AI & the Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape of AI Technologies (SC)

Information Introduction

Section 4, Spring 24

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Enrollment: 12/15
Credits: 1
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1800-2030 SL284


1800-2030 SL284


1800-2030 SL284


1800-2030 SL284


1800-2030 SL284

Course Description

This short course provides an intense dive into the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the law. Beginning with an essential primer on various forms of AI, ranging from traditional AI to generative AI, participants will gain a solid understanding of how these technologies are built, how they work, and what they are used for. As technology rapidly evolves, AI is playing an increasingly central role in both the public and private sectors. This shift has a profound impact on the application of old doctrine to new scenarios. How does law, much of which was designed for the analog world, keep up with the use of artificial intelligence to diagnose patients, produce screenplays, create deepfakes for offensive military strategies, serve as emotional companions to the public, moderate harmful online content, and predict future crimes? Through lectures, guest speakers, and written exercises, and oral presentations, this course delves into the intricate ways AI is reshaping the legal landscape. By the end of this course, participants will emerge with a nuanced grasp of AI's multifaceted role in the legal domain. They will be better equipped to navigate the complexities and uncertainties posed by AI technologies to a rapidly evolving legal landscape.

Course Requirements

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Final Type (if any): None

Description: None

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Students will be required to submit short short responses at the start of each class, as well as one short paper via EXPO by noon on April 13.

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Prerequisites: None Concurrencies: None

Exclusive With: None

Laptops Allowed: Yes

First Day Attendance Required: No

Course Resources: To be announced.

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Satisfies Understanding Bias/Racism/Cross-Cultural Competency requirement: Yes

Satisfies Writing Requirement: No

Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: No

Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

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Schedule No.: 124220419

Modified Type: ABA Seminar

Cross Listed: No

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