After Dobbs (SC)

Section 1, Fall 22

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Enrollment: 16/18
Credits: 1
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  • 08/31/2022
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  • 10/05/2022
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*“R” means Thursday

Course Description

In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, declaring that “[i]t is time to . . . return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.” This short course will explore what Dobbs did, by focusing not only on the important “issue of abortion” but on the myriad related issues that Dobbs also has created for “the people’s elected representatives.” In this short course, we will begin traversing the post-Dobbs landscape, with special attention to the difficult questions about access to reproductive care and family support that legislators, law enforcement agents, health care professionals, lawyers, judges, and ordinary people now must confront. The course will feature guest speakers from different disciplines, who will identify the questions that Dobbs raises for them and offer their insights about potential answers. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate competing legislative proposals, as well as some of the thorny federalism questions arising from Dobbs.

Course Requirements

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Final Type (if any): None
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Written Work Product
Written Work Product: Students will be required to participate actively in class discussion and to write three short (3-5 page) papers in which they respond to course readings, which may include proposed legislation.

Other Work

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Prerequisites: None Concurrencies: None
Mutually Exclusive With: None
Laptops Allowed: Yes
First Day Attendance Required: Yes
Course Resources: To be announced
Course Notes: A few seats in this course are being held initially for non-law students. Non-law students interested in enrolling in this course must make a request to the Law School's Student Records Office following the instructions on our website at

Graduation Requirements

*Satisfies Writing Requirement: No
**Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: No
Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

*If “Yes,” then students are required to submit a substantial research paper in this course, which means students do not need to submit any form to SRO for this paper to meet their upper-level writing requirement. If “No,” then students must submit a “special request” e-form to SRO (available via LawWeb) no later than five weeks after the start of the term for a paper in this class to be counted toward the upper-level writing requirement.

**Yes indicates course credits count towards UVA Law’s Prof. Skills graduation requirement, not necessarily a skills requirements for any particular state bar.

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ABA Seminar
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