Sovereignty, the Rule of Law and Emergency Rule (SC)

Section 1, Spring 20

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Course Description

The relationship of sovereignty to the rule of law has long puzzled legal theorists. Liberal constitutionalism seems to require both a principle of sovereignty (which might be posed as who gets to make a final decision on a contested matter) and the principle of the rule of law (which implies that all decisions are the result of a pre-existing norm), despite the fact that each concept, if understood in its purest sense, seems to negate the other. Theoretical questions of the relationship of sovereignty to the rule of law, moreover, have become pressing, first, as a consequence of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent “global war on terror,” and second, President Trump’s invocation of emergency powers to achieve various policy goals in seeming defiance of Congressional will. This course will give students an opportunity to explore foundational theoretical texts exploring the concepts of sovereignty, the rule of law and emergency rule that will enable to think more systematically about these questions that face all liberal constitutional orders.

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