Negotiating a Joint Venture in China (SC)

Section 1, Fall 22

Schedule Information

Enrollment: 3/16
Credits: 1
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  • 09/05/2022
  • 09/06/2022
  • 09/07/2022
  • 09/08/2022
  • 09/10/2022
  • 1800-2000
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  • 0900-1400
  • WB129
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*“R” means Thursday

Course Description

Through a simulation oriented course, students will be exposed to recent economic history of the People’s Republic of China, foreign direct investment law of China, and negotiating norms of US and Chinese investors. These various knowledge sets will be brought together as each participant takes on the role of either a Chinese investor or a US investor, negotiating the terms of a China-based joint venture and ultimately reporting back to their respective board of directors. In addition to the negotiations exercises, the course requires a brief, quality-driven paper on a contemporary topic relating to China as an economic actor on the world stage.

Course Requirements

Exam Info:
Final Type (if any): None
Description: None

Written Work Product
Written Work Product: Students will generate a six page paper on a contemporary topic related to China due via EXPO no later than noon on Sept. 24th.

Other Work
Students will engage in a simulated joint venture negotiation to generate an insightful summary of how the negotiations progressed.

Other Course Details
Prerequisites: Because the credits in this course count toward the JD Program Professional Skills requirement, JD candidates will be given enrollment priority for this class. Concurrencies: None
Mutually Exclusive With: None
Laptops Allowed: Yes
First Day Attendance Required: Yes
Course Resources: To be announced.
Course Notes:

Graduation Requirements

*Satisfies Writing Requirement: No
**Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: Yes
Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

*If “Yes,” then students are required to submit a substantial research paper in this course, which means students do not need to submit any form to SRO for this paper to meet their upper-level writing requirement. If “No,” then students must submit a “special request” e-form to SRO (available via LawWeb) no later than five weeks after the start of the term for a paper in this class to be counted toward the upper-level writing requirement.

**Yes indicates course credits count towards UVA Law’s Prof. Skills graduation requirement, not necessarily a skills requirements for any particular state bar.

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