An American Half-Century

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Section 1, Fall 24

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1540-1740 WB129

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As 1941 ended, the United States had just entered World War II as a belligerent; as 1991 ended, the Soviet Union dissolved itself. In the intervening half-century, the United States played a crucial role in defeating totalitarian dictatorships in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union. This seminar examines the role of US constitutional law and international law in the victories of World War II and the Cold War. We will also identify continuities between US foreign policy as conducted in the latter half of the twentieth century and as conducted currently. No prior knowledge of the relevant history or law will be taken for granted.

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Either (a) a substantial research paper or (b) a short paper and analytically grounded, original project reflecting substantial historical content, such as a podcast episode, a scene from a play, a short story, a game, or a review of multiple movies and TV shows, Students choose the topic and form with the assistance of the instructor. The submission deadline is December 18 (day before last day of the exam period) by noon (via EXPO). NOTE: Students seeking to satisfy the upper-level writing requirement must electronically submit a completed Writing Requirement "Special Request" e-form (available via LawWeb) to the Student Records Office before the deadline on October 1, 2024.

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