Geopolitics, Law, and the World Economy

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Section 1, Spring 25

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0920-1120 WB114

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The past decade has witnessed rising geopolitical tensions, sometimes bursting into open conflict, across much of the globe. This so-called “return of geopolitics” challenges the foundations of the integrated world economy that has emerged since World War II. As states become wary of interdependence and great powers deploy their economic might to advance geopolitical aims, can the international legal regimes that govern international trade, investment, and finance survive? How can they adapt? This seminar will explore these questions through a selection of case studies, including economic sanctions around the Ukraine war; U.S.-China tensions on semiconductors, artificial intelligence and other critical technologies; strategic uses of loans and trade agreements (e.g., China’s Belt and Road initiative and U.S. trade negotiations in Asia); the WTO’s security exception to global trade rules; and challenges to the U.S. dollar’s role in international trade and finance.

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Students will be expected to write a series of response papers on class readings (due directly to the instructor not via EXPO). In the alternative, 2L, 3L or LLM students desiring to fulfill the Upper-Level Writing Requirement may, with the instructor’s permission, write a longer paper presenting original research. Students seeking to augment a paper in this class for their upper-level writing requirement must submit a "special request" form to SRO (available via LawWeb) by Feb. 25, 2025. The paper is due via EXPO by noon on May 8, 2025.

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Satisfies Understanding Bias/Racism/Cross-Cultural Competency requirement: No

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