Law Schooled

Law Schooled

A Podcast Hosted by the UVA Law Admissions Office

Cordel Faulk
Cordel Faulk ’01

Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer Cordel Faulk ’01 and other members of the Admissions Office talk to members of the UVA Law community about their admissions experiences and time at UVA.

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Episode 1: Luis Alvarez ’88

Luis Alvarez Jr. ’88 explains how he got admitted and his path to becoming president and chief executive officer of the Law School Foundation.

Episode 2: Dean Risa Goluboff

Dean Risa Goluboff discusses opportunity and being the first female dean of the Law School. She reflects on how some of her preconceptions about UVA shifted after she came to work here.

Episode 3: The Admissions Office Readers

Kelly Conlan Barron ’01 and Susan Dove, two members of the admissions team who read applications, discuss whether it’s better to go straight to law school after undergrad, or to work in between, and other thoughts on the admissions process.

Episode 4: What’s Your First Year Like?

Drew Calamaro ’21 talks about his experience at UVA Law from a first-year’s perspective.

Episode 5: Money and Law School

Jennifer Hulvey, director of financial aid, gives advice on what students should be on the lookout for as they make decisions about aid and where to go to law school.

Episode 6: The J.D.-MBA Program and 2L Life

Second-year law students Ethan Silverman and Trevor Quick discuss their experiences at UVA Law and as part of the J.D.-MBA program.