law Seminar (19)
Wildlife Law (SC) (19)


Economic and Consumer Justice Clinic (YR) (18,19,20)
Environmental and Regulatory Law Clinic (18,19,20)
Immigration Law Clinic (YR) (18,19,20)
Litigation and Housing Law Clinic (YR) (18,19,20)
Patent Clinic I (18,20)
Patent Clinic II (18,19,20)

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