Seminar in Ethical Values (1-Term)

Section 1, Fall 22

Schedule Information

Enrollment: 6/6
Credits: 1
Days* Date Time Room
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  • 09/25/2022
  • 09/27/2022
  • 10/05/2022
  • 10/18/2022
  • 10/25/2022
  • 1930-2130
  • 1930-2130
  • 1930-2130
  • 1930-2130
  • 1930-2130
*“R” means Thursday

Course Description

The Spanish film director, Pedro Almodóvar (b. 1949) is currently at the height of his artistic powers. This one-time "enfant terrible" of the Spanish film industry continues to create works that provoke, puzzle, irritate, and entertain international audiences. The arc of his development has been the subject of countless articles, reviews, interviews, and books. This course proposes a look at five of his best films, in order to track the aesthetic, ethical, political, and artistic choices he has made. The films are (1) "Parallel Mothers" (2021); (2) "Pain and Glory" (2019); (3) "The Skin I Live In" (2011); (4) "Volver" (2006); and (5) "All About My Mother" (1999). This course will meet at the home of Professor Gies (refreshments will be served three times; dinner will be served two times). Please check your calendar carefully. If you are unable to attend any of the class sessions, you will be ineligible to join the seminar or receive credit.

Course Requirements

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Final Type (if any): None
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Written Work Product
Written Work Product: None

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Prerequisites: None Concurrencies: None
Mutually Exclusive With: Seminar in Ethical Values (YR) (9089)
Laptops Allowed: No
First Day Attendance Required: Yes
Course Resources:
Course Notes: This is a 1-term version of the seminar designed to enhance students' understanding of ethical issues and address the broader ethical and moral responsibilities of the lawyer as citizen and leader.

Graduation Requirements

*Satisfies Writing Requirement: No
**Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: No
Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

*If “Yes,” then students are required to submit a substantial research paper in this course, which means students do not need to submit any form to SRO for this paper to meet their upper-level writing requirement. If “No,” then students must submit a “special request” e-form to SRO (available via LawWeb) no later than five weeks after the start of the term for a paper in this class to be counted toward the upper-level writing requirement.

**Yes indicates course credits count towards UVA Law’s Prof. Skills graduation requirement, not necessarily a skills requirements for any particular state bar.

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UVA Law Seminar
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