International Human Rights Law Clinic

International Human Rights Law Clinic

Professor Camilo Sanchez teaches

International Human Rights Law Clinic

Students in this yearlong clinic gain first-hand experience in human rights advocacy, working in partnership with nongovernmental organizations, human rights practitioners and law firms in the United States and abroad.

Not all projects have direct client representation, but some do. Clinic projects are selected to build the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective human rights advocate, while exploring the opportunities and limitations of human rights institutions and the diversity of practice.

Students work in teams on one or more projects throughout the year, and all students have direct contact with their clients or with supervising attorneys in client NGOs. Some travel to Washington, D.C., is required, but is scheduled on a flexible basis to accommodate student schedules. Students are required to check in with their clients or their supervising attorneys on a weekly basis.

Class discussions focus on human rights law concepts, ethical and professional dilemmas that may arise in human rights lawyering, critical examinations of human rights movements and campaigns, and the design of integrated advocacy strategies. The clinic provides substantial opportunities throughout the year to network with human rights practitioners and to develop practical skills, including international human rights research and writing; litigating human rights claims in international forums; advocating before the U.S. government and international organizations; and documenting and publicizing human rights violations. The clinic is available to new students in both fall and spring. 

The positions that the clinic takes on behalf of its clients are independent of the views of the University of Virginia or the School of Law.

Skills Taught
International human rights research and writing, litigating human rights claims in international forums, advocating before international organizations, and documenting and publicizing human rights violations
Course Length
Course Credits
6 (3 fall, 3 spring)

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