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Oxford-Virginia Legal Dialogs

Tax Meets Non-Tax

In an environment of increasing academic specialization, Oxford-Virginia Legal Dialogs seeks to build bridges across academic disciplines by introducing a new kind of workshop. For each session, a tax scholar will select a non-tax, but law-related, work that is prominent in its own field and explain how the work is relevant to the study of taxation. The author of the work will then respond before we open the session to questions and discussion by workshop attendees. More

Annual Events

Faculty, students and alumni learn about cutting-edge issues in tax from the Virginia Tax Study Group meeting at the Law School, an annual tradition that brings together alumni from practice, government and academia. In the fall, the annual UVA Invitational Tax Conference brings leading tax academics to Grounds to discuss scholarly works in progress. Students are invited to attend both meetings.

During the summer, the Law School hosts the Virginia Conference on Federal Taxation, an annual conference that marked its 70th anniversary in 2018.

Virginia Tax Study Group

Each year in early spring, some of the nation's leading experts in tax law convene at the Law School to discuss emerging tax issues. The Virginia Tax Study Group includes scholars, practicing attorneys and government officials who work in tax policy. The event consists of panel presentations and a keynote address at lunch.  Students who register are welcome to attend.

Past Meetings

  • 2019, Keynote Address by Michael Graetz ’69, Wilbur H. Friedman Professor of Tax Law and the Columbia Alumni Professor of Tax Law at Columbia Law School, Justus S. Hotchkiss Professor of Law Emeritus and Professional Lecturer at Yale Law School
  • 2018 Schedule, Keynote Address by William Gale, Arjay and Frances Fearing Miller Chair in Federal Economic Policy and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Co-Director, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
  • 2017 Schedule, Keynote Address by Nina Olsen, National Taxpayer Advocate, Internal Revenue Service
  • 2015 Schedule, Keynote Address by Alan Viard, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
  • 2014 Schedule, Keynote Address by Gene Steuerle, Institute Fellow and Richard B. Fisher Chair, Urban Institute


Constitutional Comparisons on Commerce

Professor Robert Schütze of Durham University discusses his chapter “Limits to the Union’s ‘Internal Market’ Competence(s): Constitutional Comparisons,” published in the book “The Question of Competence in the European Union.” Professor Georg Kofler of Vienna University of Economics and Business provides commentary. UVA Law professor Ruth Mason and Oxford University professor Tsilly Dagan also discuss the work. This event was held as part of the “Tax Meets Non-Tax” Oxford-Virginia Legal Dialogs workshop series that builds bridges from tax to other kinds of scholarship.