Patent and Licensing Clinic

Patent and Licensing Clinic

Patent and Licensing Clinic

The clinic involves instruction and practical training in patent drafting, negotiating and drafting of patent and software license agreements, as well as current legal issues impacting patent licensing and enforcement.

Students will participate in class sessions covering these topics and will be assigned to one or more significant drafting and counseling projects in one or more of these areas.

The clinic also covers evaluation of inventions and computer software for patentability and commercial value; counseling of U.Va. faculty inventors regarding patentability, inventorship, licensing, and the patenting process; preparation, filing and prosecution of U.S. patent applications; dealing with patent examiners; and researching current issues in the fields of intellectual property and technology transfer. 

Some exposure to international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty may be possible.  Resolution of disputes with licensees and possible infringers will be undertaken where appropriate. 

Class sessions will be held weekly throughout the semester in the office of the University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group about two to four hours per week. While a technical background may be preferred (defined as eligibility to sit for the patent bar or patent bar registration) it is not a requirement. See the sample application here. Students will be asked to provide the instructor with a statement relating to technical, industry, and legal background and employment experience. IP Survey is a prerequisite for all students in the clinic; Patent is a prerequisite for students who wish to do patent drafting and have the requisite technical background.

Advanced Patent and Licensing Clinic

Students wishing to extend their clinic experience beyond the first semester may enroll in the Advanced Patent and Licensing Clinic (a two-credit course) after successful completion of one semester in the Patent and Licensing Clinic. 

Skills Taught
Drafting and filing patent and software license agreements, counseling clients, research
Course Length
Semester-long (fall and spring)
Course Credits
3 (2 for advanced clinic in spring)