Critical Race Theory and Criminal Justice

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Section 1, Spring 25

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1130-1250 WB162

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This course examines Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the criminal legal system. In 2021, states began an unprecedented attack on the legal theory and movement of CRT. While critics disparage CRT as harmful and even un-American, public discourse often fails adequately to explain CRT. With CRT facing intense scrutiny and hostility, it is important to engage with CRT to clarify and critique its claims. We will pursue this aim and that of critiquing the criminal legal system by examining that system through the lens of CRT. Our national ethos holds that “justice is blind” and, especially on the political right, that justice requires “color-blindness.” But contemporary criminal justice cannot be understood or improved without reference to race. Racial inequality defines the American experience, and inequalities are experienced most acutely within the criminal-legal system. At all stages of the criminal process – policing, pre-trial detention, prosecution, adjudication, and punishment – Black and Brown people bear the disproportionate brunt of the system’s harm. We will examine these topics by reading a mix of doctrinal and scholarly material. Classes will center on candid and critical discussions.

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Students will submit short reaction pieces during the course (directly to the instructors, not via EXPO), as well as a final paper due via EXPO by noon on May 8, 2025. The paper is not eligible for the upper-level writing requirement by special request.

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Course Notes: Attendance at the first session is very important, absent unavoidable extenuating circumstances.

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Satisfies Understanding Bias/Racism/Cross-Cultural Competency requirement: Yes

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Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

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Concentrations: Criminal Justice , Economics and Social Science , Race and Law

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