Comparative and Offshore Trust Law and Practice (SC)

Section 1, Spring 20

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02/03/2020 02/08/2020

Course Description

This condensed course provides a brief introduction to international trusts practice, including cutting-edge trust models and drafting techniques using various international trust regimes. It also introduces students to the phenomenon of offshore jurisdictions, their role as "legal laboratories" and the socio-economic dilemmas they raise. Students will acquire an understanding of some of the different types and contexts of trust practice, including the use of trusts to plan succession to a settlor's assets, to minimize the tax burden borne by an individual, family or estate, to shield assets from a settlor's creditors, to securitize debt, to structure complex transactions, to invest pooled funds, to pass control of a family business between generations and more. We will discuss some of the recent radical changes in trust law, from the reception of the trust in civil law and mixed legal systems through the weakening of beneficiaries' rights to receive information about the trust and enforce the trust, the exclusion of trustees' traditional duties and liabilities, and the development of new trust actors such as protectors and non-beneficiary enforcers.

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