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Virginia Center for Tax Law

Virginia Center for Tax Law

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Extracurricular Activities

Students interested in tax law have access to a variety of extracurricular activities.

Virginia Tax Review

The Virginia Tax Review is the nation’s leading student-edited tax journal. Also one of the oldest journals at the Law School, the journal focuses primarily on issues of federal and international taxation.

Virginia Law & Business Review

The Virginia Law & Business Review is one of only a few student-edited business law journals among top law schools. The review regularly holds conferences on current business topics.

Volunteer Income Tax Association (VITA)

The award-winning VITA helps low- and moderate-income clients prepare their tax returns.

Virginia Tax Study Group

The Virginia Tax Study Group is a gathering of alumni from practice, government and academia to discuss the pressing tax problems of the day. Students are invited to attend this lively conference.

International Tax Moot Court

Each year, up to four students may participate in the International Tax Practicum, a yearlong skills course that uses a mock tax treaty litigation as a lens for studying issues in international tax law. As part of this course, students compete in the International and European Moot Court Competition with teams from all over the world. Students learn to identify legal issues raised by a fact pattern, and they draft briefs for both the government and taxpayer on the issues raised by the moot. If the UVA team’s briefs are strong enough, the team travels to Belgium to compete in the oral phase of the competition against teams from other schools. The weeklong competition features lectures by prominent tax professors and judges as well as a trip to the European Union’s Commission in Brussels.

The UVA Law team has won the competition three consecutive times, starting in 2018, when it became the first U.S. team to win.

Admission to this course is by application in the spring semester. Professor Ruth Mason is the faculty adviser. More

Related Student Groups

Project SAFE

Project SAFE (State Action in Fiscal Emergencies), is an effort by academics and their students to help states mitigate the fiscal crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing policy recommendations backed by research.

Oxford-Virginia Legal Dialogs

Tax Meets Non-Tax

In an environment of increasing academic specialization, Oxford-Virginia Legal Dialogs seeks to build bridges across academic disciplines by introducing a new kind of workshop. For each session, a tax scholar will select a non-tax, but legal, work that is prominent in its own field and explain how the work is relevant to the study of taxation. The author of the work will then respond before we open the session to questions and discussion by workshop attendees. More

Bethany Labrinos, Zeke Rosenberg, Bolton Smith, Killian Wyatt and Ian Macdonald